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How To See X (Twitter) History

X (Twitter) keeps track of all your activity and stores it. And guess what? You can gain access to this information too. It can help you track your growth and analyze your activity on Twitter. Moreover, you can get a complete report of all this data. 

What Are The Different Types Of X (Twitter) History That You Can Dig Out? 

X (Twitter) keeps track of your actions on the platform, from looking up someone’s X (Twitter) handle to finding a specific tweet. Here are the specific elements you can trace back from your X (Twitter) account. 

  • Your recent searches,
  • Your entire tweet history,
  • The Tweets You have searched about,
  • Your direct messages,
  • Your favorites,
  • Your replies
  • Your retweets,
  • Your Moments,
  • The apps and devices you have used over time to log into the account
  • A list of your followers,
  • A list of accounts that you are following 
  • Accounts that you have blocked/ muted,

You can pretty much backtrack every little activity on your account, no matter whether your account is private or public. However, you can only search for your activities and not other people’s interactions with your account. Meaning, you cannot find the history of who liked your tweets or retweeted you or anything of that sort. 

Get Your Entire X (Twitter) History At One Place

The best way to see your X (Twitter) history is by downloading your X (Twitter) archive. Follow these simple steps to download your entire X (Twitter) history. 

Step 1: Open X (Twitter) on your browser and click on the “More” option in the menu on the left of the Homepage.


Step 2: Click on “Settings and Support” from the dropdown menu.


Step 3: Go to “Setting and Privacy” in the Settings and Support menu.



Step 5: Click on your account in the settings and then click on “Download an archive of your data”.


Step 6: You will be asked to verify your email linked to the account. For that, click on “Send code”.


Step 7: Within a couple of seconds, you will receive a code on your linked email ID. Enter the code and click on the “Next”.


Step 8: Once you verify your mail, you will see a new page for “Download an archive of your data”. Click on “Request archive” in the options.


Once your request is successful, you will find a message box which confirms that your request for archival data was received and that it will take some time to process the data.


After the given time, you will receive a confirmation mail which provide a download link to the report. Apart from archival data, you can also request Periscope data archive if it was linked to your X (Twitter) account. The time required for the report to be available will depend upon the volume of data. The final report mailed to you will be downloaded in a .zip file format.

Do An Advance Search For Other People’s X (Tweet) History 

While you may not get a report for anyone else’s X (Twitter) history, you can still use some advanced filters to find out their tweet history. The detail filters can help you find out what you are looking for. 

You can even pull out someone’s old tweets, but only if they have a public account, if the tweet has not been deleted or if you follow the account. Take a look at the following steps for this purpose.

Step 1: Go to the search bar on the top right on the Homepage and type the name, subject, or hashtag that you want to search for. 


Step 2: Pressing enter on your search will open a page with many search results relevant to your keyword. Here, you may find what you were looking for, but if not, then click on the advanced search option.


Step 3: In the advanced search, you will see a window with multiple filter sections. The more filters you choose, the more precise the search will be. However, make sure that the information you are choosing is correct. 


In the words section, you can put any words or phrases you may remember from the tweet.


You can even search for the tweets by account. So if you remember who made the tweet, put the account name in there. You can even use this option to gather all the tweets you have made. Just put your account name in the required section. 


You can get an analysis of someone’s X (Twitter) presence, through the engagement filters, as well.


Lastly, you can put a user’s name and dates to find out what tweets they made during that time.

This guide contained all the steps that will help you retrieve all your history on X (Twitter) and get some history on others too. These tools are widely used by brands and businesses to manage their X (Twitter) activity. If you own a brand, it is high time you should start doing that too, and now that you have this guide, you know how to!

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