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How to Boost Your Social Media During Lockdown

The Coronavirus pandemic has put a halt to the lives of people whose only source of entertainment now is the internet. As they spend more time on social media platforms, brands, and content creators, too, have taken to the platforms to promote themselves and reach a larger number of people.

Among the social media platforms, Instagram and TikTok are the most popular. As a result, brands and online content creators now concentrate heavily on their promotions on these platforms. If you regularly post these apps, you know how important it is to get cheap TikTok likes and Instagram followers.

How can you boost your social media presence during lockdown to get cheap TikTok followers and Instagram engagement? What will work and what won’t? Why choose TikTok or Instagram? If your mind is full of these questions, read on to learn more about the best social media practices post lockdown.

Why is social media important?

Social media platforms have become part and parcel of every life, especially during the lockdown. Every time someone feels bored, they simply go online and start scrolling through. That is why social media has also become an essential tool for marketing brands as well as posting creative content.

Whether your company offers some products and services or you’re a micro-influencer in any niche, it can be said that you need a social media presence. After all, you need to be where the people are – and people are online. So, you can spread the word about your work through social media platforms.

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What are the best social media platforms?

Depending on the kind of product or service you’re trying to sell and the target audience you have on your mind, you can make use of different social media platforms now. There are some fantastic platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and of course, Instagram and TikTok, which everyone is glued to.

Each of these platforms has its own flavors. Linkedin, for instance, has a professional ambiance. Twitter concentrates on sharing a quick word. Instagram and TikTok are all about catching the attention of people with pictures and videos, most of which are homegrown, rustic, and easily relatable.

What is Instagram? Why is Instagram a Popular Platform?

Since its inception, Instagram has mostly been popular as a picture-sharing platform. From travel bloggers to local eatery owners – everyone is on Instagram, connecting directly with their audience. In 2020, Instagram has emerged in a whole new avatar, with options to post attention-grabbing videos.

Instagram is vastly popular, with more than a billion followers on the platform, glued to the images and videos that send a quick message to them. It is mostly popular with people under 40, and you can make use of the platform to gain their attention. You can promote your brand to get more followers.

What is TikTok? Why is TikTok a Good Platform?

TikTok is just about two years old, and already, it has become huge as a video-creating and sharing platform. It gets millions of users every month. Content creators and bands post short videos through which they can reach other users who enjoy the simplicity and rusticity of the entire practice.

Many content creators have been showcasing their talent in the niches of acting, dancing, makeup, and more. They have emerged as rising stars. They have earned brand collaborations and become micro-influencers. For them, as well as for brands, cheap TikTok followers and likes are essential.

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Should You Buy Instagram Likes and Followers?

It is possible to buy Instagram followers with PayPal at cheap costs, and many rising brands and creators happily do it. That’s because followers are an indicator of your popularity on Instagram. But that’s not the only barometer. You can buy Instagram likes with PayPal for individual posts for higher engagement.

Buying Instagram likes and followers for a legitimate platform will increase your reach and engagement. New followers will also know that your brand has a presence. If you are an influencer and brands visit your profile, your followers and likes will tell them that you can help them reach more people.

Should You Invest in TikTok Likes and Followers?

TikTok, too, is a platform where likes and followers are barometers of popularity. If you invest in followers for your profile and likes for individual posts, you will be able to create a balance of activities on your profile. If you have a large number of followers, it’s only logical that they will engage on your posts!

Not every single post needs to go viral. You have to be strategic about this. The best part is that you can buy cheap TikTok likes and followers, and if you work with an authentic site for these, you will actually get better reach and engagement on your profile instead of getting followed and liked by fake profiles.

How to Boost Social Media During Lockdown

Recent reports show that people on social media prefer to see ads and regular content. It gives them a feeling of normalcy in these trying times. As long as brands are in sync with the current situation and make an effort to make things easier for everyone, people want to see more of them.

Here are a few tips that you can incorporate into your social media strategies:

a) Real and Relatable Content

When you create content, make sure to keep it real. TikTok has brought about a culture of homegrown videos that people can connect with, and this trend has taken over Instagram and other content sharing platforms. So, be real and relatable. Your audience will enjoy rusticity more than hyper-real videos.

b) Being Interactive

Social media platforms are a boon for companies because this is where they can connect with the audience. So make an effort to interact with the audience and get them to respond. This will not only help you reach the feeds of a wider audience but also help you understand what they are looking for.

c) Humane and Empathetic Approach

Let’s understand something – the world is not in a normal state at the moment. People are depressed and anxious. Many are out of jobs, while many others are scared of the invisible enemy. When you post content, change your tone. Try to show empathy and bring out the humane side of your company.

d) Organic and Inorganic Reach and Engagement

With regularity and creativity, you’ll get more followers who’ll engage with your content. They will share your content, and their interactions will lead others to take an interest in you. You should also invest in cheap likes and followers from authentic sites, besides paid ads, to get ahead in the number game.

e) Enhancing Brand Awareness for the Future

Do you have a vision for the future of your company? What is the mission you’re trying to achieve through your social media activities? To make people stay with you even when the lockdown is over, spread some positive vibes by talking about a brighter future and the positive side of lockdown.

f) Virtual Events and Going Live

The lockdown has put a stop to social events – and webinars, live streams, online chats and networking, etc., are the new normal now. All your favorite social media platforms, including Instagram and TikTok, have options to conduct these virtual events for networking, real-time reactions, and much more.

g) Carefulness and Sensitivity

The “cancel culture” didn’t spare JK Rowling, and it won’t spare you if you are insensitive and brazen about your opinions. The world is changing, and there’s a bigger audience waiting to get accepted as a potential customer base. Everyone else is keeping an eye on how you are handling such changes.

Remember not to be too pushy with your campaign during the unlock or post-lockdown period. The needs and wants of people are going to change during this time as they step out of the house and reconnect with their old lives. Be there for them, but don’t push them to consume your products or services.

How to Buy Cheap Likes and Followers on TikTok and Instagram

When a visitor lands on your TikTok or Instagram profile for the first time, the number of followers you have and likes and comments you get on each post will create an impression on them. These numbers will garner faith and encourage them to take an interest in your products and services.

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