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7 Tips to Avoid Demonetization on YouTube

YouTube has been a great platform to earn money. If you are a content creator on this platform, you are part of those 50 billion YouTubers on the site. It speaks to why people are gathering more and more on this platform. For one thing, YouTube lets you be you. You can become famous based on whatever passion you have. 

But nothing comes easy. YouTube is full of challenges that sometimes may seem impossible. If you had been using YouTube for quite a while, you would know about YouTube Adpocalypse. It is a site-wide known term used to depict the time when advertisers were leaving the platform. The impact of that time is very much present till today. 

It is why many of you complain about demonetization. Well, so what is YouTube demonetization? In short, it is a process where YouTube removes your video or channel from being monetized. And how to prevent YouTube demonetization is what we will be talking about ahead. So, if you are ready, without further ado, let’s get started. 

What is YouTube Demonetization? 

We can’t deny that YouTube has a faulty algorithm affecting everyone directly or indirectly. Whether it is an advertiser or a creator, this flawed algorithm has received a lot of complaints. Sometimes YouTube fails to put the proper advertisement on the right content. Other times, it has been accused of targeted censorship. 

Running your business among all these is quite a challenge. And then comes the demonetization part. So, what is YouTube demonetization? As we said before, YouTube removes your video or channel from being monetized. It is how demonetization work. But why do they do so? How do they define whether your video is suitable or not? 

YouTube has its own algorithm that scans through your videos. In doing so, it matches your video to all its policies. If you videos, captions, thumbnails or description are found to breach anything, they will remove the content from monetization. It means that you have to make YouTube policy-friendly content. 

In short, you have to abide by different YouTube policies, such as Community Guidelines, Terms of Service, Google AdSense Program Policy, Channel Monetization Policy, and Copyright Policy. There are still more. But reading all these along will only water your confusion. So, here’s a brief on what are the big ‘No’s for YouTube content. 

  1. Scam of Spam

If YouTube finds your video to be scamming or spamming, you will not generate any money. A scam video will not bring you any success. Instead, it may eventually stop your channel from being monetized from ads. It is because advertisers don’t want to show their ads on these videos. 

Suppose you are promoting some fake or insufficient finance network/business when a finance-related ad pops up before the viewer. It will only create a negative impression on the advertiser’s side. The person watching your video will think of the ad as a scam as well. For the sake of reputation, YouTube does not allow scams or spams to get monetized. 

  1. Sexual Content

Sexual content or anything of any nudity does not qualify YouTube’s monetization policy. Although these sorts of videos may bring views or subscribers, they won’t help you monetize from ads. The YouTube Adpocalypse clearly showed that advertisers did not like such content. According to them, it hurts their reputation. 

So, if your video has anything related, YouTube will clear it from the list. Thus, you will not get paid for your video. YouTub is quite strict about this policy. Hence, if you are going ahead with monetization, it would be wise not to include anything such in your content. 

  1. Anything Violating Child Safety

YouTube is quite strict about its child safety policy. The platform does not allow any content that may endanger a child’s physical or mental state. It thus forbids any content, including adultery, into this sphere. If your content is for children, but it has children doing dangerous tasks, it will breach their policy. 

Also, if the content is spreading violence among children or teaching them something violent, it will be rejected. These types of content are not suitable for YouTube monetization. It is one guideline that you should always keep in mind. Any breach of this may get you into serious trouble. So, treat your children well on videos and in real life. 

  1. Dangerous Content 

We understand that people are always inclined to see something daring. It does welcome a considerable crowd on your video. But does that help you monetize from ads? No, you may become popular, but you won’t monetize. YouTube is clear about it- no harmful content! If you are performing stunts or including drugs, YouTube will reject your video. 

Also, if your video is harmful to society, YouTube won’t allow it for monetization. You have to be clear on speaking without using any slang or wrong words. Also, you can’t use these words on description, title or thumbnail either. You can’t also promote any non-medical ailment on the channel for monetization.

  1. Hateful Content

Trolling is quite common on YouTube. These videos attract a lot of attention. But, it may not be a monetization-friendly subject. If you troll someone specific or throw a personal attack, YouTube may remove your video from their monetization list. However, a friendly troll is an exception.  Well, it is a little bit confusing. Let us clear. 

Trolling is okay as long as you don’t insult someone on their religion, caste, creed, race, or similar things. If you are trolling or criticizing someone, which is healthy, YouTube may not have any problem. But, if your content is spreading hatred, YouTube will take action. Your content should never spread violence or hatred among people or a group of people. 

  1. Duplicate Content or Copyright Issue

To earn money on YouTube, you have to be original. YouTube does not promote any copied or duplicate content. So, these contents are not up for monetization. You have to make unique content without using anything copyrighted. However, copyright on YouTube is a bit confusing policy. YouTube has something called Fair use on YouTube.

It means that you can use something copyright-protected under certain circumstances. The problem is different countries have a different say over this issue. If something is OK in one country, it may not be in the other. But if it is violating YouTube’s copyright policy, YouTube may take down your video from the list. 

  1. Compilation Videos

Compilations are another type of fun video attracting lots of people worldwide. These videos do not generally have any region barrier. So, they are pretty popular among everyone on YouTube. You pick some footage of the same sort and join them. Thus, you make a compilation of various videos on the same topic. 

However, YouTube does not seem to like this idea very much. Specially, you can’t demand your authority on these videos. Most of the time, these compiled videos are of other people. So, YouTube never allows compilation videos for monetization. Whether it is your videos, or someone else’s, you can ask YouTube to pay for it. 

Tips to Survive YouTube Demonetization

Now you know the topics that can get your video out of the monetization list. But how can you actually avoid demonetization in the first place? YouTube somehow finds a way to demonetize the videos on their platform. However, it is often our fault not to check the videos properly before posting. Here are 7 tips to avoid demonetization on YouTube. 

  1. Don’t Use Bad Words 

As mentioned earlier, YouTube is quite strict with behavior. If you want to earn money, you have to be a good boy/girl. Any cursed word coming out of your mouth can doom your video. So, it is pretty vital that you self-censor these words before publishing the video. 

Also, make sure you keep the description and the title clear. Your thumbnail should also not have such words written. So, while designing your thumbnail with thumbnail makers, ensure you watch your fingers twice. In the end, we all are humans. So, while self-censoring, if you find any such words, make sure you silent them.

  1. Pick Your Topic Wisely 

Wisdom is what you need while running your YouTube. YouTube lets you pick your topics freely. You can do anything, from dancing, singing to making DIY videos and other stuff. But, your wisdom works best when you know which to pick and which to avoid. YouTube likes to keep its image fresh before the advertisers. 

So, if you want to earn money using YouTube, you better have that fine reputation. Make sure you avoid controversial or disliked topics. These topics aren’t at all a good target for advertisers. So, any controversial topic may get your video on the demonetization list. However, this portion is under a grey area, and you can’t say what is right or wrong. 

  1. Avoid Making Reaction Videos

Reaction videos can be one of the most controversial topics. Plus, these videos can also create speech problems. You may use curse words or include something offensive that may get reported. If YouTube finds anything offensive in your video, they will straightaway reject it. Therefore, most of the demonetization complaints come from a portion of reactionists. 

But there is no denial of the fact that reaction videos are one of the most popular ones on the platform. So, if your channel is one of those and you still want to keep it, don’t react to controversial topics. And while responding, make sure you watch your tone or language. 

  1. Take Care of Your Title, Thumbnail, and Description 

Videos are not always the place causing your demonetization. YouTube does not only scan your video but the written words as well. Since it is a search engine also, you need to focus on the written part. But while doing so, maintain decency. Don’t use harsh or spammy words on the title or description. 

You can always become famous on YouTube. You can buy subscribers on YouTube as well. But keeping the streak with successful income from YouTube is quite challenging. Ensure that you don’t ruin it with the choice of bad words. The YouTube algorithm will quickly detect these and put your video out. 

  1. Check Your Video Before Uploading

Well, now you will know what to do to avoid demonetization. But to err is human. We can always make mistakes. Why do writers need an editor? Because it is not always possible to find everything on one go. Even if you don’t want to show your video to someone before uploading, run a second check. 

Sometimes there can be issues that skipped your attention. For example, if you are a channel posting gaming videos, you may use a curse word somewhere. If this goes unnoticed, YouTube may get your video demonetized. So, it is always the best practice to run a quick check before the final upload. 

  1. Choose Another Way to Earn

Don’t worry if your videos are still getting demonetized. YouTube ads are not the only way to earn money on YouTube. There are plenty of other ways that YouTubers use. For example, you can do affiliate marketing and sell products. Or, you can get sponsorship for your channel. Sponsors generally look at the number of your subscribers. 

You can also sell your merchandise on YouTube. However, for the latest two methods, you will need a considerable number of subscribers. But it is never too late to start. You can buy subscribers on YouTube and start your journey right away. 

  1. Take Your Videos to Another Platform

After the 4 YouTube Adpocalypse, many YouTubers have also removed their channel from the platform. They have either found another platform or made their website. You can follow this and build a membership-based website where people can be a member. Thus, you can keep earning even out of YouTube. 


YouTube used to be one of the best social networking channels. Even today, the platform has more than 2.2 billion active users. Therefore, it is quite a considerable platform to become famous and earn money. But, YouTube’s policies sometimes make it hard to cope up with everything. 

It is why the YouTube Adpocalypes happened in the first place. None can now avoid the results. But, with these 7 tips to avoid demonetization on YouTube, you can make as much profit as possible. We hope you liked this content and found it useful. Make sure to know your opinion in the comment box. 

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