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How To Get On Spotify Algorithmic Playlists – 10 Must-Try Hacks

Spotify has a rich collection of playlists created by its global listeners, an in-house team of experts (called playlist editors), and AI-based algorithms. With millions of followers and views, each playlist is a great way to have your music heard by your potential fans. 

Talking about the editorial and listener playlists, you can directly pitch any song from your personal playlist and have them featured in the respective Spotify playlist. But it’s not easy to find your tracks on AI-generated algorithmic playlists as these are solely curated by algorithms.

However, there are several ways in which you can “hack” this Spotify algorithm and unlock your music’s reach unimaginably. 

Continue reading for the hacks that have worked for every Spotify artist. 

10 Hacks To Get On Spotify Algorithmic Playlists – Tried & Tested 

Following are some of the tried and tested hacks to grab the Spotify algorithm’s attention and land in its coveted playlists. 

1. Focus On The First 30 Seconds Of Your Song 

Spotify is just another social media platform that’s audio-based. Thus, its algorithm relies on statistics to know how millions of music lovers engage on the platform and its music library, such as the listening history, skip rate, listening time, etc.

This helps the algorithm recommend only those songs that the user would love listening to. 

As an artist, your focus must be on the skip rate, which further relies on the listening time. Irrespective of the song’s length, its first 30 seconds are the most crucial. 

If the listener goes past 30 seconds on your song, it’s not only a positive sign for Spotify’s algorithm but also the point of monetization of that stream. 

Hence, ensure these 30 seconds of your song successfully grab your listeners to keep the skip rate low. 

2. Make Sure To Have Your Own Playlist Ready 

Do you have your “personal” Spotify playlist comprising your top hits?

If not, create one!

Pick some of your best songs with the best stats, combine them into one playlist, and add it to your Spotify for Artists profile for quick access. 

This will also give more information about you, your music, or your band to newbies on your profile. If anyone likes your playlist, they will likely explore your entire profile, and the other songs as well.

If they like all these, they might even hit the “Follow” button and share your songs/profile with others. This would increase your overall streams, views, follower count, and chances of being in Spotify’s algorithm’s playlists. 

3. Mind The Release Date 

Before you finalize any release date/day for your next song from the playlist, ensure no other top song is set to be released on the same date/day. 


Because if a big artist is about to drop their track, it’s likely that all the Spotify traffic will be concentrated around them. As a result, your song might get a low response.

Tip: It’s better to release a new song on Friday. It gives you a better chance of making it to the influential New Music Friday playlists. 

Another thing you can do before 12-24 hours of your next track’s release is run a “pre-save campaign.”

Different from Spotify’s marquee campaign (discussed next), a pre-save campaign encourages your fans to pre-save your album. By doing so, they get reminded to tune in to your song on its release date, boosting the engagement rate. 

As more people save your album and listen to it, Spotify’s algorithm gets assured of the possible momentum behind your tracks. 

4. Run The Spotify Marquee Campaign 

For an artist aspiring for Spotify’s algorithmic playlist feature, a marquee campaign is worth it for a better response on the new releases. 

Ideally a “promotional activity” on Spotify, a marquee campaign brings your next release to listeners through adverts. 

Note: A marquee campaign is available to both Spotify’s free and premium users. 

As a result, your next song reaches a wider audience, giving you more streams, saves, new monthly listeners, and engaged listeners who will keep streaming your music.

All these act as a “positive” indication for the algorithm, which would find the song worth adding to the top playlists. 

5. Keep Your Spotify Artist Profile Updated 

Do you keep your Spotify profile not updated for months or even years?

If yes, stop doing this!

After trying out the hacks discussed above to land in your dream Spotify algorithmic playlists, you’ll likely see a huge boost in your new fanbase. 

To let them feel closer to you and worth following, an updated profile is the key. 

From a recent profile picture to a short and crisp bio, you can’t overlook any of these. Additionally, if you have any custom merch to offer, mention it on your profile. 

In a nutshell, updating your Spotify profile constantly is how you please both your growing listener base and Spotify’s algorithm.

6. Buy Spotify Plays To Boost Your Stream Count 

As mentioned before, the best way to impress the Spotify algorithm is by having a high stream count on your tracks. While the above hacks are aimed toward it, you’ll have to keep patience to get the desired results. 

To speed things up, you can buy Spotify plays PayPal from any reputable place, like PopularityBazaar

At Popularity Bazaar, you get instant 24 hours delivery of your Spotify plays and 24/7 customer support, among other benefits.  

7. Keep Releasing Songs 

Keep releasing songs consistently, period.


Releasing songs more regularly is beneficial not just for you as an artist (to uptick the number of returning listeners) but also for Spotify. 

Remember, Spotify wants listeners to spend as much time as possible on the platform to keep up with the growing competition. 

One way of ensuring more consistent releases is by figuring out what else your listeners would love to listen to, besides the songs. 

For starters, we recommend podcasts (describing how the song came to life), old songs’ remixes, acoustics, etc.

In a nutshell, find different ways to boost the consistency in your uploads to win the algorithm game without increasing your songwriting frequency. 

8. Attract More Followers To Your Profile 

The Release Radar is one of the best Spotify algorithmic playlists that’s quite easy to land into. Since it’s based on your followers, if anyone follows you, your new releases will automatically show up in their Release Radar playlist.

This would attract more followers to your Spotify profile. 

But how?

Promote your Spotify profile across all other social media platforms. For example, on social media platforms like TikTok, you can also include your song’s link in your bio. (Learn more about “what is TikTok Coins” if you wish to receive tips from your audience on the platform)

Don’t miss out on introducing your profile to your close friends and family members. Ask them to share it further for more reach.  

9. Use Spotify’s Experience Enhancement Tools

Spotify provides its creators with many tools to enhance the experience of listening to music on the platform, such as Spotify Canvas, scrolling lyrics, etc. 

If we talk about Spotify Canvas, it’s an attractive looping visual you can add to your tracks on Spotify to keep the listeners hooked for longer. Along with Canvas, you can add scrolling lyrics for each track at the bottom of the screen. 

FYI, easy-to-read lyrics also help listeners listen to and engage with songs in other languages. 

Thus, add these experience enhancement tools and help your chances of cracking the Spotify algorithm.

10. Submit A Detailed Music Metadata 

The Spotify algorithm loves your music metadata. It helps categorize your tracks across different genres, sounds, and languages. This, in turn, ensures your songs get served to the right audience with similar tastes, and you get what you want – more plays. 

Hence, submit detailed metadata to your digital distribution service provider. 

Spotify Algorithmic Playlists – A Quick Go-Through 

Now that we’ve discussed the top hack to get on Spotify algorithmic playlists, let’s go through some of these playlists in brief. 

  • Discover Weekly

Released every Monday, this playlist contains 30 new songs the listener may not have heard but would love to listen to. 

  • Release Radar 

This playlist is released every Monday with the new releases of artists you follow and listen to. 

  • Daily Mix 

A set of 6 different playlists, Daily Mix is a collection of your favorite artists’ songs you’re already familiar with. All songs in this playlist are based on your preferences. 

  • On Repeat 

Do you often listen to the same songs repeatedly, on loop? You’ll find them in On Repeat. 

  • Repeat Rewind

Repeat Rewind comprises those songs you’ve been listening to for at least a month. 


Here you go, folks. That’s everything you should know about Spotify’s algorithmic playlists and how to “hack” them for more Spotify streams, royalties, and more. 

Getting on the Spotify algorithmic playlists isn’t as easy as “how to post on IG.” But you can do it!

Remember, Spotify just wants one thing – returning listeners. Thus, release music regularly to keep the platform’s algorithm happy, and it’ll surely reciprocate. 

Besides, try the other tips discussed above to get into the algorithmic playlists and get heard by millions. 

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