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How To Get More Views On YouTube – 11 Proven Tactics

YouTube ranks among the biggest online video platforms worldwide, with over 2 billion MAUs. You can imagine how much reach and views your videos can get, whether you’re a general creator or business owner, with YouTube as your main lead generation source. 

You can use many organic methods to attract more viewers and build a loyal following. Besides, you can also buy YouTube views cheap for instant results. 

In this article, we’ll explore ten proven tips & strategies to get more views on YouTube that are safe, effective, and won’t break the bank. 

Whether you’re just starting or looking to take your channel to the next level, follow this guide to grow your channel by boosting your audience, engagement, and visibility. So, let’s check them out. 

How To Get More Views On YouTube – 100% Working Tips For Real Views 

From intriguing thumbnails to collaboration, engaging with your audience to running YouTube ads, here are the top 11 ways to get more views on YouTube organically. 

Optimize Your Video Title, Description, And Tags With Relevant Keywords.

Credits: CyberLink

When optimizing your video for YouTube, it’s important to include relevant keywords in your video title, description, and tags. This is known as YouTube optimization

All this information tells YouTube about your video’s content and makes ranking on the results page easier. You guessed it right! The higher your video ranks, the more clicks and views it’ll get. Follow this guide to optimize your YouTube video

Note: Conduct proper keyword research to identify your niche’s most relevant and high-volume keywords.

Here’s an example of what a properly optimized YouTube video looks like. 

  • Title: 5 Easy DIY Home Decor Ideas for Small Spaces | Affordable Room Makeover
  • Description: I’ll show you five simple and affordable DIY home decor ideas for small spaces in this video. You’ll love these room makeover ideas, from easy wall art to creative storage solutions. If you’re looking for budget-friendly home decor ideas, this video is for you! Subscribe for more decorating tips and tricks.
  • Tags: DIY Home Decor, Small Spaces, Room Makeover, Affordable, Budget-Friendly Decorating Tips. 

Use Eye-catching Thumbnails. 

Your video’s thumbnail is the first thing people see when they see your video on YouTube. If you don’t know, it significantly impacts whether or not they click to watch it. Therefore, creating an eye-catching thumbnail that accurately depicts your video’s content and stands out from the rest is essential. 

A good thumbnail should be visually appealing and include a clear, legible title that accurately reflects what the video is about. 

Buy YouTube Views From A Reputable Dealer. 

Buying cheap YouTube views from a reputable dealer is another decent option for instant results. However, be mindful of the dealer’s authenticity and the quality of the views. After all, you don’t need fake views, as YouTube’s robust algorithm can easily detect them. 


PopularityBazaar is one of the leading players in the market, with years of experience in helping content creators scale up on YouTube with cheap and genuine views. Be it the turnaround time, privacy, flexibility in payment, or customer support, Popularity Bazaar is best on all fronts. 

Promote Your Videos On Social Media Platforms And Other Websites. 

Self-promotion is the best type of promotion. Promoting your videos on social media platforms and other websites is a great way to attract new viewers and grow your audience. You can share your videos on your social media channels and collaborate with other bloggers or websites in your niche to promote your content to a wider audience. 

But remember, it’s also a good idea to join online communities and groups related to your niche and share your videos there.

Collaborate With Other Popular YouTubers. 

Collaborating with other popular YouTubers within your niche is a great way to expand your reach, grow your audience, and, thus, get more views. You can collaborate on a video or series, participate in a video tag or challenge, or even start a joint channel with another creator. 

Collaborations allow you to reach a new audience and introduce your content to viewers who may not have discovered your channel otherwise.

Post Videos Consistently. 

Consistency is key in building and maintaining an engaged audience on YouTube. Posting videos regularly, such as once a week or twice a month, helps your viewers know when to expect new content from you. This also creates a sense of anticipation and encourages your viewers to return to your channel regularly. 

Overall, consistency is important for building your channel’s authority and improving search rankings.

Engage With Your Audience. 

Engaging with your audience is key to building a loyal fan base on YouTube. You can do so by responding to their comments on your videos. This reflects your sincerity towards your audience’s views and that you appreciate their feedback and are interested in what they have to say. Besides, this also helps foster a sense of community around your content.

engage with audience

Credits: Chipchamp


In addition to responding to comments, you can create polls to engage your audience and gather feedback. YouTube polls can be used to gather input on future content ideas or to get a sense of what your audience likes or dislikes about your current content. This information can then be used to improve your content and increase engagement.

Utilize YouTube’s Built-in Analytics. 

channel analytics

Credits: Sprout Social

YouTube’s robust analytics platform lets you track the performance of your videos in real-time. You can use this information to identify which videos perform well and why. This can help you make informed decisions about your content strategy going forward.

Some of the key metrics you can track with YouTube’s analytics platform include:

  • Views: The number of times your video has been viewed
  • Watch Time: The total amount of time people have spent watching your video
  • Audience Retention: How long people are watching your video before dropping off
  • Demographics: Information about your audience, such as age, gender, and location 


By analyzing these metrics, you can identify trends in your audience’s behavior and preferences. For example, if you notice that certain types of videos perform well with a particular demographic, you can create more content that caters to that audience.

Run YouTube Ads. 

run youtube ads

Running YouTube ads is another great way to get more views and promote your channel. You can create different types of ads, including:


  • In-Stream Ads: These ads play before, during, or after other videos on YouTube.
  • Discovery Ads: These appear next to related videos or in search results.
  • Bumper Ads: These short ads (6 seconds or less) play before other videos on YouTube.


Note: When creating YouTube ads, it’s important to ensure they are relevant to your target audience and capture their attention quickly. You should also include a clear call-to-action (CTA) in your ads, such as asking viewers to subscribe to your channel or visit your website.

Add Closed Captions And Translations To Your Videos.

Adding closed captions (CC) and translations to your videos makes them accessible to a wider audience. Closed captions are subtitles that appear on the screen and can be turned on or off by the viewer. Translations allow your videos to be viewed in different languages.

By making your videos more accessible, you can reach a wider audience and improve engagement with your content. This is especially important if your content targets multilingual viewers or hearing-impaired ones.

Use End Screens And Annotations

use end screen

Interactive elements like end screens and annotations are highly recommended for your YouTube videos. These promote your other videos and encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel. 

End screens, as the name suggests, are displayed at the end of your video and can include links to other videos or playlists on your channel. Conversely, annotations are clickable links that can be added anywhere in your video.

By doing so, you can increase engagement and build a loyal fan base. However, ensure that your end screens and annotations are relevant to your content and provide some value to your audience. Otherwise, they won’t serve any purpose. 

Top 5 Benefits Of More Views On YouTube 

From better visibility across the platform to more monetization opportunities, having more views on YouTube translates to the following key benefits. 

Increased Visibility 

More views on your YouTube videos lead to increased visibility on the platform. When more people watch your videos, YouTube’s algorithm is more likely to suggest your content to new viewers, resulting in a jump in views and potential subscribers.

Improved Engagement 

More views also lead to improved video engagement, including more likes, comments, and shares. This engagement, in turn, helps boost your video’s visibility and increase its chances of going viral.

More Monetization Opportunities 

With more views come more monetization opportunities on YouTube, for instance, ads, sponsorships, and merchandise sales. These opportunities can help you earn a steady income from your channel.

Brand Awareness 

More views on your YouTube videos also increase your brand’s awareness and credibility, as viewers are more likely to recognize and trust your brand when they see it on the platform.

Personal Growth 

Finally, more views on YouTube lead to your personal growth as a content creator. As you attract more viewers, you’ll have the opportunity to improve your skills, experiment with new content ideas, and build a loyal following of fans who support your channel.

Dos & Don’ts To Get More Views On YouTube 

Many creators commit certain common mistakes while strategizing how to get more views on YouTube while missing out on some crucial things. So, here are some Dos & Don’ts you must watch. 


  • Create high-quality videos with engaging content your audience will love watching. 
  • Optimize your videos’ titles, descriptions, and tags with relevant keywords. This will make it easier for people to find them.
  • Use impressive (but not clickbait) thumbnails to attract viewers to click on your videos.
  • Promote your videos on social media platforms and other websites to reach a wider audience.
  • Plan collaborations with other YouTubers (in your niche) to expand your reach.
  • Post videos consistently and at the best time of the day to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.
  • Engage with your audience by responding to their comments & creating polls to get feedback/ideas. 
  • Utilize YouTube’s built-in analytics to identify which videos are performing well and why. Follow this template for all. 
  • Add closed captions (CC) and translations to make your videos accessible to a multilingual audience.
  • Use end screens & annotations to promote your other videos and encourage viewers to subscribe. 


  • Use misleading titles, descriptions, or tags to trick people into clicking on your video.
  • Use clickbait tactics not related to the content of your video.
  • Post low-quality videos with poor lighting, editing, and sound quality.
  • Neglect promoting your videos on social media and other websites.
  • Ignore your audience’s feedback & comments as they can provide valuable insights and ideas.
  • Spam your viewers with too many videos or notifications.
  • Use copyrighted music or videos without permission.
  • Use offensive or controversial content that can harm your channel’s reputation.
  • Give up too soon as building a successful YouTube channel takes time and effort.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How Do I Increase My YouTube Views?

A: To increase your YouTube views, optimize your video titles and descriptions and collaborate with other creators. Don’t forget to promote on social media, which will also introduce you to a newer audience of that platform.

Q: How To Get 4,000 Watch Hours On YouTube?

A: We recommend producing engaging, high-quality videos and promoting them to attract viewers who will watch for longer periods. 

Q: Why Is My YouTube Video Not Getting Views? 

A: Your YouTube video may not be getting views due to poor video quality, weak SEO, lack of promotion, unengaging content, or high competition from similar content or creator(s). 

Q: Do Hashtags Work On YouTube?

A: Yes, hashtags can help your video appear in search results for specific topics to increase your video’s visibility and discoverability.

Get More Views On Your YouTube Videos 

Here you go. Getting more views on YouTube is essential to grow your channel and to achieve your creator goals. While organically achieved views are the best, buying YouTube views isn’t bad either. This is especially true if you can’t invest much time, say, years, for the same. Nevertheless, both ways help you build a loyal following and increase your chances of success. 

By optimizing your videos for search, promoting your channel across social platforms, collaborating with other renowned creators, and engaging with your audience, you can attract more viewers and build a strong presence on YouTube. 

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