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How To Buy Youtube Views Cheap with PayPal?

Buy Cheap YouTube Views with PayPal

Buy Cheap YouTube views with PayPal in three easy steps. Decide how many views you need, check out the YouTube promotion packages to select an appropriate plan and pay online to get started. You can buy cheap YouTube views for your YouTube videos and boost your popularity immediately.

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How To Get More YouTube Views

YouTube videos should be of high quality. Not only should the content be captivating but the resolution of the video and other technical aspects should be perfect. Poorly scripted and edited videos, lack of closed caption, unavailability of a transcript and ineffective optimization can hurt the chances of a video getting the exposure it deserves.

All videos on YouTube should be optimized. They should be categorized properly. An appropriate thumbnail should be used to entice the target audience. There has to be a larger game plan as well. Trying to promote a video on the platform itself is not sufficient. The video should be promoted on the official website, across social networks and social media platforms, third-party authority sites that are relevant given the context and through all appropriate mediums.


YouTube videos should be plugged and re-plugged smartly across multiple platforms

You must engage with your audience in the comments section. You should encourage the viewers to share the video and subscribe to your channel. If the objective is to redirect the audience to the brand website or an e-commerce page, then there should be a clear call to action. Organic growth happens only when the users are satiated with their experience. A part of the experience is influenced by how the audience is engaged with. There are instances when having multiple ads can ruin the experience of a viewer. There should be a strategic approach to use ads and other interruptions in the video itself.

YouTube promotion is not just about views

The quality of content you have for your target audience will be a decisive factor. The views and comments will come if you have something valuable to offer to your audience. The subscribers will also galvanize in your support. Prioritize the conceptualization and development of good content. The rest will follow. PopularityBazaar can get you the head start you need. You will easily have the foundation upon which you can build your popularity. But that will only work in a sustained manner if the product you have, in this case, the video, is satiating for the audience.

The Bottom Line

Great videos can go viral with a bit of help. Purchase YouTube views for videos, promote them across mediums and they may go viral in due course of time. A viral campaign can change the dynamics of the game for any channel. It can lead to a windfall gain, of views and likes, comments and subscribers. You should explore YouTube promotion packages and buy YouTube watch time to kick-start the process.



Why Should I Purchase YouTube Views?

More than three hundred hours of videos get uploaded every minute onto a platform that is accessed by nearly two billion people. Your video can easily get drowned amidst the five billion videos that users watch on YouTube every day. The first step to popularity on YouTube is exposure. People in general or your target audience should be able to see your videos. Your videos will get sufficient exposure only when they attain some degree of popularity.

The primary factor influencing popularity is the number of views. You need to purchase YouTube views for a video to reach out to the target audience. We provide safe, reliable and high-quality views. Our YouTube promotion packages assure high retention views. Buy cheap views on YouTube to establish social proof and credibility. Get a head start with thousands of views on your video so other users get influenced to check it out. Motivate more people in your target audience with a handsome number of views. Get ranked higher and have your video feature as recommended by YouTube. These are some of the reasons why you should consider YouTube promotion packages.

Is Buying Views On YouTube Safe?

Buying views from PopularityBazaar is safe. We use sophisticated tactics. Our marketing campaigns are real and legitimate. There are other types of promotions that can get you into trouble. You can rest assured our service will not put your profile or channel at any kind of risk. We guarantee there is no risk of our marketing campaigns having any adverse effect on your reputation and the credibility of your channel or profile.

When Can I Expect The Views To Be Delivered?

We start delivering the views immediately after you choose a package and make the payment. You will be able to see the views increasing in a few hours. We take a maximum of twenty four hours to start the delivery. The total time required to deliver all the views depends on the package you choose.

Can I Purchase YouTube Views For A Video With Ads?

You can run ads on your YouTube videos as and when you want. However, we recommend turning off such ads on a video that you have chosen to get the views for. We can initiate our campaign even when your video has an ad but it can cause some problems for your AdSense account. You can disable the advertisements for the period of time when the views are getting delivered. This temporary disabling should not be an issue. As you get all the views delivered, you can enable the ads for the video. It is also better to run ads when there are more organic views. There should be a spike in your organic viewership after we have delivered the number of views ordered. That is a better time to run the ads.

What Information Should I Provide To Start The Delivery?

We need the link to your video on YouTube. We do not require any other information about you or the channel you operate. We do not need username or password. The link to your video on YouTube is sufficient for us to access the number of views it has. We also get access to the counts and the thumbnail. You must ensure the link is accurate. We will only use the link to source all relevant information. Check the video to verify if it is the correct one you want the views for. Assess the statistics to know its current status and hence you can track the changes.

Can I Split The Views Among Multiple Videos?

We deliver views per video. You can choose multiple YouTube promotion packages for different videos. At this stage we are unable to split the views ordered for any number of videos on YouTube, even if they are hosted on the same channel.

Will People Know I Purchased The Views?

We ensure impeccable privacy. No detail about your order or your purchasing views from us gets shared with anyone. We have an SSL-secured website. Our privacy policy is stringent and no data is shared with any third party for marketing or other purposes. It is a discreet service and no user or anyone, in general, will get to know that you are buying views from PopularityBazaar.

Will My Video Be Removed For Purchasing Views On YouTube?

Your video will not get removed. When you buy views from us, we get real users to watch the videos. There is nothing wrong in such a practice. People use various kinds of marketing and promotional campaigns to reach out to a larger audience. Companies use social media and pay for sponsored posts. Many channels get their videos featured on YouTube. Recommended videos are not always organically ranked. There are paid content. Just as advertisements are a legitimate way to reach out to an audience, using YouTube promotion packages for greater exposure is a perfectly valid and legal exercise. Your video will not be removed for buying views. Your video will not experience any unfavourable treatment. It will actually soar through the rankings in the given category for the targeted keywords. We have never had any video removed for having delivered the requested views. Besides, even YouTube does not get to know that you have bought views.

Do I Need To Provide My Channel Login Details?

We do not need any personal or sensitive information. We don’t ask for login credentials. We only need the link to the video that needs to be promoted. It is not even necessary to provide us any of your basic personal details. The link to the video, the chosen number of views and the online payment are all you have to take care of for us to start the delivery.

Is There A Free Trial?

We do not have any free trial at this stage. However, we have extremely reasonably priced YouTube promotion packages. You can get as many as thousand views for less than three dollars. This is as good as a free trial given the number of views you will get. You can start with a basic package and then scale up depending on your experience with our service.

Who Views The Video?

We get viewers from around the world, mostly from social networks and social media. We source traffic from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora and Reddit among others. Our promotional campaigns are spread out far and wide to get real users view your videos on YouTube.

Can I Choose Multiple Packages For The Same Video?

You can choose as many packages as you want for the same video but wait till the delivery of one has been completed. You can choose a package for more views. Instead of going for five thousand views, you can choose a hundred thousand views. This will take a little longer to deliver compared to the turnaround time for five thousand views. Do not choose two packages of five thousand views for the same video simultaneously. It is best to have a certain number of views delivered and then you can choose the same or another package for the same video.

What Do You Mean By High Retention YouTube Views?

A user watching your video counts as a view, even if one only stays on for a second. This is not sufficient. You need high retention views. High retention views are those wherein the video has been watched for longer than half of its runtime. The best videos average a watched time of eighty percent or more. You can buy YouTube watch time from PopularityBazaar. We will only deliver high retention YouTube views so your video can actually benefit in terms of ranking and getting featured. When you buy YouTube watch time from us, the algorithm gets to note the fact that viewers are watching the full video or almost to the end. This improves the rank of the video.


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