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5 Viral Tiktok Video Ideas: How to Get Tiktok Famous?

Start a brand hashtag challenge.

Hashtags have been popular on Instagram and Twitter for years, and TikTok has joined the hashtag trend. One of the best ways to find TikTok virality is by creating a brand hashtag challenge. 

So what is that? Well, brands use hashtags to prompt users to make videos on different themes. You will do this as a challenge or a theme. For example, can you imagine if TikTok existed during 2015 when the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge went viral globally?

Numerous companies have used hashtags to create viral videos, including Chipotle, who used the National Avocado Day (July 31 2019) to start the GuacDance hashtag challenge on TikTok. 

The campaign took place over six days, where Chiplote created 430 million video views. And guess what happened? They served over 800,000 guacamole side’s during one day because of the challenge. It was a huge commercial success and showed the power of branded hashtags. 

There are so many examples of companies successfully using branded hashtags to conquer TikTok vitality. The key is to provide easy and fun content. The guacamole song is straightforward because it is an earworm song with no expert dancing skills required. 

Plus, the challenge was fun because it celebrated one of Chipotle’s best products. If you use one of your brand’s most famous and beloved products, there is far more chance of the challenge going viral. 

Use an educational video. 

Educational videos are always succeeding on social media platforms because people always want to learn. Does it have to be serious educational videos? Absolutely not. You could make goofy educational videos. 

The critical ingredient is to create content that adds value to the audience. What will watchers gain from your video? How will it improve their life? These questions are critical when you make an educational video. 

Moreover, some doctors have created videos about the covid19 pandemic, which have gone viral on TikTok. MamaDoctorJones has gained 6 million views from educational content on periods, sexual health, and pregnancy. She has used the young TikTok audience to target people who may be facing these issues directly. 

A massive benefit of educational videos is the trust you can build as a creator or a brand. When an audience believes you have ‘social proof’ and expertise around a topic or niche, they will come back for more videos. If people keep coming back to your videos – you will quickly gain virality. 


Work with an influencer.

For a long time, people have been speculating when influencer marketing will die. As of 2021, social media influence is showing zero signs of going away. If you are a company or a brand new creator, a great option is to partner with an influencer who already has a lot of success on the platform.

Mucinex partnered with various high-profile TikTok influencers for the #TooSickToBeSick hashtag campaign. The campaign exploded in October 2019, and the campaign told users that sickness shouldn’t stop people from enjoying Halloween. After the terrible 2020, this campaign probably wouldn’t work, but at the time, it was a huge success. 


There are various ways to work with influencers; these include:

  • Account takeovers – If you allow a popular TikTok influencer to post content straight from your account, you can reap profound benefits. However, most of the time, takeovers will be promoted on the influencers account and your account.
  • Endorsements – Paying an influencer to advertise your product, service, or brand from your profile is an excellent way to get a viral video. Influencers often charge a lot of money for these services, which puts some brands off the idea. 


You should find the ideal match that suits your brand. British fitness company Gymshark has grown immensely from social media marketing because it carefully targeted the correct influencers to partner with them on their platforms. 

Use special occasions to create videos. 

If there is a special occasion to gain virality, you should take the opportunity. A great chance is Christmas, New Year, and Easter. These occasions are great chances to create viral videos that match the theme of the current time. 

In 2019, TikTok celebrated International Women’s Day with the #SheCanDoIt hashtag. It became a Kickstarter for creators to focus their videos on women’s rights. HerStoryTalk decided to honour notable women in previous years and gained hundreds of thousands of views in response. 

Not every TikTok user seeks videos about gender equality daily, but it is a superb opportunity to create viral videos on important women’s days. 

Buying TikTok views 

If you have the money, you could opt to buy cheap tiktok views. Is it safe to purchase TikTok views? Yes, and it currently isn’t against TikTok rules either. However, TikTok often changes the rules, so you should do your research before deciding to buy TikTok views. You can also buy tiktok comments and buy tiktok shares to increase engagement. 

But, many famous TikTok celebrities have purchased TikTok views and have supported other users doing so. It doesn’t mean you’ll get a viral video, but you will see an increase in views. 

The biggest downside of buying TikTok views is the changing of the rules. If they decide to change the practices, and your whole growth strategy is around buying views – you have an issue.

Additionally, the real key to TikTok success is creating high-quality content that adds value to the watcher. You shouldn’t lose sight of that, but it is possible to get cheap tiktok followers and buy tiktok likes paypal

So why should you use Tiktok to create your content?

TikTok makes content creation more straightforward

One of the biggest hurdles aspiring content creators have is the actual content creation. Video editing is a skill that you need to master, and it doesn’t always take a short time to learn effectively. Some influencers and companies will outsource video editing to freelancers, but TikTok has made the video editing aspect far more straightforward. 

For example, TikTok gives people simple filters, access to professional audio tools, and command over video speed. TikTok provides creators with a simple framework to create and play within. Social media experts compare it to the evolution of Instagram, which made photography far easier. 

Before Instagram, the average citizen had never used filters or editing tools. But, Instagram gave everyone – including people with zero photography skills – the opportunity to edit their photographs into the dream image easily. TikTok has done the same thing with video creation. 

That’s why many experts agree that Tiktok is the new Instagram for video creators. As of yet, TikTok hasn’t grown anywhere near as large as Instagram grew during the early years. With that said, there are some very encouraging signs. 

TikTok has captured its own demographic. 

TikTok has a massive young audience, which is very similar to how Facebook and Snapchat began. According to Vaynermedia, Snapchat captured youth audiences because it understood you don’t want to hang out in the same place as your mother, and you would like to lock your room. Once Snapchat had captured youth, it scaled up to older generations. 

Right now, TikTok has grown massively popular among teenagers. And it wouldn’t be surprising to see TikTok grow hugely among older generations too. That’s why it is a great option to build a following now as the app continues to scale.

It is easy to gain virality. 

The great benefit of TikTok is how new the platform is. Once a social media platform becomes like Instagram, it becomes considerably more challenging to build a social media following. In 2021, TikTok is heaven for new content creators and companies because the algorithm promotes new creators. 

In 2021, gaining popularity – although possible – on apps like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook is a growing challenge because of the number of established creators. And the fact that you need to become very niche to build an established audience is an ongoing struggle. 

However, TikTok is new and offers creators a great algorithm to grow and build a following. It presents opportunities for creators who didn’t make large followings to start afresh and produce a big TikTok following and get viral videos. 

Final Thoughts

TikTok is likely going to be the next big social media platform. Snapchat and Vine have died a slow and painful death, but TikTok is continually growing globally. 2021 is the most incredible time to create a viral TikTok video, and all the signs show the platform is the future of social media video content.

It is popular to buy cheap tiktok views and cheap tiktok followers, but good content will always succeed eventually at the end of the day. 

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