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How To Buy Facebook Photo/Post Likes with PayPal

Buy Facebook Post Likes Cheap with PayPal

The largest social network on the planet, Facebook plays the most influential role in establishing virtual popularity, so the fastest and easiest way to increase your popularity or brand awareness is to buy Facebook post likes cheap with PayPal. The virtual popularity trickles out to the real world in different forms depending on what a brand has to offer. While Instagram, Twitter and YouTube along with the likes of Spotify, SoundCloud and Pinterest do have substantial influence, Facebook is still the numero uno social network. Any brand that has a formidable presence on the site and develops a substantial fan base will definitely benefit in more ways than one.

The popularity of Facebook can be assessed in many ways. The number of followers, subscribers or friends a profile has reflects the outreach. The activities on the profile showcase the level of engagement. The engagement can be assessed primarily by likes and comments. There are more expressions available now than just likes but they are still a form of response that can be clubbed together. Comments reflect ongoing engagement. Shares imply how users rate a particular post as they want their friends or social circles to know about the content. A brand or an individual needs a growing following and there should be sufficient endorsement of the posts on their profile. This simply means a profile needs more likes for the posts.

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How to Get More Likes on Facebook

Buying likes for fan pages is an inorganic method of enhancing your influence. After you establish the foundation and clearly convey the growing popularity of your profile and hence your brand, you must succeed at engaging with your target audience so more people like your page and start to follow you. The endgame could be lead generation, sales or simply branding on social media. This objective will be accomplished only when purchasing likes leads to organic growth of endorsement. Your page must become more active with time. There must be a coherent and evolving strategy to engage with the audience. Every target audience wants interesting content and some rewards. You must work on both simultaneously. In some cases, captivating content is rewarding enough. In other scenarios, one must have tangible rewards for the fans.


Tips to Get More Likes on Facebook Posts

There are many ways to get more likes on Facebook posts. At the crux of all such methods lies a simple truth. Your posts must engage the audience and they should have something to be content with. Each post can generate innumerable likes if they connect with the followers at some level.

Create interesting posts

Every post should be able to elicit a response. The post can be thought provoking, it could be revelatory, the fact may be surprising or interesting, there can be funny contents or any type of information that essentially evokes some level of interest in the followers.

Posts should be timed well

Every brand has a target audience. This audience is most active at certain times of the day or night. Research and find out what these time slots are. Time the posts every day accordingly and there shall be a much greater chance of generating more likes.

Always engage with the audience

Not just with posts but also with comments and likes. Profiles too should like comments of followers so they feel appreciated. Interesting comments should be engaged with. Even apparently negative comments should be addressed to establish better connection with the larger audience.

Why Buy Facebook Post Likes?

Businesses and individuals should buy Facebook post likes for a simple reason. It is to establish the popularity of the posts. More than two billion people used Facebook by the end of 2018. At the end of the first quarter of 2019, Facebook has reportedly 2.38 billion monthly active users. While there are duplicate profiles and fake accounts, different types of business and fan pages along with some that are active but not really posting much, still there are over a billion people who are uploading new stuff every day. Given the quantum of posts every day or even an hour, it is easy for people to miss out on contents that they may otherwise want to view. Newsfeeds do not always work perfectly. Posts can quickly get drowned in the newsfeeds and effectively go unnoticed. People can change the settings of their newsfeeds that influences what they get to see.

The one thing that a business or individual can do is grow and sustain its popularity so people do not miss out on their posts. One simple way to do is to buy cheap Facebook likes. When a post gets liked by many, it is bound to get featured. The post becomes a top story. Even if the post is not a recent story and people sort their newsfeeds as per that, the popularity of the content and the latest activity of likes will keep it in the reckoning. This is the reason why some recent stories get passed on for older ones, not owing to the relevance of time but because of the latest activity clocked on those posts.

Buy Facebook post likes to make the contents more appealing to followers and friends. Buy Facebook photo likes to encourage others to do the same. There are innumerable users who are active every day and check out a lot of posts. Not all of them feel enticed enough to like. They are likely to feel the urge when others have liked a post. No one wants to miss out on the social media bandwagon. Since it is now possible to buy cheap Facebook likes that are from genuine and active users, there is no reason why anyone should not consider this option and sustain their growing popularity. There is also an impact on the level of activity and hence engagement, including in comments and shares, when you buy FB post likes.

How to Buy Facebook Post Likes?

Buying likes for Facebook posts is a simple three steps process. Check out the packages of likes. Compare them and decide which one is most suited to your present objective. Choose the package. Provide the link to the post that must have the likes delivered. Make the payment and complete the order. If you have decided how many likes you want and the link is handy, then placing an order takes barely a minute. You can pay using a credit card, Crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin or PayPal.

Common FAQ’s

How Many Likes can I Buy for a Post on Facebook?

You can buy a 100 or 250 likes, 500 or a 1000 likes, two thousand and five hundred or five thousand likes, ten thousand or as many as twenty five thousand likes. You can buy Facebook likes for $5. You can buy 50 likes if you want to take it slow and see how the service works for you. It is entirely up to you how many likes you want for a particular post.

Can I Buy Likes for Every Post on Facebook?

You can buy cheap Facebook likes for one post or a hundred posts. You can buy the likes for a simple text post, a photo or a video. You can buy likes for memes, gifs and all other types of contents that Facebook supports. If there is a post on Facebook and you have the link, then we can deliver the likes.

Can you Split the Likes across Multiple Posts on Facebook?

This is not possible at this stage. If you want likes to be delivered to multiple posts then simply place different orders for each link. We process orders per link. So every order has one link and we deliver the requested number of likes. If you want to buy a thousand likes and wish to split it for ten different posts, then you can go for ten different orders of a hundred likes each.

Can I Buy Facebook Likes for Private Posts?

This is not possible as a private post is not visible to users who are not following the profile. You should make sure that the post is turned public before you place an order. Your profile may remain private but a post should be public. You must also ensure that the post is visible worldwide and by everyone. There should not be any restriction on the basis of country, age or other factors. Simply make the post visible to everyone worldwide and the likes will be delivered.

How Many Times can I Buy Likes for One Post on Facebook?

This is completely your decision to make. You can buy only one package of likes for a post. You can buy another pack again. You can buy multiple packages for different posts. You can order one package at a time. The only recommendation we have is to avoid ordering multiple packages of likes for the same post on Facebook. Wait for the first package of likes to be delivered to the post before you order another. This will enable you to observe the delivery. You can be certain that the likes are delivered and then order another pack so you can check that delivery as well. It is also easier for us to deliver all the likes ordered and then to process another similar or different request.

Do I Need to Give My Username and Password?

No, we do not require your username or password. You do not have to share any profile details with us. All we need is an accurate link to an active post. The post should not be deleted. It should not be removed. The link should not be broken. The link should be active and the post must be there for us to deliver the likes. We never ask for any personal information. You should not part with any financial information either. The order is processed through a secured and encrypted network. Your correspondence with us is stored in secured servers behind firewall. We have an impeccable security and privacy policy that ensures absolute safety at all times.

Is it Safe and Legal to Buy Likes for Facebook Posts?

It is absolutely safe to buy likes for posts on Facebook from us. There is no law that prohibits this practice. Facebook has no particular policy that prohibits such a service. However, our service is safe only because we use genuine and active profile to generate the likes. We do not use bots or fake profiles to deliver the likes ordered. There are other services that do so. Using black hat practices may have an adverse effect on the profile that is getting the likes and also the fake accounts that are being utilized for the said purpose.

When will I get the Likes for Facebook Posts, Photos or Videos?

Our delivery process is fast and we start generating the likes within an hour of order processing and confirmation. All orders are processed in real time. There is no delay whatsoever. The likes will start to show up on the chosen post in an hour. Most orders are delivered within twenty four hours. If you have placed a large order, for tens of thousands of likes, then the delivery may take a little longer than twenty four hours.

Will Anyone get to Know that I have Purchased Likes for Facebook Posts?

No one gets to know unless you share the information with someone. We do not share our data with any third party. All order details are stored in a secured server. We operate through encrypted networks. Our privacy policy is extensive and impeccable. You can rest assured the likes will be delivered discreetly. They will feature on your post just as other organic likes show up.

Will I get Comments and Shares after Buying Facebook Likes?

It is possible that your posts will generate more traction and you may receive new comments. Your post may also get shared by more people. However, when you buy FB post likes, that is precisely what we are responsible for and we deliver the same. We are not tasked with delivering comments and shares, unless that is what you have ordered specifically. We will deliver all the likes you ask for and there can be some substantial organic traction for such posts.

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