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o45 Meaning Instagram Notes

Ever come across weird codes in someone’s Instagram note such as ‘o22’, ‘o99’, or ‘o45’, and wondered what it meant? These codes are not random. They are all the hype on Instagram these days, among young Insta-users. It’s the Instagram Notes number trend

Commonly, these codes referred to secret crushes, but are now used to depict any special people in someone’s life. How can you guess who it is? It’s all about the starting letter of their name. You just need to figure out which letter of the alphabet the code represents.

o45 meaning Instagram Notes

What does o45 mean in Instagram Notes? 

o45 in Instagram Notes stands for the letter ‘J’.

o45 is a code that represents the letter ‘J’. Similar to this, there are other codes which refer to different letters. o33 refers to ‘M’ and o22 refers to ‘A’. These codes are usually written by people in their Instagram Notes when they have a crush on someone whose name starts with the corresponding letter of the code.

People also use these codes in captions and stories. 

Apart from this, these codes have become an Instagram trend where people make reels with catchy music asking viewers to like the video if the name of their crush starts with the letter of a given code. 







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These secret codes became popular when a TikTok made by @theyluv.qlf revealed the meaning of the codes. The video gained over 829,000 views in a few days. 

Examples and Other Meanings

  •  It is like a hidden message and virtual treasure hunt game for friends. 
  • o45 on Instagram can stand for Jared, John, Jacob, or any other name that starts with the letter ‘J’. 
  • It is sort of a fun game in which you have to guess who your friend has a crush on. 
  • It can also be used to refer to the first letter of someone’s spouse’s name, or best friend’s name, etc. 

List of All Codes

You need to know all the codes to be able to join in on the trend. 

  • A = o22
  • B = o76
  • C = o99
  • D = o12
  • E = o43
  • F = o98
  • G = o24
  • H = o34
  • I = o66
  • J = o45
  • K = o54
  • L = o84
  • M = o33
  • N = o12
  • O = o89
  • P = o29
  • Q = o38
  • R = o56
  • S = o23
  • T = o65
  • U = o41
  • V = o74
  • W = o77
  • X = o39
  • Y = o26
  • Z = o10

Now you can have your friends and followers guess the name of your special someone as well. If you don’t have enough followers to play this guessing game with, you can buy followers from Popularity Bazaar.  

You won’t be puzzled the next time you find a secret code like ‘o45’ on one of your friends’ notes. Rather, you will be able to guess who your friend is trying to point towards. 

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