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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, buying Instagram views is a good way to get noticed by the platform and grow organically. Buying views will help you rank higher in trending topic results and will also tell the Instagram algorithm to recommend your content to more people. It’s an amazing hack!

One of the best sites to buy cheap Instagram views is PopularityBazaar. It offers 100% real user views, for incredibly low prices. Buy them via PayPal, credit card, or crypto. It’s a safe, simple, and reliable way to grow your Instagram account.

One of the best places to buy Instagram Reels views is PopularityBazaar. It offers 100% real user views, at the best price on the market. The delivery is almost instant, and you can easily pay via crypto, PayPal, or credit card. It’s the best option to boost your Instagram Reels.

On PopularityBazaar, the biggest Instagram view package is 75,000. However, if you have a small account, we recommend starting smaller and “season” your account for a couple of weeks. Later, you can start increasing your views and order in bulk – saving a lot of money in the process.

You can only get banned on Instagram if you use botting techniques to inflate your views. This is why you should only use marketplaces offering 100% real account views. Here at PopularityBazaar, we don’t use bots – only completely real people, keeping your account completely safe from banning.

Yes, buying Instagram views helps boost your Instagram account. Extra real views make your content more recommended by the algorithm, helping it get additional organic growth. It’s a simple way to grow your account, especially if you’re just starting or have a very small following.

It’s completely safe to buy Instagram views – you only need to buy them from a legitimate source. PopularityBazaar is a completely reliable option, that will only ask for your account name and video links. Don’t give any other personal information, and you will remain safe.

Your purchased Instagram views will start showing up almost immediately. A small order should be completed within a few hours – slowly and organically building up your videos. If you purchase a bigger package, it can take a day or two for the views to fully rack up.

Legitimate services like PopularityBazaar are able to offer Instagram views that are 100% organic. Other services may use bots – but as they put the buyers in danger of their account getting deleted, we use only verified users, and their views are completely permanent.

Only use reliable Instagram views companies – they will be able to offer you safe, reliable, and discreet services. Also, don’t forget to use other techniques as well: buying views is just one, very important step, but for top results, make sure your posting game is as good as it gets.

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Why should you buy Instagram views?

Instagram is one of the world’s biggest social media platforms, with over 500 million daily, and over 2 billion monthly users. It’s a massive market, and if you get lucky, you can quickly become a global sensation. So, it’s no surprise seeing brands, marketing companies, and aspiring influencers do everything they can to make it big on Instagram.

For any account out there, this means extra competition. If you’re looking to become the next Instagram sensation, you need all the help you can get. This is where buying Instagram views comes in.

Let’s see at some of the top reasons why you should buy Instagram views:

  • Getting noticed by the algorithm. Millions of accounts get little to no exposure on their posts. Buying Instagram video views makes your content more popular – which will give you an additional algorithm boost that will help you get noticed by even more people. It’s a major competitive advantage you simply can’t miss.

  • Boosting organic campaigns. There are plenty of ways people can promote their account organically. Many do – but in order to get the best results, you should combine these organic practices together with buying extra views. This way, your account can grow exponentially.

  • Improve your image – and grow faster. Views on your videos make your account look good, as well as help you get extra likes and followers. By buying extra Instagram views, you will help improve the image of your account, and enjoy additional likes and followers that come from being noticed by even more people. It’s an excellent way to make your account even more successful.

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Why buy IG views at PopularityBazaar?

Here’s why PopularityBazaar is your #1 to buy Instagram views from:

  • 100% real views. We don’t use any unreliable botting techniques, that might do more harm than good. All PopularityBazaar IG views come from 100% genuine users. That will help you reliably grow your account!

  • Safe and secure purchasing process. At PopularityBazaar, we value your privacy and security. Complete your payments via crypto, PayPal, or credit card. We will keep all transactions and your personal information completely anonymous.

  • Instant delivery process. Your Instagram views will start coming in the moment the payment is completed. Depending on the size of your order, the entire process is completed within 24-48 hours. Just sit back and see the numbers grow!

  • Excellent prices. PopularityBazaar offers the best prices in the market. Paired with an incredibly simply setup, and 100% real users, it’s by far the best deal you can find in the market.

  • Top-class customer support. Our reliable customer support team is ready to help, should you have any issues. Enjoy a full peace of mind: we are here to help you.

Why are Instagram views important?

Instagram views are incredibly important if you want to grow your account. It’s one of the main metrics that determine whether an Instagram page is going to be successful. Here’s why they’re important – and how getting extra views can help seriously grow your account:

  • Get organic growth. If you want to grow on Instagram, you need to be on top of trending topic results and get recommended to plenty of new people. Account with more Instagram views will give you an algorithm boost, get you on trending pages, and get organic users to see you.

  • Boosting your best content. Have a wonderful video you want the world to see? Don’t let your amazing content go forgotten. One of your videos getting a lot more views is much more likely to get recommended to thousands of people. Buy Instagram views – and grow your top content.

  • Growing your brand. Additional Instagram views will help you be seen more. More visibility means more likes and followers on Instagram. If you’re looking to grow your account, getting Instagram views is a very important first step.

How to get more Instagram views organically

Buying Instagram views is a very good way to start growing your account. However, in order to reach millions of people and build a lasting legacy, you need to do even more than that. In order to maximize your account growth, follow these simple steps:

Stick to your posting schedule

Instagram rewards accounts that stay consistent. Take advantage of that by sticking to a consistent posting schedule. How often should you post? A lot of it depends on the type of content that you make.

Some accounts can easily create content to be posted several times a day. For others, a post or two a week is the most they can do. Choose the option that suits you best, and stick to it – both your followers and the algorithm will prefer that.

Out of ideas? Always keep a backlog of future posts, ready to go. This way, you won’t need to scramble for ideas at the last minute. And if you’re all out of ideas, simply reuse your old content. With different captions or an alternative viewpoint, you can easily stick to a schedule and keep growing.

Upload Videos, Stories, and Lives

Instagram offers a lot of different ways for you to make and share content. Combine them together for best results, and don’t just stick to only videos or pictures.

Diversify your content – take advantage of Instagram Stories, post Reels, even go Live every once in a while. All of these things together will increase your chances of going viral.

Diversifying content is a crucial step for every growing account. It’s a great way to keep your content different and engaging, as well as use all possible streams to get additional organic growth.

Broadcast Your Instagram Content on All Social Channels

Instagram is an excellent social media platform to promote your brand and its content. But in order to reach the best results, use other platforms as well.
Make sure to sign up and cross-post on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and if you have the time and means for it – create exclusive content for these platforms as well.

This kind of cross-pollination gets you access to different audiences: increasing your potential follower base. It’s a great way to boost your views (and engagement) without having to spend a mountain of money along the way.

Make the Most of Trending Hashtags

Trending hashtags on Instagram is an absolute cheat code for growth. Every day, new topics come out, and millions of people search for brand new content. Make sure they find yours!

But don’t just run to any trend. Relevant hashtags to the content you’ve posted helps you piggyback off of the interest they are generating. Most likely it won’t be as effective as choosing to buy cheap Instagram video views. But it’s always worth taking the shot: who knows, one video is all it takes to potentially go viral.

Of course, hashtags are important even if you’re not piggybacking off a popular topic. Use relevant and popular hashtags for all of your posts, and look for the opportunities to go big.

Collab with Other Instagram Creators

Collaboration with other Instagram creators is an excellent way to instantly reach different audiences. It works particularly well if you share similar content in similar niches – and if the creator you collaborate with has a larger audience.

Some of their influence, authority, and credibility will “rub off” to your account. When done correctly, a good collab can fast-track you to overnight success.
The most difficult part here is getting a solid creator to work with.

Start working small, pairing up with similarly-sized creators to start. Once you have enough experience, and some results to show from it, it will be significantly easier to get top accounts to work with you as well.

Buy Instagram Views and Grow Quickly!

If you’re looking to beat the algorithm and boost your organic growth, consider the option to buy Instagram views. It’s a simple, but very reliable way to take your account to the next level.

Here at PopularityBazaar we help our clients skyrocket their success rate on Instagram every day. We offer 100% real Instagram video views and can help you “crack the code” to get more eyeballs on your content. With more people seeing your videos, you will get recommended to thousands more people – giving you the best organic growth there is.

This is a safe and proven option to instantly raise your Instagram profile’s popularity. If you’re looking to make your account huge, that’s exactly what you’re looking for.

Check out your packages for quickly growing your Instagram account. Let’s get you some views – in a quick and reliable way!