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How to Become Famous on YouTube

Many believe that getting famous on YouTube is not possible anymore. Well, YouTube indeed has a very tough competition right now. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t stand a chance. Well, let’s be honest. Have you ever thought of how to become famous on YouTube?

Because if you have passion and dedication for creating content, you might be wasting your time and talent. YouTube is one of the biggest platforms where you can get all the attention that you want. As you would know, once you become famous, you can start earning from it.

Doesn’t all these sound dreamy to you? So, if you are finding the right way to get more subscribers, you are at the right place. With this guide on how to become famous on YouTube, you can kickstart your journey as an influencer. So, stay with us till the end and explore the magic within.

Steps to Becoming a Famous YouTuber

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If content making is your passion, and you have good editing skills, you may stand a chance to become an influential YouTuber. But is that how it happens? No, we all have different talents. Those will go to waste if we don’t learn how to use them. So, read the tips below to improve your skills and become a famous YouTuber over time.

1.    Know Your Goal

So, why are you dreaming of becoming a YouTuber in the first place? Do you want to become famous? Or, do you want to earn money? Well, you may even do it out of passion. Whatever you do, you should have a clear motive and know your goal. For example, if you will use YouTube for business, keep it that way.

Knowing your goal would help others to follow you precisely. It will also help you make meaningful content that shows your interest. So, before you start, know where you are heading. In that way, you can save most of your time and use it on something worthy.

2.    Know Your Passion

Once you know your goal, try finding your passion. Most of the time, we make something out of our needs. But if you want to make something real, you have to be passionate about it. Most successful YouTubers are passionate about what they do. It makes them real and attracts a greater audience.

For example, I Like To Make Stuff is a famous YouTube channel by Bob who loves creating ‘stuff.’ Now it may seem boring to see someone fixing or creating something, but Bob does it out of his passion.

Now, he has 3M subscribers on his channel, which pays him pretty well. If you look at the list of the richest YouTubers in 2021, you would always find them making authentic content. So, follow your passion for attracting a real audience and growing your network.

3.    Focus on Personal Branding

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Once you have a clear concept of whatever you are going to do with your channel, it’s time to focus on your branding. So, what is personal branding on YouTube? If we are to say it in one word, we will say, “uniqueness.” Yes, uniqueness is something that would set you apart from other competitors.

It will be your unique selling point. For example, if you are making content on a complex topic, you can describe it in a layman’s way. Or you can quickly turn a serious subject into a funny one. You can sing songs, but use no real instruments. There are plenty of such ideas that may differentiate you from others.

When you start adding uniqueness to your content, they will become your hallmark. You can also develop a particular way of speaking or add graphic characters to depict your content. These are some of the ways to help you create your own branding on YouTube.

4.    Make a Plan

Planning is vital in almost any sphere of our life. Well, some may say unplanned trips are the best, but when it comes to business, planning is all you need. Well, now you know your goal, and you have your passion. You know how to focus on personal branding as well. So, does it all end here?

No, certainly not! Now you have to tie them together with a proper plan. The plan includes how you would reach your audience and some other factors. But most importantly, you have to know your target audience. Who would see your content?

So, once you have a goal, passion and fixed your personal branding, it’s time to fix your target audience. While doing so, focus on the age, gender, and location of people you need.

For example, if you are creating something for men, your primary focus should be men only. On the other hand, anything for US children would only have the US as a location target. Once you know the range of audience and how to reach them, you can achieve your goal faster.

5.    Create an Impressive Channel

How you project your channel to your audience decides a lot of things. For one thing, it describes how professional you are. If you see the most popular channels on YouTube, you will find how alluring those are. So, at this stage, you have to make your channel as attractive as possible.

So, what can you do about that? A visually attractive channel draws more audiences towards you. So, focus on the physical part. Start with choosing a unique yet catchy channel name. Create a stunning channel art as well. You should also focus on creating a meaningful and alluring background.

Also, don’t underestimate the importance of thumbnails. It is also a part of how you design your channel and content. Thumbnails are the first thing to attract an audience. So, you should spend a reasonable amount of time making catchy thumbnails as well. You can seek the help of the best thumbnail makers for YouTube on Playstore.

6.    Focus on Your Content

It is your content that matters the most in the end. Good quality content will keep your audiences intact. It will make them come back again and again. But, if your content lacks value, they may not even stick to it for minutes. So, after everything, your primary focus should be your video.

How can you improve it? Suppose you are describing how Coronavirus affects our body. It is indeed a complex concept to be understood by people. So, how can you make it easy? Instead of just talking, you can add animation videos to show how it works.

Again, if you are making videos on political and social interest, you can put data on your screen to show them the reliability and sources of your content. But it requires a good amount of research and a proper script.

So, before you make any content, make sure you chalk out a plan. After that, research topics as much as possible and put them forth in a presentable way.

7.    Focus on Camera Angles and Lighting

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A professional video attracts more people than just a normal one. Come on, we all can shoot anything on our cameras. But do they look professional? No, you need to edit them properly. But even before that, you need to know the basics of shooting. So, how do you start?

First of all, you need to learn the proper camera angles. Well, depending on your type of content, it would differ. For example, if you are talking directly to your audience, facing the camera from the front is the best. But, if it is your character playing a passive role (like movies), you would need to shoot them from different angles.

Lighting also matters a lot while shooting your videos. If you can’t use it properly, you will never succeed in making good, visually attractive content. So, it would be better for you to learn basic camera angles and lighting tips online to boost your creativity.

8.    Focus on SEO

You have put enough dedication into choosing and creating your content. But now, you need to drive it to the audience. YouTube is one of the most sophisticated search engines, with millions of people searching every day. How can you outrun your competition and stand out?

SEO plays a massive part in that. So, you have to focus on choosing the right keyword to describe your content. Please don’t be lazy or casual in it, or people won’t find you at all. You can run better keyword research by checking other similar content like yours. Also, look for the terms suggested by the search engine when you search your topic.

You can also use keyword research tools such as SEMrush, Moz, or others. Use the keywords in your description and title smartly. Your description should be between 200-300 words. Try to use the keywords at least 3-4 times in that. You can also use proper trending hashtags related to your content.

An optimized channel, video, or playlist stands a much better chance to stand out on YouTube. So, start practicing this, and you will see a massive difference in your reach.  

9.    Engage with Your Audience

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We have previously discussed how engaging content can boost the popularity of your channel. But, there are plenty of other ways to engage with your audiences. For one thing, if you can do it, you will have a trusted audience that will never leave your channel. So, how to make engaging content on YouTube?

Apart from just creating quality content, one should also focus on presentation. Try to make it more engaging through a conversational tone. It should seem like you are talking to your audience. So, make it as casual as possible.

Next, you should always ask for your audience’s views on the topic. For example, if you criticize some government acts, ask your audience to comment with their thoughts on this. If possible, try to read some of those or answer some of their questions in your next video. It will keep your audience engaged.

Third, you can plan some quiz or giveaway on your channel. It is one of the most popular ways to bring more subscribers to YouTube. You can ask them to comment or share your content on other social media sites. In return, you may give something to some lucky winners.

By following some of these, you can make your posts more engaging. It will help your audiences build a connection with you. So, with quality content and proper editing, you can now have trusted subscribers as well. It will undoubtedly boost your popularity on YouTube.

10.                   Promote Your YouTube Channel

To make your video viral, you have to lay the stone. Your SEO would help you a lot to get it noticed by others. But, if you don’t share it yourself, chances will be low, and you will have to wait longer. So, self-promotion is important in many aspects. You should start by sharing your content on other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

You can invite people individually to come and see your content. Ask them to share that as well. You can even ask your subscribers to share your video if they like it. It is probably the best way to gain organic reach. The more likes and view times you get, YouTube will suggest your video to more people.

You must also focus on advertising your content. You can promote your content on YouTube as well as Facebook and Instagram. Since you had selected your target audience beforehand, it won’t take you much time. Whatever you do, keep it real. Don’t ever use clickbait to gain customer attention. It will only damage your reputation.

11.                   Keep Patience

Lastly, patience is the ultimate way to success. You can’t expect to get famous overnight. You must spend a good amount of time learning the tactics and features of YouTube. So, take that time and use it to your advantage. If you are not getting subscribers in the beginning, try to buy subscribers for YouTube and make it a little short.

But, be consistent in your endeavor. You need to post content on YouTube at a regular interval. Otherwise, you may start losing subscribers or viewers. An inconsistent YouTube channel will also have a hard time getting recommended by YouTube.

Also, don’t give up just because you can’t make it. Always remember that hard ways are the best ways to gain trusted people. If you have a unique taste that does not attract many people, learn to add a twist. A YouTuber should know how to be creative, after all. So, stick to it and don’t ever think of giving up.

How to Avoid Being Demonetized on YouTube

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Once you reach there and have enough followers, you will start monetizing from YouTube. Well, the richest YouTubers in 2021 are all in this position because of their highly monetized content. But, did you know that YouTube can also demonetize you for certain factors? What are those? And how to avoid being demonetized on YouTube?

The concept of being demonetized is a little tricky on YouTube. YouTube may charge you a penalty if you violate any of its terms and conditions. These also include violations of its different policies. So, what makes you face demonetization? YouTube is quite strict about its content guidelines to be eligible for monetization. For example:


  1. You can’t post anything promoting violence (dangerous stunts)
  2. Violation of Child Safety policy
  3. Using abusive language on videos
  4. Spreading hatred
  5. Cyberbullying and harassment
  6. Violation of copyright


YouTube has a unique algorithm that can detect these on your video. If they find anything violating their policies, they will either warn you or remove your video. But, if you find them demonetizing you, it is time to set your foot strong. So, how can you prevent yourself from being demonetized?


  • Educate yourself about YouTube’s different monetization policies.
  • Check twice before posting the final content. Remove anything you find violating YouTube’s policies. It will help you stay safe from being demonetized or outranked.
  • Try to avoid controversial topics. Topics such as politics or reaction videos are in the grey area of YouTube’s fair use policy. Therefore, they often get demonetized.
  • Request for a manual review if you are sure about your content. Once requested, YouTube will check your content manually and find out if there is anything violating their rules. If not, you are safe and can get your video back on track.


Starting your journey on YouTube may sometimes seem impossible. Gaining the first 1000 subscribers seems to take forever. But, with your dedication, skill, and passion, you can one day become one of the best YouTubers in the world.

Now that you know how to become famous on YouTube, it is time that you implement these tips in reality. Make sure you let us know how much you liked our content and share it with your friends. That’s a line that you can use at the end of your content as well! It reminds people that they are supposed to share great content like this!

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