PopularityBazaar is a digital company that is dedicated to the privacy and data safety of its clients. Popularity Bazaar is a full-service marketing agency wherein lients are able to purchase social media followers, views and likes on popular social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

The present Privacy Policy of Data, has for object to put in knowledge of the Users the scopes of the integral protection of his personal data seated in the archives; records; banks or databases; or other technical means of data processing implemented by PopularityBazaar, ensuring respect for the right to privacy of individuals, as well as free access to the information that may eventually be registered about them. This Privacy Policy applies to the PopularityBazaar and describes all the processing activities that may be performed through this Site by PopularityBazaar, which owns and operates the Site.

Your personal data will be processed by PopularityBazaar when you visit the Site and you use the services and features offered by the Site.

This Privacy Policy has been drafted in accordance with general data protection laws concerning certain minimum requirements for the protection of personal data. online data collection within the internet it is also an information document intended for data subjects under general law and the rules and principles of confidentiality legislation to which the treatment provided by PopularityBazaar complies.

PopularityBazaar considers that any type of information related to a User is personal information, and therefore ensures at all times for the privacy and confidentiality of it. The confidentiality of the information relating to the Users implies its maintenance in archives and/or banks or secure databases, in such a way that access by third parties that are not authorized for this purpose, is restricted.

The notifications and communications sent by PopularityBazaar, to the postal address or to the e-mail box entered directly by the user, in the registration forms or, the one that appears as the address or mailing address of the sender in cases in which communication is made unregistered visitor, will be considered effective and fully valid. Likewise, communications that consist of notices and messages inserted in the Site, or that are sent during the provision of a service, whose purpose is to inform users about a certain circumstance, will be considered effective.

Eventually, PopularityBazaar, may use cookies, which will be installed on the user’s computer when it is browsing the site. They are intended to facilitate browsing the site to the user, and provide PopularityBazaar,, information that will help you improve their services and content. In any case, the cookies used by PopularityBazaar will provide personal information of the user, who in relation to them will maintain full anonymity, even in front of PopularityBazaar, given that they also do not provide information tending to the individualization of the user. It is the intention of PopularityBazaar, to highlight that to navigate the site, it is not necessary for the user to allow the installation of the cookies sent by PopularityBazaar, This may only be required in relation to certain services and/or contents.

In turn, and as a consequence of the guarantee of the protected rights, it is also expressed as a purpose, that of allowing at all times access to information by the persons linked to the registered data. Users and clients have all of their rights to their content as long as it falls within their legal rights when dealing with the company.

In this way, the User may exercise the rights of access, rectification or cancellation of data and opposition, which will be mentioned later.

The right to demand the rectification of the data:

In principle, the right to demand rectification can be exercised in the face of falsehood, inaccuracy, imprecision or erroneous character of the data. Its recognition implies the preservation of the veracity of the information, a condition that makes the quality of it.

The right to require the update of the data:

The update is to preserve the validity of the data, that is, the correspondence of the fraction of information it represents with the temporal scope in which it is provided.

In general, visiting and consulting the Site does not imply the collection or processing of your personal data. When you only visit and view the Site, the processing of your personal data is limited to the so-called navigation data, namely data whose transmission to the Site is implicit in the operation of the systems responsible for the management of the Site and in communication protocols specific to the Internet.


The navigation data is, for example, the IP addresses of the devices you use to connect to the Site and other settings related to the device and the operating system. As specified above, the navigation data and, for example, the number of visits and the time spent on the Site, are collected and processed by PopularityBazaar exclusively for statistical and anonymous purposes in order to measure and improve the functioning of the Site. Because of their very nature, browsing data can lead to the identification of users if they are associated with data held by third parties


However, PopularityBazaar does not collect navigation data for the purpose of associating them with identified users. The navigation data is deleted when processed anonymously; such data may be used to assign possible liability in case of computer crimes committed against or through the Site. With the exception of the cases mentioned above, and in accordance with any of the previous terms and conditions that were set about user datas.

The rights to the addition and dissociation:

The users may require that information be added to the registered data when they are considered incomplete in such a way that they do not reflect the realities they represent. In a similar sense, they may also require the dissociation of data whose qualities or characteristics only allow their treatment without the possibility of establishing associations or links with the holders of the data.

The rights to the suppression and submission to confidentiality:

The “deletion” of a data implies its definitive elimination of the file or record, this is its complete disappearance, without it being possible to keep records of its previous registration.

The personal data collected through the Site will be processed and stored by PopularityBazaar ensures the hosting of the website PopularityBazaar and the corresponding databases, so that some personal data processed through electronic media can be stored by said company third. In all cases, the personal data is processed only by specially authorized personnel designated to access and process the data, including the personnel designated to perform corrective maintenance operations on the Site.