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How Do You Get Verified on Instagram?

The blue tick mark is what all of the 2 billion active users on Instagram desire. But, if you are no celebrity or sports star, then damn, you’ve got to do a lot of work to achieve it! 

Getting the verified badge is the highest level of validation for your account. You will get to show people that this is the only account representing you or your brand. 

No scammer or copycat can ever cross your path or take away your followers again. Your popularity and engagement will be only for you to keep. 

The newcomers believe that if they buy Instagram followers via PayPal, they will have a good chance of getting verified. 

But if it had been that easy, don’t you think every other person on Instagram would have been verified by now? 

Don’t think much about it, and let us guide you with the organic way of acquiring the verified badge on Instagram. 

What is Instagram Verification?

Well, Instagram has a broad definition of its verification program. It means that the social media platform confirms your profile as the authentic representation of the person or global brand you claim to be. 

The verified badge on a profile will distinguish your account from all the unofficial, fan, and fake accounts. No follower will be misguided again. 

Let’s see an example for a better reference:

netflix instagram page

Now, this is a verified Instagram page of @netflix. It is the official handle for fans and followers to get updates on new releases, fan events, celebrity events, and other information. 

netflix instagram fanpage

On the other hand, this is a fan page of Netflix that uses the same brand logo and name but is not a verified account. Hence, this page has no direct admin from the authorized team of the brand. 

Yeah, you can also tell this difference by just looking at the followers. But, it is just an example. There are fake fan profiles of influencers with more followers than the actual person’s account. 

Hence, Instagram doesn’t decide on verifying the accounts solely based on the count of their followers. 

TikTok verification helps brands, influencers, and individuals stand out and be credible. To qualify for being considered for verification by Instagram, you need to fulfill certain criteria. 

Criteria to Seek Instagram Verification

Take note that if you are verified on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and other platforms, you are not liable to get a consolation verified badge on Instagram. You need to meet their picky criteria separately. 

Instagram offers verification to accounts that have higher chances of being impersonated. But, when requesting a verification, anyone who meets the criteria can do it. 

The criteria you must meet before putting up an Instagram verification request are:

  • Your account should represent a brand or a real person. A fan account or a meme page cannot be considered for verification.
  • One account per person or brand is eligible to get verified unless the brand has different accounts for various languages or regions.
  • Your account ought to be ‘Public’. Private accounts do not qualify for the verification process.
  • You should have your bio, profile picture, and at least one post to qualify for the verification process.
  • Your account should be notable, which means you should be well-known or highly searched for. This is the part where most Instagram users fail to meet the criteria. 

Are the Number of Followers Important to Get Verified on Instagram?

Your count of followers doesn’t matter here! Instagram states no such criteria to request a verification process. 

Check out the Instagram page of @showmecbbc for an example. Today, they have 7988 followers, and the account has a verified badge. 

showmecbbc instagram page

The follower count is still under 10,000, which is considered very low as per the people’s assumptions to get the verified badge. But to your surprise, we would like to tell you that this account was even verified when it had less than 80 followers. We have a snap of it to prove it to you. 

showmecbbc instagram page

We have made the point that your number of followers doesn’t impact the verification process. It is your genuine brand or individual value of being search worthy that will make a difference. 

Steps to Get Verified on Instagram

The answer that you all have been waiting for so long now! If you have scrolled down to this section for a direct answer, we suggest you look at the other sections as well. It is because you will then have your expectations right. 

These are the direct steps to request Instagram verification on their platform. If you believe you meet the criteria, then follow these steps to raise your request:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile and click on the icon that shows three horizontal-lines in the top right corner.
  2. A drop-down menu will appear, and you need to click on ‘Settings
  3. Now from the menu, go to the ‘Account’ tab
  4. A big list of menus will again appear on your screen. Find and select “Request Verification
  5. Fill in the application form with all of the asked details
  6. And after you are done, click on ‘Send’. 

Now, all you gotta do is wait till Instagram reviews your request and gets back to you with a response. If all criteria are met, you will probably get the badge. If not, then you will get an apologetic response from the team. 

Organic Tips To Increase Your Chances of Getting Verified on Instagram

We told you earlier that we would help you with organic ideas for getting verified on Instagram. The time is here! 

Understandably, you are seeing people make money on TikTok and Instagram by influencing brands, products, and services. And all of these opportunities come mostly from verified accounts. 

Instagram today has around 1 billion active users every month, which is higher than the 680 million monthly users of TikTok. So, the earning opportunities through promoting brands, being an influencer, or being a fashion promoter are high on Instagram.

When you have the verified badge on your profile, brands or small businesses will count on handing you the earning opportunity. The badge showcases credibility and trust, which is of utmost importance. 

So, as promised, here are a few tips to organically grow your engagement rate on Instagram and gain popularity in a short time. Your chances of getting the verification request approved will increase significantly. 

Keep Your Instagram Profile Updated

One of the many things that the review team will check is whether your Instagram profile is updated with all information or not. Be sure to add a good bio and a profile photo. You can use your brand logo as the photo, or if you are an individual, use one of your own. 

If you have any links, such as a website or product promotion link, you can add the same for added credibility. 

Look Out for Impersonator Profiles

If you are posting unique and regular content, have gained immense popularity, and are getting a good flow of income through product promotions and sponsorships, then you are one of the well-known profiles on Instagram. 

You must keep a tab if you see people impersonating your name and using it to create other profiles. Instagram doesn’t recognize all of the accounts that frequently get impersonated. 

So, reporting the same to the team will let them believe that your profile has the risk of impersonation, for which the chances of you getting the verified badge will increase. 

Be Active on Your Account

Do not unlink IG account from your notification permissions. You ought to be active on Instagram, and for that, the notifications are pretty important. Interact with your followers through likes and comments. Reply to the comments of followers who respond to your posts or videos. 

You can also explore the hashtags and make Reels to stay in the game. All of it will increase the engagement rate, and that will help you gain more followers and, eventually, more popularity. 

Apart from interacting with your followers, you must also stock up on good posts and videos for your profile. Influencers gain a good amount of followers because they know how to appeal to the audience. 

It is easy, you just have to understand what your audience expects from you and provide them with that. 

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