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How to Get More Likes on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most active social media platforms of all time. They have more than 1.4 billion global users today, and it is ever-growing. 

Instagram has been a go-to platform for all, especially after the Reels feature was introduced. 

Businesses, influencers, and content creators are keen on getting more engagement to their posts. And one best ways is to acquire more likes. 

But do we always have to buy Instagram likes to serve the purpose? Probably not! 

It is because other than buying likes, you can earn them organically by following certain strategies. And let’s discuss all of them in this article. 

Why Are Instagram Likes Important?

Before enlightening you with the strategies, if you are new to Instagram, let’s talk about why likes are important on this platform. 

Likes have always been an important part of not just Instagram but the entire social media fraternity. On Instagram, the algorithm works towards pushing the posts with more likes, shares, and comments to more users. 

As a result, the engagement rate increases for the particular post and might lead to more followers for the owner of that post and account. 

Recently, Instagram also announced a feature to allow users to hide their public like counts. It was to ensure that people do not feel pressurized by how their posts perform publicly. 

But, whether you hide your likes or don’t, the Instagram algorithm works all the same towards counting it for the engagement factor of the post. Plus, the internal analytics of the platform will still show the count. 

To help you better understand the importance of Instagram likes, here is what it means for content creators:

  • Expands the reach of your post
  • Increases your credibility on the platform
  • Makes you aware of what content works and what doesn’t
  • Generate leads and boost conversions (For brands)
  • Saves your money by preventing you from spending on paid ads

7 Organic Strategies to Get More Likes on Instagram

Not everyone gets a good flow of likes and comments on their posts by buying them. Some have cracked the code and are using organic methods to play with Instagram’s engagement algorithm. 

We aim to try the organic and easy way of acquiring likes for your posts. The comments and shares will eventually follow. So, here are a few of the strategies for your help:

Using Proper Hashtags

Using a hashtag on your post or story will lead that particular content to appear on the specific hashtag page.

Instagram has a feature that allows people to follow hashtags. Hence, it means that people following the hashtag that you used in your post or story will be viewing your post. 

Hence, the chances of an increase in the count of likes will be higher. But remember, it is always better to add relevant hashtags to any of your Instagram posts but remember not to overuse them. 

Stop Using Filters

Most of you might not be aware of this factor that degrades your count of likes. As per studies, it is believed that posts, especially selfies with filters, have less chance of getting sufficient likes than the ones without filters. 


It is because people intend to feel like they know the real you while on Instagram, not someone hiding behind the filters. 

People want to relate to something realistic and what you are. So, try uploading pictures of you at work, having an unorganized work table, playing with dogs, and others that replicate your true self.

Start a Like-Based Contest

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Now, this is something, especially for influencers and brands on Instagram. It has been a common strategy to gain more likes and followers in a short span of time. 

This strategy revolves around sales and giveaways. Who doesn’t like freebies? So, you should use that law of attraction to connect with your target audience. 

If you are a product-based company or are promoting one, you can put up freebies or free products to randomly pick people who fulfill certain criteria to enter the contest. 

Keep easy enrollment criteria such as following the account, liking the post, commenting on it, tagging friends, and sharing it. You can either put all of these criteria for enrollment or just a couple of them.

The easier it is for people to enroll in the contest, the more engagement will be. It is one effective way to get more likes in a short period. 

The picture above is a post by @davidstea, which explains how this strategy actually works. 

Give Credit Wherever & Whenever Necessary

At times, giving credit to people or brands will bring more engagement to your posts. Suppose you went to Starbucks and are having their top-selling beverage of the day. In that case, consider tagging them. 

There might be a chance that they will like and comment on your post or reshare your post on their stories. Either way, your post will be accountable for more engagement and welcome more likes, comments, and followers. 

Not just brands, but you can also tag people who offered you the service. For instance, if you are at a salon or spa, and you like the service of a particular person, then you can add the brand and the person who took care of your service requirements. 

That way, you will have two-way engagement possibilities, as the brand and the staff might both like and comment on your post. 

Tagging Post’s Location

When uploading a travel post, make sure you are tagging its location. What would happen is whenever people will look for that same location, your photo will come up on their feed. 

It is easy to get that option right before posting the content. Most users look for their Instagram to find the best places for partying or dining. So, when they open up a tagged location, your post will pop up in the feed. 

If the post is attention-worthy, then the likes will come in organically, without much of your effort. 


These are some of the most effective strategies you can try to bring in more likes to your Instagram posts. Eventually, you will also end up with increased follower counts. You can always look out to buy Instagram likes with PayPal, but pairing it up with organic efforts, will make your posts skyrocket. 

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