PopularityBazaar.com thanks you for using its services. Listed below are the various terms of services that will serve as the binding contract between Popualritybazaar and any client who wishes to contract our services. By accessing the website of PopularityBazaar and engaging in its services, you agree to the following terms regarding purchasing likes, views and followers on various social media services such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

PopularityBazaar is a service provider that specializes in serving social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Youtube of companies or individuals. The goal is to increase the awareness and popularity of their performances in the respective platforms by increasing followers and likes. However, there is no cooperation or another type of business relationship with the respective platforms for which PopularityBazaar carries out a service in the field of social media.

The services that can be purchased on PopularityBazaar, ultimately serve for a one-time or rapid increase in new visitors or fans. An application through PopularityBazaar takes place through conception and professional creations of a social media appearance. Of course, PopularityBazaar also offers long-term cooperation or only support of the respective social media channel. If you are unable to comply with these terms and services, you must leave this webpage.  Any other change will modify and replace all the previous Terms.

By purchasing any of our services (followers, likes, etc), you agree that you fully understand that you purchase at your own risk and will not make PopularityBazaar or any of its employees or partners responsible for any damage done to the order. It also fully accepts and understands the following policies:

PopularityBazaar can or guarantee that all likes or followers will remain forever in your account whether on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. Instagram sometimes limits our systems, so that’s why we give you an extra in each order. If at any time Instagram decides to remove the followers or likes that we add, then in no way will you be liable to us for any damages or losses caused to you.

Anyway, our guarantee is that in case of loss of followers you have up to 30 days, after the purchase is made, to give us notice and we will replace the lost followers at no cost. After 30 days from the purchase, there will be no replacement of followers in case of loss. Our system is also configured to replenish followers automatically if there are losses for 30 days.

PopularityBazaar.com has got a partial refund policy in place if the purchased service is not delivered. In order to receive your refund back, you must contact us through our contact form and allow us 1-2 business days to solve your problem. If then you still do not receive the purchased service, we will happily give you your money in return.

We work very hard to offer you our services at such a low price, so we ask you not to make false accusations or false claims. Any false claims made by the client will result in a withdrawal of the refund and a complete termination of existing contracts with the company.

PopularityBazaar can fully guarantee that you deliver the purchased services (likes, views or followers) within the period of time reported on our website. Anyway, keep in mind that Instagram periodically makes updates which impact on our system, and this could delay the delivery times of our services.

The amount you buy is not guaranteed. It may be a little more If it is less, contact our support team.
Use this service at your own risk. We are not responsible for any consequences that may occur due to the use of our service. It is 100% your own risk as the buyer or client.

In some cases, people can cancel their subscription to their channel. If this happens, do not hesitate to contact our support. They probably find an adequate solution. You have no right to claim a refund in this case.

In order to provide a successful mediation of the service, the customer must submit the correct URL and settings of his social media to be advertised so that the service by third parties, in this case, PopularityBazaar, is possible. A change of the name may not take place during a mediation since mistakes occur, or with the loss, PopularityBazaar can give no guarantee. This includes the public activation of contributions. There, the subscriber settings must be switched to public. Settings for age and country restrictions should not be active. After completion of the service, this can easily be changed.

The same applies to YouTube, Instagram, and other social platforms. There must not be any countries/age or other restrictions that could block the delivery of the service. If the customer still does not comply with these points, we cannot guarantee any warranty.

If the other party submits several links without further information, the service will be distributed at its own discretion. Additional options such as a daily limit will only be offered if this is specifically and precisely noted on the respective product page and the fan package. For acute delivery problems (server maintenance) no daily limit is possible. Only the provisions of the respective product page are considered. After prior agreement and if necessary, other modifications must be made. Users (for example, Followers, Like, …) may be inactive or not be real humans. The client assumes the risks that other users may notice that these followers and likes will not be organic.

PopularityBazaar will not be responsible for the damages that you or your company may suffer from purchasing followers and likes on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook. PopularityBazaar.com offers no guarantees of any kind, express or implied for the services we provide. This is because PopularityBazaar uses the Internet to provide services, we cannot guarantee the time or availability of our website.

PopularityBazaar uses instruments that are not explicitly allowed from the various Social Networks whether it is on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. Therefore, the user assumes full responsibility for any action that may in some way modify or cancel the services we provide whether it is a free or a premium service.

These Terms of Service are subject to change at any time. The change notifications will be considered delivered and will be effective on the date published on our website. The changes made will become effective as of the date they are posted on our website. No further notice is required by PopularityBazaar.com regarding your continued use of our website. All of the above information applies to all the services we offer (even if you do not say so).