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What does SMT mean on Instagram

Ever wondered what SMT means while scrolling on social media? The mysterious acronym sparks interest [...]

TTM Meaning on Instagram

Many people do not know the meaning of TTM when they come across the abbreviation [...]

How to Stay Active But Appear Offline on Instagram

Instagram is a great social media application to keep in touch with friends and family. [...]

What Does SFS Mean on Instagram

Social media is full of new slang terms and acronyms such as SFS. You may [...]

What Does CF Mean on Instagram

It has become crucial to keep up with Instagram slang for understanding and interacting with [...]

How Can You View Private Instagram Followers?

Making accounts private is a popular option first introduced by Instagram around 2016-17. With this [...]

What Does NFS Mean on Instagram

Ever since the popularity of social media, people have come up with countless abbreviations such [...]

o45 Meaning Instagram Notes

Ever come across weird codes in someone’s Instagram note such as ‘o22’, ‘o99’, or ‘o45’, [...]

How Much Does Instagram Pay For 1 Million Views?

Last year, you must have heard many social media content creators earning hundreds of dollars. [...]

How to Get More Likes on Your Instagram Posts?

Buying Likes for every Instagram post individually is not just time-consuming but pricey, too. This [...]

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