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How Do You Start A Podcast On Spotify?

Have you ever considered starting a podcast and adding voice to your thoughts? With podcasting on the rise and nearly 80% of Americans over 12 aware of podcasts, it’s a great time to share your voice and ideas. And what better platform to do it on than Spotify? Being one of the best streaming services worldwide, Spotify brings you closer to a huge audience for your podcast, enabling connection with listeners from all corners of the world. 

Whether you ace a particular field, are passionate about storytelling, or want to share your views on current events, starting a podcast on Spotify is a great way to get your message out there. But how to create a podcast on Spotify? How to buy cheap Spotify streams and shoot up your podcast’s growth? 

This comprehensive guide takes you through the steps to start a podcast on Spotify, so you can begin creating content and engaging with your audience. So, let’s start without any further ado. 

How Do I Make A Podcast On Spotify – Get Started Now 

The first step in making your podcast on Spotify is meeting specific platform requirements. Otherwise, you won’t be able to upload the podcast on Spotify for Podcasters. The following sections will discuss everything you should know. 

Minimum Spotify Podcast Requirements 

Below is the rundown of the minimum requirements. 

  • Your podcast must have a proper title and relevant details (i.e., category and primary language).
  • A 1:1 ratio cover art in JPEG, PNG, or TIFF format should be there. The higher its resolution, the better. 
  • The podcast episodes should be at most 12 hours. 
  • Keep the length of consumer-facing fields & episode titles under 20 characters. 
  • Lastly, your podcast must have a high bitrate MP3 format (128 kbps or more) or MP4 with AAC-LC.

Get all the spec details from the Podcast Delivery Specification 1.9

Step-By-Step Process To Start A Podcast On Spotify

After meeting the above requirements, follow these steps to start your first podcast on Spotify. 

1. Sign In/Up For Spotify For Podcasters 

If you’ve got a Spotify for Podcasters account, sign into it. If not, sign up for one through this page

2. Choose A Podcast Hosting Platform 

The next step is choosing a podcast hosting platform. You can either host it on Spotify itself or choose its supported aggregators. Some popular platforms to choose from include, Podbean, Buzzsprout, Blubrry, Transistor, Libsyn, and Castos.

Most of these free hosting platforms offer a rich collection of features to record, edit, and share a podcast to Spotify in one location. 

Note: Check this official Spotify for Podcasters page for the complete list of supported hosting platforms. 

3. Copy Your RSS Feed Link 

After hosting your podcast on the hosting platform, copy its RSS feed link to be pasted on Spotify for Podcasters. 

4. Open Spotify For Podcasters 

Go to your Spotify for Podcasters account and hit the “Get Started” option. This will take you to the RSS feed link page. Paste the above-copied link into the text box. Select “Next.” Once done, you’ll receive a verification code via mail (to confirm your podcast’s ownership), which you used to sign up for the podcast hosting platform. 

5. Add Your podcast Information 

Once the verification is done, fill up the required input fields related to the podcast. These include the following:

  • Where your podcast is made
  • Primary language spoken in your podcast
  • Who is your hosting provider 
  • Primary category

6.Complete the form and select “Next.” 

7.Review & Submit Your Podcast 

When you’ve completed filling out the required information for your podcast, it’s crucial to review it carefully before hitting the “Submit” button. Once you submit your podcast, the Spotify team will check the details and make it live shortly after. 

This process usually takes up to a few hours, so be patient. It’s essential to note that Spotify doesn’t send any notification when your podcast is live, so keep an eye out for it. This will help you ensure your new episode is available to your audience.

Congratulations, your first podcast is now live for listeners on Spotify. To make it shine across the platform, we highly suggest buying cheap Spotify streams from a reputable dealer, for example, PopularityBazaar

Golden Rules For Podcast Creators To Grow & Retain Listeners 

Just as there are ample ways to make your music more popular on Spotify, the same is true for your podcasts. Below are some golden rules that would help you to grow your podcasts and retain listeners. 


The most important thing is consistency. It’s the building block of a successful podcasting journey, and you can’t fall short here. Set a regular schedule for your podcast to go live on Spotify and stick to it. This helps your listeners know when to expect new episodes and can help build anticipation for upcoming content.

Engage With Your Audience 

Next comes engagement. Engage with your audience through social media, email, and other channels. Respect their comments and messages, and ensure to reply to each of these as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to ask for feedback on your content through these mediums either. This will help you better understand your audience’s needs and preferences and build a stronger connection.

Improve Audio Quality

Audio quality is as important for a successful podcast as its content. Therefore, invest in good equipment and software to ensure your audio sounds crisp and clear. Remember, poor audio quality can turn off listeners and impact your credibility as a podcaster.

Offer Valuable Content 

How can the content take the back seat? Offer valuable and relevant content to your audience. Consider your audience’s interests and what they would like to learn or hear about. Providing value to your listeners helps you build a loyal following that stays with you for years. 

Collaborate With Popular Podcasters 

Collaborating with popular podcasters can help you reach new audiences and build relationships within the podcasting community. Consider guest appearances on other podcasts or co-hosting opportunities.

Promote Your Podcast 

Promote your podcast through various channels, including social media, email, and other digital platforms. Additionally, use appealing graphics and compelling copy to draw in potential listeners. You can also consider buying cheap Spotify streams. 

Interpret Your Data 

Use the available analytics tools to track your podcast’s performance and understand listeners’ listening behavior. This will help you make data-driven decisions on how to improve your content and retain listeners in the long run.

To grow and retain listeners, you must focus on consistency, engagement, audio quality, valuable content, collaboration, promotion, and analytics. These tips can help you build a loyal following and grow your podcast.

List Of Best Podcasts To Listen On Spotify 

Besides following the above golden rules, you can also keep a tab on these best podcasts on Spotify to understand what you can incorporate into your podcasts next. 

  • Stuff You Should Know – An educational podcast that explores various topics, from science to history and everything in between.
  • Conspiracy Theories – An entertainment podcast that delves into some of the most popular and exciting conspiracy theories.
  • Breaking Bread – This current events podcast discusses the latest news and events worldwide, focusing on food and culture.
  • Are You Garbage? – It’s a comedy podcast that takes a humorous look at people’s lives to determine if they are genuine “garbage” or not.
  • Normal Gossip – Another entertainment podcast, Normal Gossip, covers the latest celebrity news and gossip from Hollywood and beyond.
  • The Update – This news podcast provides listeners with up-to-date information on current events worldwide.
  • TechStuff – This technology podcast explores the latest trends and innovations in the tech industry, from smartphones to AI and beyond.

For more Spotify podcasts, check out this article. 

How To Make Money From Spotify Playlists? 

There are several ways through which you can make money from your Spotify playlists. A few of them are discussed below. 


Adverts are among the most common and easiest ways to monetize your podcast. Spotify offers a program called the Spotify Podcast Ads Marketplace, which connects you to advertisers. 

Note: You can apply to join the program on the Spotify for Podcasters website.


Another way to monetize your podcast is through sponsorships. To use this monetization technique, approach companies in your niche and offer to promote their products or services on your podcast in exchange for payment.

Premium Content 

You can offer exclusive content to your listeners in exchange for payment. For example, you could create bonus episodes or provide early access to new episodes for subscribers.


If you’ve got a loyal audience, why not sell them your exclusive merch related to your podcast? This can be anything, from t-shirts to mugs or other items featuring your podcast’s branding.


Some podcasters rely on donations from their listeners to support their work. You can set up a donation page on a platform like Patreon or Ko-fi and offer exclusive content or perks to donors.

Live Events 

If you enjoy a large and engaged audience base, try hosting live events, such as meet and greets, live shows, or workshops. You can charge for admission or offer VIP tickets for a higher price.

Affiliate Marketing 

Last but not least, earn commissions from affiliate marketing by promoting others’ products or services on your podcast. You can include affiliate links in your show notes or promote products directly on your podcast.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is It Free To Put A Podcast On Spotify?

Yes, it’s free to put a podcast on Spotify. Both hosting and distributing your podcast on Spotify are free.

Can Anyone Post A Podcast On Spotify?

Anyone can post a podcast on Spotify, provided specific minimum requirements are met. These are discussed above. 

How Many Listeners Does A Podcast Need To Make Money?

Most sponsorship agencies set 3000 to 5000 listeners per episode, as the minimum limit for payout. 

Does Spotify Pay Podcasters?

Yes, Spotify pays podcasters for their content. Spotify’s podcasting program allows podcast creators to monetize their content in various ways.


Here you go. Starting a podcast on Spotify is easier than you might think. With a perfect blend of planning, recording, and editing, you can share your voice with the world quickly. Follow the steps outlined in this step-by-step guide, and you’ll be well on your way to creating your very own podcast on Spotify. 

Remember, it’s not about being the best – it’s about being authentic and sharing your unique perspective with others. Just like it’s not an overnight thing to make your Facebook videos popular, growing your podcasts isn’t a quick process either. So, go ahead, pull your socks up, and start your podcasting journey today!

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