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How to Get More Facebook Fan Page Likes?

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How To Get More Facebook Fan Page Likes?

Facebook is such a big piece of the online success puzzle today that you can’t afford to go without mastering it as a traffic generation powerhouse.

Facebook Fan Pages have the potential to push a tremendous amount of targeted traffic to your sales pages, your online stores, and your shopping carts – but you need to be able to generate enough “heat” on those Fan Pages for this traffic trick to be effective.

While the algorithm behind mastering Facebook Fan Pages remains hidden away in some deep, dark corner of Facebook HQ the truth of the matter is that getting more interaction and more engagement on your Fan Pages will ALWAYS get you more traffic, more attention, and more influence.

Figuring out how to get more Facebook Fan Page likes is the big hurdle most entrepreneurs and marketers have to clear when getting traffic from this social media monolith.

Here are a couple ways to help you out!

Create Shareable Content

Every single piece of content that you publish should be created with your ideal customer in mind, your perfect prospect, and it also needs to be as shareable as humanly possible.

This means creating “bite-size” content chunks that people get excited about, that leave people wanting more, and that trigger a “hey, I should share that” kind of response by your audience. Your Fan Page visitors are ALWAYS going to be your best source of external traffic and you need to give them every reason possible to help you out.

Creating nothing but shareable content goes a long way towards doing exactly that.

Strategically Time Your Content Drops

Another big piece of the puzzle when it comes to figuring out how to get more Facebook Fan Page likes is figuring out a consistent content drops schedule you can stick to religiously – and then actually sticking to the schedule you have established.

The most successful people on Facebook today find that daily content drops are the bare minimum of what you should be shooting for, with many publishing a couple of daily content drops every day – at least early in the morning and then later on in the afternoon or evening.

This schedule may or may not work for your business, your market, or your industry but you need to have the same kind of scheduling going on behind the scenes. The only way your Fan Pages going to gain traction is if it becomes a dependable source of engaging, interesting, and shareable content – and that means programming your content drops to release the same way that hit TV shows do every night.

Figure out a content schedule that works for you and then stick to that like glue and you’ll see your Facebook Fan Page engagement (and Likes) shoot through the roof.

Buy Facebook Fan Page Likes Outright

If you love nothing more than a jumpstart to help you really hit the ground running when it comes to generating traffic from Facebook why not skip a couple of steps and make the decision to buy Facebook Fan Page likes from a reputable source like PopularityBazaar.

You can buy Facebook Fan Page likes – legitimate likes – directly from a provider like ours to flood your Fan Page with engagement, with activity, and with the kind of likes that give you social proof but also trigger the Facebook algorithm to do a lot of your Fan Page promotion for you.

With this approach, people won’t visit your new Fan Page and find it barren and empty. Instead, they’ll find it already brimming with activity which will subconsciously get them more engaged with your content while also providing you with a lot more authority and influence that you wouldn’t have had.

This tactic alone isn’t going to be enough to push the kind of flood of targeted traffic you’re looking to generate from Facebook to your website, web platform, e-commerce store, or sales page but it can lay a foundation to help you generate a lot more Fan Page likes faster than you ever would have been able to otherwise.

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