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How To Buy Youtube Shorts Views Cheap

YouTube is one big name that does not need any introduction. From cooking to clothing, gaming to sports, you can find almost any content on YouTube. Most importantly, you can make money with it!

YouTube Shorts is an exciting recent addition to the platform. It’s an amazing opportunity to grow – and did you know that now, you can easily buy YouTube shorts views? Yes! With real instant shorts views, growing and making money on this new format is easier than ever.

What’s even more: this is cheap and completely easy. Let’s jump to the topic and see how getting these extra views can help you.

buy youtube shorts views

What are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts are vertical videos that are created for short-form watching on mobile devices. Similar to Instagram reels or TikTok videos, they are different to usual long-form YouTube content.

According to a 2018 report by Statista, the average video length on YouTube was 11.7 minutes. But Shorts, released in 2020, gave creators an option to engage with their audiences with shorter videos. The time limit is 60-seconds – you can film, and apply various edits such as filters and text right from your mobile phone.

YouTube Shorts helps you reach new audiences in new, exciting ways. New ways of watching are great for both creators, and viewers.

Why should I buy YouTube shorts views?

There are several good reasons why you should buy YouTube shorts. It’s an easy way to grow on the platform: and with a reliable supplier like PopularityBazaar, it’s a cheap, easy, and instant process. Here are some of the main reasons why you should buy YouTube shorts views:

Faster than Organic Methods

The main reason that people buy YouTube Shorts views is to be noticed. Buying YouTube Shorts views gives you an amazing shortcut that can’t be replicated with any organic methods. New viewers are more attracted to content with thousands of views, compared to the videos that only have a few.

People will keep watching – and the YouTube algorithm will notice that, giving your videos and your entire brand an additional boost. It’s a quick, cheap, and fast way to get your account off the ground.

Organic Methods Don’t Always Work

You’ve visited 3-4 blogs, penned down all important points, and started creating your YouTube shorts and posted them as well. But, to your surprise, it didn’t work. Now you wonder, what went wrong? Well, nothing truly. Sometimes organic methods don’t work that well. 

Truth is, most of the people using these methods will fail. If you’re looking to get yourself noticed, you will need to use every trick you can think of. Simple, fast, and easy, buying YouTube Shorts views is a guaranteed way to get the numbers – and it can help you boost those organic efforts just a little more.

Show Off to Your Friends and Competitors

Buying shorts views is a guaranteed way to rack up the numbers. Even if you’re trying to build a major brand, and it’s all just a little bit of fun, additional views is a great way to show off. Buying views is incredibly cheap, and requires just a minute of your time. You pay for a package and receive that order instantly. 

When you do, and when your friends or competitors check out your content, they will be amazed to see how many people have watched your short video. It’s a great way to build up your personal brand.

Combine buying YouTube Shorts views with organic methods for best results, give your channel a kickstart and keep bringing in new audiences.

Why buy YouTube Shorts views at PopularityBazaar?

There are several platforms that offer similar services – but here, we do it better. Here are the main reasons why PopularityBazaar is the #1 place for buying YouTube Shorts views:

  • Instant delivery. The views’ delivery process starts immediately after payment. Smaller orders will be complete in just a few hours – and the biggest orders should be fully completed within the 24 hours.
  • Discreet and safe. We do not keep any of your personal information. All we need is your video link – that’s all it takes for the views to come in. You can pay using your credit card, PayPal, or even go full anonymous with Bitcoin!
  • No botted accounts. PopularityBazaar doesn’t do cheap botting techniques. We use 100% real views that will help your account grow. It’s the safest and the most sustainable method out there.
  • Excellent value for money. Even with 100% reliable accounts, complete anonymity, and instant delivery, PopularityBazaar still offers you an amazing bargain. It’s never been cheaper to buy YouTube Shorts views.

Get your YouTube Shorts views from PopularityBazaar, and start growing your account today!

How to get Youtube Shorts views organically?

When it comes to organic YouTube Shorts growth, views are the most important factor out there. Here are some of the main tips on how you can get noticed – and use those additional views to grow your account organically.

  • Find the right topics. Be it the hot trending hashtags, or evergreen topics that always get attention – right tagging and interesting subjects always attract views. Use the #shorts hashtag, but look for other options as well.
  • Be fast and direct. On Shorts, you get only a second or two of the viewers’ attention. Use it wisely: so they know exactly what the video is like, and what it is about. This way, they’ll be happy with your content, leading to likes and subscribers.
  • Loop your content. One user can give you plenty of views: that’s because YouTube Shorts loop. By making the end of your video connect to the beginning, you will get more than one view out of each viewer. It’s free growth!
  • Work on titles and thumbnails. An engaging thumbnail, or an intriguing title will always attract more viewers. Make them interesting – but also make sure your title and thumbnail are also directly related to your video content.


Many people worry about buying YouTube Shorts views, worrying that it would harm their channel. It can be an issue if you use an unreliable source that uses fake bots to fake the views. Here at PopularityBazaar, we offer only 100% real views from real accounts. This makes the views authentic – and your account completely safe.

No, YouTube Shorts views will never drop. People who have watched your content once can never unsee it. Hence, the number of viewers on your Shorts won’t ever drop.

You can give a tree as much water as you want. But, if you want better growth, you must give it fertilizer, too. While your content is the tree itself, the organic methods are the fertilizer. You have to put them regularly for a long time to get the desired fruit.
So, yes. Even if you purchase YouTube Shorts views, you will still need to use organic methods for better performance. People who find you organically are more likely to get drawn to your content. It will bring you organic subscribers, as well.

No, as said earlier, if you purchase from authentic services such as ours, there’s no way that your account will get banned or suspended. YouTube algorithms can understand the difference between bots and real accounts. Since all our accounts are real, your content will be in safe hands, and your channel will flourish.

You can promote your YouTube shorts by using appropriate hashtags, and grabbing your viewers’ attention with interesting thumbnails and video titles. With the collaboration feature you can also make content together with other creators – this might be your big break! Crossposting your content to different platforms can also increase your content’s reach.

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