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How Many Hashtags on TikTok?

If you’re a creator on TikTok or want to become one, understanding how #hashtags work is highly important. Similar to other social media giants like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, they also serve the same purpose on TikTok, i.e., they make your videos easily discoverable by the users. 

Here’s an example. If you post gaming-related videos on TikTok, using #gaming can make your content accessible to those searching for it. Similarly, #fyp (most searched + viewed hashtag) helps users land on videos on the For You page. 

But how many hashtags to use on TikTok? What mistakes to avoid while working with hashtags? 

This article answers all these questions. Besides, we’ll also tell you where to buy TikTok followers cheap to boost engagement on your videos. So, hang on till the end and increase your content’s discoverability on the platform. 

How Many Hashtags Should You Use On TikTok?


There’s no direct answer to how many hashtags you should use on TikTok. This is because the key here is how relevant, trending, and niche/category-specific they are. 

Going by this, 4-5 hashtags are good to start with. This aligns with the platform’s 2,200-character limit for the caption, which the main caption will primarily consume. 


Hashtag’s Quality > Hashtag’s Quantity

Why Should You Use TikTok Hashtags?

There are so many reasons to start using hashtags on TikTok. Below are a few of them. 

Increase Engagement + Visibility

Since hashtags increase your posts’ visibility on the platform by taking them in front of even those in your Follower list, this increases the chances of many of them liking or commenting on it. Who knows, they might follow you as well. 

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Discover New Competitors 

Hashtags also come in handy in discovering new competitors you may have missed out on. And that’s it! You can now keep a tab on them, take notes from the content, decode their strategies, and use them to your benefit. 

Identity New Content Ideas 

Searching for category or niche-specific hashtags on TikTok introduces you to new and trending posts that can be your next content idea. 

Find Collab-Ready TikTok Influencers 

Yes, that’s another feature of TikTok hashtags. A basic hashtag search on the platform helps you find leading accounts/influencers creating content around that hashtag. If you plan to run a TikTok influencer marketing campaign, you can contact them for a partnership. 

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Some Trending TikTok Hashtags to Check Out 

You know what TikTok hashtags are, why you should use them, and how many of them are the “sweet spot.” Let’s now look at some trending hashtags with their views (in billions) as of January 2023.


  • #fyp – 34,989.7 
  • #foryou – 21,110.7 l
  • #foryoupage – 13,307.8
  • #viral – 12,937.4 
  • #tiktok – 4,276.8 
  • #trending – 3,059.8
  • #duet – 3,011.2
  • #funny – 2,613.3
  • #comedy – 1,893.3
  • #trend – 1,632.1
  • #humor – 1,527.6
  • #greenscreen – 1,248.2
  • #anime – 1,131.6
  • #love – 1,014.6
  • #stitch – 947
  • #meme – 756.8
  • #pov – 710 
  • #football – 709.6

Top 5 TikTok Hashtags Mistakes to Avoid 

If correct usage of TikTok hashtags opens great growth potential for you, these 5 common mistakes can make results go the other way. 

  • Using irrelevant and outside-the-box hashtags
  • Overstuffing the caption with hashtags
  • Relying on only trending hashtags that may go out of trend anytime 
  • Ignoring local hashtags 

You must be wondering what’s the 5th mistake, right? It’s not using hashtags at all! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Do More Hashtags Work on TikTok? 

A: No, it’s the hashtags’ quality that does the magic, not their quantity. So, focus on the former! 

Q: Do Hashtags Make TikTok Viral? 

A: The answer to this question is both yes and no. Whether your TikTok post will go viral using hashtags depends on how well the audience receives it. If it performs well, adding a few “relevant” and “trending” hashtags will surely make the post viral. 

Q: What Is the Best TikTok Hashtag Generator? 

A: Although TikTok’s Discover tab is the best resource for trending hashtags, you can try these 8 hashtag generators for TikTok

Q: What are YouTube Tags? 

A: YouTube tags a sort of descriptive keyword to help viewers find your content on the platform. They are different from YouTube hashtags. Visit this article for a detailed discussion of what YouTube tags are

Make Hashtags a Part of Your TikTok Growth Strategy

Here you go. You can use any number of hashtags on TikTok, keeping in mind the 2,200-character limit for your caption. With this being said, you should weigh the hashtag’s relevancy and its views over anything else. Refer to this Statista page for reference. 

In addition, ensure you use a mix of more popular & less popular hashtags, branded hashtags, and, of course, any challenge-specific hashtag if your post relates to it. Don’t forget to check out the common mistakes to avoid, as discussed above. 

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