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Frequently Asked Questions

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It usually takes an hour or two after making the transaction successfully. Once you complete the purchase and it gets confirmed, you will start getting likes on your intended page/ post. The time to complete the entire process depends on the number of likes you choose. It usually takes just a couple of hours to process and confirm your order, and all the processing is done in real-time.

You can buy cheap Facebook likes for one post or a hundred posts. You can buy the likes for a simple text post, a photo or a video. You can buy likes for memes, gifs and all other types of contents that Facebook supports. If there is a post on Facebook and you have the link, then we can deliver the likes.

This is not possible at this stage. If you want likes to be delivered to multiple posts then simply place different orders for each link. We process orders per link. So every order has one link and we deliver the requested number of likes. If you want to buy a thousand likes and wish to split it for ten different posts, then you can go for ten different orders of a hundred likes each.

We do not require your username, password or any details to initiate the process. Moreover, we also do not need any financial credentials from you to process payment. The order is processed through an encrypted network so you never have to worry about your privacy.

No one gets to know unless you share the information with someone. We do not share our data with any third party. All order details are stored in a secured server. We operate through encrypted networks. Our privacy policy is extensive and impeccable. You can rest assured the likes will be delivered discreetly. They will feature on your post just as other organic likes show up.

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Benefits you receive when you choose us

When you’re looking to boost your Facebook presence, choosing the right partner can make all the difference. Here are the advantages you will get with PopularityBazaar: 

1. Secure Payment Options

We understand the importance of security in online transactions, which is why we offer secure payment methods. With us, you can be sure that your financial information is protected and wait for immediate likes on your posts and photos. 

2. No Account Details Required

With our service, there’s no need to compromise your Facebook account’s integrity by sharing sensitive details or passwords. Our process is designed with your privacy in mind. We do not share any information about our clients with any third-party app, or ask to share credentials. In fact, we only concentrate to getting you Facebook likes from reliable sources

2. PayPal Support

While always working to provide you with convenience and security, we’re proud to be among the few in the industry that accept PayPal payments. PayPal options not only provide our customers a flexible payment method but also provides them with a trusted and hassle-free way to invest in their Facebook growth where they do not have to risk any personal information.

3. Real Accounts

We guarantee that all likes come from real, active Facebook accounts and there is no involvement of bot.This dedication to authenticity ensures that your content receives genuine engagement, and organic reach thus enhancing your credibility and fostering a trustworthy relationship with your audience. 

4. Affordable price

At PopularityBazaar, our service is designed to be affordable, offering you a cost-effective solution to increase your likes and boost your social media strategy. With our competitive pricing, you can achieve more with less, maximizing your budget while expanding your online influence.

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What makes our Facebook likes special?

At PopularityBazaar, we understand the power of a single Facebook like. But not just any like—a like from a real person, with a real profile full of friends and followers. Here’s the simple truth about what our likes special compared to our competitors

Genuine Likes from Real People

A community study on people behavior and impact of Facebook engagement showed that the amount of conversation generated through comments and the number of likes on any posts are one of the most significant factors for any company to increase their reach to target audience and increase their credibility.
This means every thumbs-up on your page comes from someone with their own circle of friends and interests on Facebook. It’s not just about adding a number to your like count; it’s about adding value. Real likes bring authenticity to your page, making it more appealing and trustworthy.

Different Package Options:

We offer multiple package options so you can buy Facebook likes that best suit your needs. This can vary from 100 likes to 10000 likes and start from as low as $1.09/ 100 likes. This diversity allows you to go with the package that defines the level of engagement and support you need to grow your account organically.

Quick Delivery:

You do not have to wait for days and months to experience the difference. We treat every project as a priority. That’s why our delivery time is the shortest in the market. So, as soon as we sign the deal, you will start seeing the results.

The advantages of purchasing likes

There are a bunch of reasons why it is better to buy Facebook likes than to take the organic path of growing your likes.

  • Boosted Credibility: Just like a crowded restaurant tends to draw more customers, a Facebook page with a high number of likes appears more trustworthy to users. It’s a simple signal that your content is worth their time.
  • Wider Reach Quickly: Real likes from us mean real eyes on your page. Each like has the potential to show your content in the feeds of that person’s friends, expanding your visibility organically and swiftly.
  • Enhanced Engagement: A page with more likes doesn’t just look good; it encourages more interaction. People feel more inclined to comment, share, and like posts when they see others doing the same.
  • Algorithm Friendly: Facebook’s algorithm favors pages with high engagement. More likes can lead to higher placement in news feeds, making your content more likely to be seen and interacted with.
  • Time and Effort Saving: You can buy 50 likes for just $1.09, which is extremely cost-efficient. Also, building an audience organically is rewarding but slow. Purchasing likes gives your page an initial boost, saving you time and allowing you to focus on creating great content. 
  • Community Building: Likes from real profiles mean real people are engaging with your page. This helps in creating a community vibe, where users feel part of something bigger and are more engaged.

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