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How To Buy Spotify Plays?

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Are you an artist with your work on Spotify? Out of thousands of audio platforms worldwide, one of the most popular has to be Spotify. With listeners on this platform opting for both paid and unpaid memberships, the platform can give you many listeners. But it’s only when you get streams or “plays” that you begin forming a fan base. But did you know that you can buy Spotify plays with PayPal? Yes, you read that right! You can actually spend a small amount and even manage to buy 20000 Spotify plays! But why would you invest in plays instead of looking for organic streams from real followers? Is it of any use? If so, where should you buy Spotify plays for cheap? If these questions are swarming in your head right now, continue reading to find out more!

Buy Spotify Plays for Cheap via PayPal

Why Should You Buy Spotify Plays?

The answer is simple – you can buy the cheapest Spotify plays to get ahead in the number game and instantly grab the attention of new browsers. It is only meant to give you a boost and get ahead of the algorithm. You appear more popular and get ahead in the race.

Purchased plays can also help you retain your rank and streaming time when there’s a decline in your organic reach. Another reason content-makers buy Spotify plays is the confidence they gain when they see the jump in the numbers. That also leaves a good impression among new listeners.

Do Spotify Plays Help You Earn Money?

When you buy Spotify plays, the number boosts your confidence. Whether or not purchasing Spotify plays will directly help you earn money depends on the users playing your work. If the user clicks through the original listing, the ads they see will contribute to your income.

But honestly, financial gain from purchased plays is somewhat rare. What matters more is your visibility and popularity. It can be assumed that purchased plays may influence people who have recently discovered your song to listen to its after noticing its popularity.

Can People See the Spotify Plays that You Buy?

Everyone can see all Spotify plays, whether you buy them or get them organically. There are quite a few ways to check the plays, the easiest being the Spotify Desktop App. The user just needs to check the popular section on your Spotify page and locate the number of streams that the most popular songs of the month have received.

It is also possible to check the plays of a song that is not on the popular list. The user just needs to hover over the lines next to a particular content to see the plays. Even you, as an artist, can easily check Spotify plays by accessing the artist’s website or application. All the information regarding a song, its plays, the playlists that are fetching the highest number of plays, etc., are available there.

Do Artists Earn From Spotify Plays?

One of the reasons artists love Spotify is that it is a platform that helps you earn. We are talking about real money and not just popularity. If you hold the right to a song, you will be able to earn something between $0.006 and $0.0084 for each play. On average, musicians make something around $7,50 for every 1000 plays.

Can you Buy Spotify Plays Cheap?

There are plenty of websites that offer Spotify plays without burning a hole in your pockets. You can spend a small amount of money to buy a large number of followers. But be careful while buying them. You have to be strategic in how you buy the buyers. Buying Spotify plays should help boost organic plays and keep your popularity on the higher side.

Where can You Buy Spotify Plays for Cheap?

It is possible to buy Spotify plays at cheap costs on various websites. These days, many marketing platforms offer to give you more plays at cheap costs. But you have to do your research to find out if the streams are genuine. You have to opt for platforms like PopularityBazaar to give you Spotify plays from authentic listeners. You should also check if the platform is safe or not.

One of the best platforms to buy genuine Spotify plays is PopularityBazaar. You will get different packages of plays, starting at less than $12! You can opt for multiple programs, too. It is a safe platform that ensures complete protection of your data and prevents any possibility of phishing. It also provides what it promises within 24 hours of making the purchase.

Tips to Increase Real Spotify Plays

There are plenty of ways to increase Spotify plays. Let’s take a quick glance:

1. Buy Spotify Plays Cheap

You can buy Spotify plays for cheap from a reliable platform so that real listeners listen to your song. There are many sites that will offer you Spotify plays. It is essential for you to choose a platform like PopularityBazaar that offers low-cost plays within a short time and actually helps with the promotion of your content among real members.

2. Contact Playlist Curators

If you get included in the playlists of curators with a strong follower base, you’ll get real Spotify plays. Playlist curators on Spotify are like music influencers with a large number of followers who have a similar taste in music as the curators. So, if you can make it to a playlist of a curator, you will automatically reach people who will like your content.

3. Approach Music Bloggers/Vlogger

If your content is reviewed by a music blog of vlog, the followers of the platform will be drawn to your work. Bloggers who dedicatedly talk about music are followed by genuines patrons of music. Such platforms may feature or market your content professionally. If you manage to get a positive review from them, it will be a cherry on the cake!

4. Create Your Playlist

It’s time for you to take matters into your own hands and create your own playlist to share your content! Start curating your own playlist and reaching more people with your own music. A good playlist will express your taste, attract people, and give people a chance to chance upon your music more frequently. You will have more avenues to market your content.

5. Support Others

Just like you, there are other artists. Stream and share their works – and watch them return the favor! It’s no wonder that you are not the only content creator on Spotify who is fighting for some attention – and some streams. So, if you support other talented artists, they will do the same. This way, you will get noticed by their followers, too!

6. Build Your Brand

Your social image media can help your target audience find you and listen to you, giving you real plays. Social media can play an important role in making and breaking your image. You can use different avenues to create a personality of your brand. Those who will connect to it will come back to you for your content as they can relate to you.

7. Share Spotify Links

Start promoting your own content on Spotify everywhere by sharing the link to get real listeners. One of the best ways of link promotion is by sharing the link to your content where you can. Start using social media or take the help of emails to promote your link. You can also share it with friends and family and request them share it with others.

When you start your Spotify journey, it may seem difficult to get sufficient streams. But there are plenty of ways to get organic streams. You can buy 100000 Spotify plays to boost your numbers while promoting your content more organically!

Advantages of Buying Spotify Plays from Us

PopularityBazaar is a platform dedicated towards marketing your content on social media to give you real followers who contribute to real plays. We are here to offer the cheap but real Spotify plays and deliver fast service. You’ll see desired results within just a day of choosing your marketing package! What’s more, our payment modes are 100% secure!

Here’s why you should buy Spotify buys from us:

Packages are Pocket-Friendly – and Easy to Buy!

You can choose packages that fit into your budget easily. You’ll find Spotify plays at less than $12 or buy 100000 Spotify plays. All you have to do is submit the link of your Spotify track. You won’t even need to use a password. You can pick any package – or a combo of them. Everything is clearly mentioned on the service menu of the website so that you know exactly what you are paying for.

Safe Personal Details

Once you have selected the package, the next step is to share your details. Don’t worry – your details will be completely safe with us, and there will be no leakage at all. At the time of entering the information and content link, you will not have to provide access to your personal details or your account. You will also not have to provide your password.

Secure and Easy Payment

After the details of the song have been provided, you have to check out and make the payment. This will happen through safe channels like PayPal and cards. You can even use pay using Bitcoins! After the payment, the order will be registered and processed immediately. So, you can sit back and relax while your Spotify link gets streams.

Fast Delivery

Once you have purchased a Spotify play package from us, your work ends there and ours begins. We start marketing your link to bring you immense popularity on social media. You can simply watch the numbers increase. Within 24 hours of placing the order for your Spotify plays, you will notice the jump in numbers – as authentic listeners enjoy streaming your content.

Customer Support

Do you have questions regarding our service or your purchase? Are you confused or unhappy – or unsure about how things are working in your favor? Don’t worry, because you can contact us at any time of the day, and our customer care executives, who are on duty around the clock, will help you out. Our team is ready to establish online connections with customers around the world – all day, all night.

Service Guarantee

We guarantee that the package you choose will be delivered in 20 hours. If that doesn’t happen, i.e., you don’t get any new Spotify play within a day of your purchase, we will push harder and ensure that you not only get the streams but also a little more. We don’t mind going overboard with the services so that you are always happy!

If you want to buy Spotify plays, there’s no other platform you would like to buy them from, other than PopularityBazaar. It is safe, authentics, and genuine – and you will get streams from real listeners on the platform.


It’s understandable if you want to see organic followers, and that should be your primary target. Purchased followers or plays are not supposed to be a replacement for the same. So even if people discourage you from buying the cheapest Spotify plays, you’ll still feel happy when you see the big numbers, especially when you buy them from reliable places that give you plays from real listeners.

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