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How To Buy Discord Members with PayPal?

Buy Discord Members Cheap

Are you planning to buy Discord members? Discord is one of the most popular streaming VoIP services launched in 2015. Within five years, in 2020, it generated $130 million in revenue. In 2021, this touched the $7billion mark- all very soon. If you plan to promote your brand through Discord servers, it is definitely a good idea.

Yet, it is better said than done. Discord is mainly for online gamers who like to play together. However, the use of Discord is not merely restricted to this anymore. You can put it to use to promote your business or increase your server base. But, to do that, you will need members. 

Buying Discord members is an easy way to get to the goal. Here is how we can help you with that.

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What are Discord Server Members?

Discord is one of the most famous VoIPs out there. If you already have used the application, you know that you need to create your own server or join someone else’s to use it. In short, a server needs members to function correctly. When someone joins a server, he becomes a member- a Discord member. 

Now, how is that so important?

Discord was primarily designed for online gamers. But, now that people have got different ways to utilize it, the accessibility has grown. With more members, your servers will rank higher on the list. That way, other people will also get to see you and join. 

Discord members also keep a server intact. There will be more discussion, views, engagement- all of which improve a server’s rank. Discord members are important if you want to create a strong server presence. 

Why Do People Buy Discord Members PayPal?

As mentioned earlier, Discord is a great platform for brand promotion, online streaming, gaming, etc. You can create your own servers on Discord. But, if you want your server to rank, you will need to fill it with members- which is more of a challenging task. 

First of all, the competition on Discord is very high. As a result, if you are struggling to get more Discord members, you can easily buy them. 


There are a lot of companies that sell Discord members. You can visit such sites like PopularityBazaar, where you can easily buy any number of members. 

Yet, you might have a lot of questions pounding your head. Let us move forward and address all of them one by one. 

Is It Safe to Buy Discord Members Cheap?

A lot of people, including you, might think it is not safe enough to buy Discord members. Some might even frighten you by saying that these accounts can lead to server banning. Is it true, and should you avoid buying Discord members? 

In short, it is safe as long as you buy it from a trusted source. And, where does it take you?

Well, most companies that claim to sell high-quality discord members do not actually do that. They use bots to create replica accounts and target your server. It is how the member quantity increases so fast. 

If you choose the wrong provider, they may just spam your server, leading to a server ban. So, while making such a decision, one should be very cautious. 

How Can You Increase or Buy Discord Server Members?

There are two ways to increase the server members for your Discord channel- organic or buying Discord members for cheap. The first method is the most popular and stable, while the second is faster. Yet, both these methods are necessary for a visible result with the same goal. 

The Organic Methods

First are the organic methods. Organic methods are always recommended and should be practiced no matter what. Although organic methods are more time-consuming, they are practical and provide more sustainable growth. Most importantly, if you want real people to join your server and engage with your content, you must follow the organic methods.

The downsides are clear. First, it takes a lot of time to show the result. It might be months or years to see those people joining your server. Also, there are a lot of practices you have to follow simultaneously. For example, you need to take care of branding, promotion, content creation, live streaming, and, most importantly, communication.

As they say, there is a lot to work on when you do it right. So, there is this shortcut- buy Discord members instant. It might not be as effective, but it does reflect a very positive image of your channel to others.  

Buy Discord Members Instantly

Organic methods consume a lot of time. First, you put a lot of effort into implementing them and then wait until they show the result. And for one thing, this time may not be quick. As time-consuming as they are, they are also frustrating. So, when you can’t skip them (for they are important), you can, of course, try a shortcut someday. 

This shortcut is you buying Discord members. Yes, it won’t be much effective organically, but they do help to bring some organic reputation. How? 

Well, your channel won’t rank unless you bag significant engagement. For it, the first thing you will need is members. Most members you will buy may not interact that much, but they add to the overall number. So, when others see your server and see how many people are already in, it builds a trust factor. 

Thus, it makes people join your server more enthusiastically. When you practice the organic methods simultaneously, it will become more vivid. 

Hence, if you plan to dedicate yourself to Discord growth, you can implement both these methods for a magical outcome. Let’s move forward and see how you can buy Discord members from PopularityBazaar. 

How to Buy Discord Members Cheap?

Buy Real Discord Members with Us

Buying Discord Members online is a simple process. Follow these simple steps to buy Discord Members from our website. 

  1. Select the package you want from the drop-down list of the select package section. 
  2. Copy your Discord handle link and paste it on the Discord Server Invite link section.
  3. Select the number of follower orders. You can use “+” to increase the order value and “-” to lower it. 
  4. Click on the “Add to Cart” option 
  5. If you want to buy Discord Members using PayPal, select PayPal and proceed further. 
  6. Once the order is paid for, and the amount is paid, you will receive confirmation. 

The whole process is quick and seamless. As soon as you complete your order, you will start receiving the delivery. 

Tips to Increase Your Discord Members Organically

Buying indeed increases the number of Discord members in your server, but that does not increase engagement. If you want to make your server more engaging, you have to bring real people having the same interest in it. Hence, you can follow a few practices along with purchasing Discord members. 

Branding is Important

Branding is very crucial when it comes to Discord. And it starts with creating a professional logo for your server. A lot of people will mostly see the logo first before entering into the server. If it seems professional, they will most likely check you out. So, the first thing you should do is design your logo carefully. It should look professional and convey all about what your server is. 

Put an Impressive Title

People remember the servers with an attractive name. Discord lets you add a title to your server. Be creative and choose one that suits your purpose. When you put an exciting title and match your server description, people will be more inclined to see its necessity. It will help you gain a positive impression and draw more Discord members quickly. 

The Channel Should Have a Detailed Description 

One big mistake many servers make is that they skip the server description part. Many of them do not describe their server well. So, when a new member visits your server, they may get confused easily. A good and detailed server description will help them understand your server better and increase member retention. 

Enrich Your Server with Bots

Bots are a great way to interact with your members and keep them engaged in your servers. You can use bots to play music, run programs, play games, etc. You can try out Onyx– one of the most famous Discord bots with millions of commands to create GIFs, Memes, etc. 

Don’t Forget to Welcome New Members

Don’t forget to make your audience feel warm and welcomed in your server. Whenever a new member joins the server, welcome them graciously. That way, they will feel noticed and accepted. Sometimes, when your server gets extremely crowded, it may not be possible to welcome everyone individually. There are plenty of bots that can do the task for you automatically. 

Add to Server Listing

Don’t forget to add your server to server listings. You will find plenty of popular server listings that help you advertise your server outside Discord. People do search for these servers to find the perfect match. It is not always a good idea to depend on Discord’s algorithm to start showing your server. Server listings help you reach more people and help them find you quickly. 

Buying Discord Members Should Never Be the Only Way!

You can always buy cheap Discord members as you please. But, it should never be the only way that you rely on. Most Discord members you buy will only populate your server- which is a great way to create a professional impression. But, nothing is better than the organic population when it comes to engagement. 

In most cases, people who will find you organically will be the ones to engage with your server vividly. That way, if you only rely on buy Discord members with PayPal, you will not get any actual results. But, if you combine this with your organic practices, they will do magic. 


Discord is gaining popularity day by day. First of all, this is a free application that anyone can use. You won’t need to buy expensive VoIP servers to stream your content. Secondly, the application can be used for multiple purposes. 

But, if you want to promote your brand through Discord, you will need members on your server. Enough members can improve your server ranking, leading to more people joining. 

While organic methods are time-consuming, you can always buy cheap Discord members to increase the member count on your server. We provide you with as many Discord members as you want at a low price. You can always come and visit our website to order quickly. 

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