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In order to provide the service, the stream must be activated as public before ordering.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, it is safe to buy YouTube live views. It will not be a problem as long as the views seem natural. Buy live stream viewers from PopularityBazaar as they are from authentic accounts, so they feel like natural views.

With PopularityBazaar you can expect delivery of views as soon as you complete the payment process.

Gaining popularity on YouTube is variable, as it may take some people a few weeks to get a lot of live viewers, whereas for others it may take months. It depends upon consistency, quality of content and marketing.

PopularityBazaar gives your account a boost to increase viewership quickly.

You should buy YouTube live stream viewers when you start streaming or after the stream has ended. All you need to do is copy and paste the live stream link during the purchasing process. After your payment is completed, you will start receiving the views within minutes.

Yes, views will stay stable during the stream. PopularityBazaar views are there to stay as they’re from real accounts. Our views ensure high retention and act just like natural views.

Views are stable and stay on the stream for as long as your stream is live. A high number of views on your streams will also attract your subscribers to watch the live stream. This will create a sense of curiosity among subscribers and increase your natural viewers. If you want to increase the number of YouTube subscribers on your channel, visit PopularityBazaar.

Viewers for live streams provided by PopularityBazaar are from real and genuine accounts that have their own set of subscribers, posts and videos. They are not fake profiles, hence they seem like natural viewers and no one would be able to suspect that they are bought.

At the moment, there is no option of splitting views between two videos. A single package purchase can be applied to a single video, even if they are on the same channel. However, you can buy YouTube live viewer multiple packages for multiple videos, which would require placing different orders.

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Why buy YouTube live views from us?

It is always a good idea to buy YouTube livestream views as it can increase engagement and boost your account. You should choose PopularityBazaar when you plan to buy YouTube live viewers for the following reasons: 

  • Easy Process : We offer secure payment methods and delivery starts as soon as you complete the payment process. 
  • Security : You don’t need to share sensitive account information such as passwords with us.
  • Payment Options : We accept payment through PayPal and even Bitcoin. This is a unique feature as there are very few such service providers in this industry that accept PayPal or Bitcoin payments.
  • Natural Views : The views you will receive on your YouTube Live will be from real accounts, so they feel just like natural views.
  • Affordability : Our service is affordable, and we offer a variety of packages to choose from for everyone’s varying needs.  
youtube live views

What are YouTube live views?

YouTube live views are the number of people or YouTube accounts that have viewed your live video. YouTube live stream viewers are the total number of times that your live stream was viewed in its duration. These views can be from your subscribers or non-subscribers. 

To view your live stream data, you need to sign in to YouTube Studio. There you will go to the left menu and select Content. In the Live tab, select the live stream you want to view the analytics for. In the left menu, select Analytics. From the top menu, select Engagement. Find concurrent viewers report here. 

The concurrent viewers’ report is available seconds after your live stream has ended. Concurrent viewers are the maximum number of viewers that have watched your stream at one time. 

The benefits of having YouTube live viewers

You get many advantages if you purchase YouTube live stream views. Some of these benefits are: 

Better Engagement 

When you have more viewers on your live videos, it means you will receive more opportunities for comments, likes and shares during the stream. Higher engagement with the audience leads to better visibility altogether on YouTube, which attracts further more viewers to future streams. 

Monetization Opportunities

High YouTube live stream views attract brands and sponsors who are looking to reach a wider audience. Influencers and content creators can benefit from this opportunity as they can get more chances for collaborations and sponsorships. 

Real-Time Feedback and Live Interaction 

More viewers on live videos means you will receive more feedback from your followers to enhance and create better content for your target audience. It also gives a good chance for live interaction, which allows creators to notice audience reactions to ideas in real time. This can help create more dynamic and engaging experiences. 

Increased Watch Time

YouTube’s algorithm takes your watch time into account while recommending videos and live streams to new YouTube channels. Higher viewer counts, especially viewers bought from PopularityBazaar, mean longer watch times as these views are stable, which means your reach will increase. 

What makes our YouTube viewers special?

PopularityBazaar YouTube viewers are a class apart from live stream views from other platforms due to the following reasons: 

Views from Real Profiles

PopularityBazaar provides viewers with videos from real accounts with their subscribers, videos and posts. These are not fake accounts or bots, but real people with authentic channels. 

So you don’t need to worry about your YouTube live view appearing fake, as they will feel just like natural views. 


PopularityBazaar has an instant delivery service and views start to come in as soon as you complete the payment process. We have an automatic order completion system which enables us to do that. 

So you will not have to worry about any sort of delay. 


You can split our YouTube live viewers packages individually on your selected videos. We offer a wide variety of packages from 50 to 50,000 views which you can choose for your various live streams. 

We also provide very affordable prices and offer deals and discounts to our customers.  

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