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How to View a Private Twitter Account without Following?

Since Twitter has decided to level up its privacy policies just like any other social media platform, it has introduced a feature of a Private Twitter Account or making Private Tweets.

Under this feature, the user can either choose to make their entire profile private or make some of their Tweets visible to only a few chosen people.

While this is a great aspect for a few, some of us miss the days when we could easily go through anybody’s tweets. Now, if you have to read tweets from a private account, you first need to get accepted by them.

But what if they don’t? Does that mean you can’t read their tweets until they allow you? Well, technically, yes, but only if you don’t know the tricks we mentioned here. So tag along if you want to know how!

When Should You Try These Tricks To View A Private Account’s Tweets?

Before we go about telling you the ways of viewing private Twitter accounts or reading into private Twitter threads, let us be clear about the ethical use cases.
Here are the ideal cases when you should try to view a private account’s tweets.

1. For Safety Purposes

There are a lot of cases of child abuse and online bullying that take place on Twitter, as the minimum age limit on the platform is 13. Even if some kids keep their accounts private, there is still a chance for them to be the victim of cyberbullying.

And most of the time, kids will refrain from talking to you about it. So even if they don’t approve you to see their account, you can use these methods to keep a watch on them.

2. Journalism

Sometimes some prominent public figures would also prefer keeping their Twitter accounts private just to avoid hatred and negativity. However, if you are a journalist, you always need to be ahead of time when it comes to celebrity news.

So, if you don’t get approved, you can try using these tricks to view the contents of private Twitter accounts.

3. To Find Niche Information

Lastly, there are a lot of Twitter handles that share valuable niche-based information but are very selective about their audience. And you need to match certain criteria just to be a part of their Twitter community.

If you are trying to get into such closed circles but failing again and again, these tricks will come in handy.

4 Ways To View A Private Account Without Following Them

Now that we are done with disclaimers, let’s get into the methods of viewing a private account on Twitter without following them from your original account.

1. Use Search Phrases

This process will not give you a full view of that person’s private account, but it can help you read some of their tweets.

If you have an idea of any particular phrase or keyword that they might have used in their tweets, you can go to “” and search for those phrases. If you put the right search phrases, their tweets that include those phrases will appear in the search result.

2. Use A Back-Up Account

If you have requested to follow someone’s private Twitter account but, for some reason, they haven’t approved you, there can be two possibilities. Either they have overlooked your request, or they don’t want you to follow them.

As a solution to the first case, you can withdraw your request and send it again and put up a polite Tweet on your handle mentioning their user name so you become more visible to them.

But if they don’t want you to follow them for any reason, you have to take the help of a backup account that doesn’t reveal your identity. Make another Twitter account that matches their interest so your chances of getting approved increase.

3. Take Help From An Already Existing Follower

If the person is very skeptical about who they allow in their inner circle, chances are they might not allow your backup account, as well. So, in that case, you can reach out to one of their existing followers.

You need to convince them so that they either pass you information about your target private account or give you their account access so you can see the content for yourself.

4. Use A Proxy Website

This should be your last resort, and we only recommend this if you are a parent and want to keep an eye on your kid’s online activities for their safety concerns.
There are a handful of proxy websites that can help you set up a clone account of that private Twitter user. You can get help from websites like xMobi and uMobix that only require you to know the username of the accounts.

Twitter will consider the proxy account to be its private user whenever you go online with it, and you have the means to view its content. Although this workaround is a gross violation of privacy and user experience on Twitter, using it to get protected account information is as easy as knowing SMT meaning on Instagram.

Wrapping Up

Hope you were able to find a suitable way of looking into private Twitter accounts or reading private tweets. All of the four methods that we mentioned here should only be used for ethical reasons, and we do not support acts like hacking or stalking.

On that note, we often post off-beat things on how to check Twitter history to whether or not you should buy Twitter followers PayPal, so if you are interested, don’t forget to check them out!

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