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How To Get More Streams On Spotify – Try These 10 Ways

More streams or plays on Spotify mean more visibility across the platform’s mass audience (in millions), royalties, playlist listings, profile authenticity, etc. As a Spotify artist, you’d want all of these, right?

However, as we said, your “stream” count is the key. 

But how to get more Spotify streams? This might be your next thought. 

Read on as we discuss the ten best actionable ways to skyrocket your Spotify streams count, and that too, organically. 

How To Get More Streams On Spotify – 10 Tried-And-Tested Ways

Check out these awesome and result-oriented ways to get more streams on Spotify. 

Let’s start with some profile customization. 

1.Customize Your “Spotify For Artists” Profile

If you want to stand out among the other 11 million Spotify creators, deck up your Spotify for Artists profile and use it as a magnet to attract music enthusiasts. 

Your profile is where music lovers will learn about you, your music, and other content. Thus, you can’t leave it looking shabby.

Here are some easy ways to uplift your profile customization game and let Spotify reward you with an exclusive Spotify algorithmic playlist listing, the “Fans Also Like” feature, etc., and thus, more streams! 

  • Add a recent HD photo to your profile avatar and banner section.

  • Describe yourself in your profile’s “Bio” section, especially your recent accomplishments.

  • Don’t forget to link to your other social media accounts, for example, Instagram, Wikipedia, Facebook, and Twitter.

  • Do you have a particular song or playlist for your ardent fans? Set it as an “Artist Pick.”

  • In case of more playlists, pin them to your profile for easy access. And add a few lines (1-2) about each playlist. 

Follow these suggestions and update your artist’s profile regularly to witness more legit streams coming your way. 

2.Create A Playlist Featuring Your Best Songs 

Instead of seeking more streams on a single track, why not create a customized Spotify playlist, an easy-to-find collection of all your melodies? A Spotify playlist can have an unlimited number of songs!

After all, these playlists will make people stick around for longer.  

Now, there are different ways to create this kind of playlist. Let’s discuss each of these below. 

Tip: Pin all these playlists on your profile so listeners can see them as soon as they land on your profile.

  • You can create your personal playlist comprising all your top hits released so far.

  • Besides, we also recommend creating a collaborative playlist with other renowned artists from your genre for better reach.

Again, you must constantly update every playlist with new and better songs by removing the underperforming ones. This will ultimately result in more returning listeners, thus boosting your streams count. 

3.Plan A Spotify Marquee Campaign 

Have you composed an amazing track that can be the next “chartbuster?” 

Do you want it to feature in every Spotify follower’s “Release Radar” playlist?

If your answer to these two questions is a big “yes,” a well-planned pre-release or Marquee Campaign is a must!

What a “Marquee Campaign” does is create legit buzz on the internet about your next release, thus pushing that song’s streams even before its official release. And then, you can gauge how well it’ll perform in the following days.

4.Share Your Playlist With Other Renowned Spotify Creators 

Sharing your playlist with renowned Spotify artists with most streams is another way to get exposure to a wider (and different) audience base and attract them to your music. 

Remember, two audiences equal a higher stream potential. 

To get started, you just need to submit your BEST playlist via an online submission process through your profile. 

Here are some important points to note before you hit the “Submit” button. 

  • You can only submit “unreleased” tracks.

  • There should be at least a 7-day gap between the song’s submission and release.

  • No mobile app submission is possible.

  • You can’t submit more than 1 song at a time. 

Tip: Don’t share your playlists with other artists for just “quick exposure” or “instant streams.” Rather, aim to establish authenticity in front of a new audience and let success roll in. 

5.Promote Your Music Outside Spotify 

Though pitching to Spotify’s in-house creators is highly rewarding, it’s a long shot with a possibility of failure in the initial stages of the stringent process. 

Thus, only relying on it isn’t a good decision. Besides the platform itself, pitch your songs/playlists to off-platform creators. 

But how to find good music creators outside Spotify?

You can take assistance from tools like Kompoz, Melboss, Musosoup, Soundplate, Audiu, SubmitHub, etc. 

If you can burn some more cash, we highly recommend partnering with a music influencer. 

6.Buy Spotify Streams From A Reputable Site 

Another way to get more streams on Spotify is to buy them from reliable third-party sites. 

Today, there are an ample number of sites that provide you with instant Spotify streams according to your budget and requirements. One such place is PopularityBazaar

Why choose PopularityBazaar over others?

  • Spotify streams delivery within 24 hours.

  • 24/7 customer support system

  • 100% personal data security

Additionally, PopularityBazaar lets you buy Spotify streams PayPal

Tip: You can also choose PopularityBazaar to increase your business in IG by buying legit likes or followers. 

7.Know Where You Want Your Song To Be Listened At 

Not all songs can be listened to at a gym, girl’s night out, wedding, date, long drive, coffee shop, etc. On Spotify, there are specific songs and well-curated occasion-centric playlists where you won’t find all genres. 

This ensures listeners only listen to what they would love instead of scrolling up and down a huge playlist to find that “perfect” song. As a result, only the suitable song(s) gets a boost in their streams, not all. 

As an artist seeking more Spotify streams, this is very crucial. 

Hence, you should know where you want your songs to be listened to while composing them. 

8.Release Songs Consistently 

Are you someone who releases a new song only every few months or even years? 

If yes, stop doing this!!!

Yes, we agree that making good music takes time, from days to weeks to months. However, if you want to impress Spotify and reap more music streams, you need to speed up your game. 


Spotify wants its listeners to come back again and again to the platform. And to facilitate this, new music is required regularly. 

And if you can help the platform with more returning listeners, you certainly know the outcome, right? 

9.Create Multiple Types Of Music Videos 

If you can’t release new songs in less time, you can release different types of music videos about the already released tracks. 

These will keep your listeners hooked to your existing songs waiting for the next release without boredom. 

Some examples of such video types include:

  • Live videos

  • Behind the Scenes (BTS)

  • Acoustic videos

  • Lyric videos 

Repeat this with your “most viewed” songs to keep streams ticking upward. 


10.Fully Utilize Spotify Ad Studio 

Suppose you’re sweating it out in the gym and listening to your favorite songs. If you’re a free Spotify account user, you’d frequently get “30 seconds (or less) music ads” for new releases in between the breaks.

And if you fall in love with any such song, you’ll promptly tap the clickable banner (called cover art) and listen to it. 

These are “Spotify ads” that artists create to promote their upcoming releases or even existing songs. All this is done via the Spotify Ad Studio. 

If you have sufficient funds to try out Spotify advertising, follow these three simple steps to get started. 

  • Prepare a script of what you want to say to the listeners at the end. For example, click on the banner, etc.

  • Pick a background song of a few seconds to entice the listeners.

  • Add a cover art.

You can also set your budget, target audience, and goal for best results and relevancy. 

Wrapping It Up!

That’s everything you should know about how to get more streams on Spotify. From more revenue as an artist to a feature on the streaming platform’s coveted playlists, especially Spotify algorithmic playlists, more Spotify streams unlock everything.

And to get more streams, there are a hell lot of ways, the top 10 of which are discussed above. 

So, what’s your strategy to boost your Spotify stream count? 

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