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What Does SMT Mean on Instagram?

Ever received a message from a friend with just three letters: “SMT,” and all of a sudden felt like you were decrypting a secret, military code? Don’t worry; we all have felt that at some point, thanks to these uber-cool, social media lingos.

At first glance, these abbreviations might seem arbitrary or a typo, but each one holds a unique meaning or expression. Unlike “lol,” which has only one abbreviation: laugh out loud, “SMT” stands for a couple of things.

So keep reading to know what an “SMT” text or comment means and how to use it correctly.

What is the meaning of “SMT” on Instagram?

The abbreviation “smt” can have a couple of meanings. Here, we have explained them all with examples and use cases, so let’s have a look!

SMT Meaning “Send Me That”

The first and very popular use of SMT on Instagram is as the abbreviation of the phrase “send me this/that.”

There are a lot of times when our friends share some videos or posts on Instagram that we really like and wish to share as well.

But in the absence of any re-share option like Facebook, the only option left is downloading the content and then posting or downloading a reposting app and using that.

But instead of reposting someone else’s post, it is always better to post fresh if you want more likes on your post. Instead of being sneaky about it, if you want your posts to have the desired engagement, you can easily buy cheap Instagram likes from trusted sellers.

So, in that case, they might comment “SMT” on your post or send you a “SMT” text while mentioning the post.

That means they want you to send them the post in a format they can download and share on their own. However, if you’ve shared a YouTube video or anything similar to that in reply to their SMT, you can share the link to it.

So whenever someone sends you an “SMT” with respect to any content you have shared, that means they are curious/ impressed by it, and it is a positive reaction.

SMT Meaning “Sucking My Teeth”/ Suck My Teeth

Now, this version of SMT is something someone would use when they are not very happy.

It is a casual phrase or slang someone would throw in the middle of having a friendly chat. When someone says SMT or suck my teeth, it means they disagree or disapprove of what you just said and use the phrase to show their annoyance.

For example, here’s a scenario where one might use this phrase.

Jack: Hey, I just wanted you to know that I need the project by the end of the day!

Mike: SMT, why are you telling me now? I haven’t even done half of it! I need more time.

You can see here Mike used SMT as a form of expressing that they aren’t happy with the sudden changes in plan.

So, if you are having a conversation with your friends/peers, and you say something that makes them upset, they might send you an SMT text.
Another scenario would be if you told your friend to keep a secret and they go on sharing it with others; you can text them, “SMT, I told you not to share with anyone!”

Brooklyn: Hey, Jonas just asked me to check out your Twitch stream. Since I missed the event big time, can you give me a guide for a rewind on Twitch?

Pablo: SMT, I told that brat not to share this with anyone!

The phrase was created to mimic the hissing sound we make while sucking our teeth when we experience something unpleasant or upsetting.
So this abbreviation basically embodies a verb, just like LOL, which means “Laughing out loud.”

What is the meaning of STM?

Look closely if the text you received is SMT or STM, as that can completely change its meaning.

While SMT can have both positive and negative meanings, STM is pretty straightforward and is used in a positive sense only.

STM stands for “Smiling To Myself” and is used when someone experiences something that brings them joy.

Here’s a use case of the abbreviation STM to make things clearer for you.

Nick: Congrats on your promotion!

Bob: STM.

It wouldn’t have been possible without my team, so thank you all!
So, it is another abbreviation that embodies a verb.

Wrapping Up

The meaning of SMT will greatly differ based on the context and the situation. So, it is hard to know the exact meaning of SMT if you get the text out of nowhere.

And if you are in doubt, there is no harm in clarifying to the other person what they meant to say!

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