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How Much Does Instagram Pay For 1 Million Views?

Last year, you must have heard many social media content creators earning hundreds of dollars. Back then you could earn up to $0.05 per 1,000 views if you had a high view count, like a million or so.

But in 2024, things have shifted a bit. Since their Reels Play bonus program ended, you can’t directly earn from the views.

So Instagram won’t pay you anything even if you get millions of views on your reels. However, that doesn’t mean that those views are worth nothing.

You can still earn from those views. This is why people are still persistent about growing their Instagram views.

Some even buy reels views as they can help you earn more than what Instagram would have paid you.

So, keep reading if you are curious about how to make money from Instagram views.

What Do You Earn From 1 Million Instagram Views?

While you don’t earn money directly from 1 million views, they may streamline your money-making journey. Let me clear it out for you.

Views still play a crucial role in your earning potential on Instagram, even if there’s no direct financial reward. A high view count can help you get

  • Increased visibility: More views lead to wider exposure for your content, potentially attracting more followers and engagement.
  • Stronger engagement: High view counts demonstrate audience interest, making your profile more attractive to potential brand partners or collaborators.
  • Improved reach: Increased engagement helps the algorithm push your content to more people, further boosting your visibility and reach.

All of the above help you monetize your presence on the platform, therefore helping you make money!

If you are still a little confused about this, we’ve created an entire Guide to Instagram marketing covering all your questions. So do check that out.

Ways To Earn Money From Instagram Views In 2024

Now let’s talk about the ways in detail that are going to help you monetize your presence and content views on Instagram.

1. Brand Collaborations:

Brand collaborations are the way you can earn the most money. There are three main ways you earn through brand collaborations.

  • Doing sponsored posts- You can partner with brands relevant to your niche for sponsored content. You can create posts, stories, or Reels showcasing their products or services with proper disclosure. Remember, your service rates will depend on factors like your follower count, engagement, and the brand’s budget.
  • Becoming a brand ambassador- You can also become a long-term partner for a brand, representing them across multiple posts and campaigns. This often involves exclusive content creation, early access to products, and potentially higher compensation. But it is also comparatively tough to achieve.
  • Affiliate marketing- You can promote affiliated products through your content and earn commissions on sales generated through your unique link. Amazon offers an affiliate program that you can check out.

2. Content Monetization Features (Available to eligible creators):

There are still some features on Instagram that help you earn money through audience engagement.

  • Instagram subscription- You can charge for exclusive content like live streams, stories, or Q&A sessions. The criteria is to have at least 10,000 followers.
  • Live badges- Viewers can purchase badges during your live streams to show support and unlock special features. The money they spend on those is the money you earn.
  • In-Feed Ads- Just like how you see ads on Youtube desktop, Instagram is adding it too. But you have to be eligible to run ads.

3. Sell Your Own Products or Services:

If you are a freelancer, have an e-commerce store, or sell digital products, you can use Instagram as your marketing tool to get more customers. The more views you have, the better reach you’ll have.

Therefore your chances of meeting potential buyers will also increase.

Wrapping Up

Getting views on Instagram is more difficult than on YouTube. One, the volume of content getting uploaded daily is huge plus the algorithm is super difficult to crack.

So posting great content consistently might also not get you a million views without a dash of luck.

But if you’re planning to make Instagram one of your income streams, you can buy reels views just to get that initial boost in engagement.

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