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10 Effective Strategies for Boosting Your YouTube Views

Did you know that there are nearly 114 million creators making and posting video content on YouTube? 

To build your career as a YouTube creator, you must focus on effective strategies for boosting your YouTube views. 

Quality content is essential but not enough. You also need a solid video marketing plan to get more views. 

Views indicate your content’s acceptability. They encourage your target audience to watch your views – and open doors for monetization. 

So, how can you get more views for a well-rounded channel growth? Keep reading to find out all about it.

What is Considered YouTube Views?

When someone plays your video and watches it for at least 30 seconds, YouTube counts it as a view. It can be from the desktop, a smart TV, or a mobile device like a phone or a tablet. 

You can get new views from a single viewer if they play the video multiple times. And that includes yourself! 

Views can come from videos played directly on YouTube. It can also come from an embedded link or a video shared on social media.    

YouTube Views vs. Watch Time

A YouTube view is the number of times your video is played for at least 30 seconds. On the other hand, watch time is the duration for which people have watched a video. 

Let’s explain with a simple example. Suppose 10 people have played your video. And each person has watched the video for 30 seconds. 

It means the video has gained 10 views and 300 seconds, i.e., 5 minutes of watch time. 

Instead, if each viewer watches the video for 2 minutes, the watch time will be 20 minutes. But the view count will still be 10.

Views vs. Watch Time: Which is More Important? 

Views and watch time complement each other. They’re both crucial for your channel’s growth. 

More watch time helps you get noticed by the YouTube Algorithm. It pushes your content, improving your visibility on search results and recommendations. 

It’s also essential for monetization. You can apply for the YouTube Partner Program if you gather 3000 watch hours and 500 subscribers in a year. 

4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers in 12 months help unlock ad revenue sharing.  

But watch time is not exclusive – it comes hand in hand with the number of views. The more viewers you gain, the more will be your watch time. 

Plus, watch time is a private metric that others can’t see. So, your target audience and the brands you want to collaborate with can only see the number of views.

Hence, views are essential to prove your credibility. 

Why Do You Need YouTube Views?

Many metrics on YouTube contribute to your channel’s growth. They work in sync with each other.

And one of the most important metrics is views. 

Here’s why you need YouTube views: 

  • Authority: A higher view count indicates that you’re a credible source that people can trust. 
  • Social Proof: More views means you’re popular. It can attract others and draw them to your video. 
  • Influence on Algorithm: More views might prompt YouTube to distribute your video and boost its discoverability. It ensures your video gets recommended more.
  • Boosted Search Rankings: With the algorithm’s support, you appear higher on search results. 
  • Brand Partnerships: An impressive view count can attract brands to collaborate with you for influencer marketing. 
  • Earning Potential: More views lead to more watch time. It unlocks channel monetization and increases revenue.
  • Insightful Metric: You can analyze the view count with other metrics to assess a video’s performance for future content plans.    

10 Strategies to Get YouTube Views: A Quick Look

  • Focus on Quality
  • Optimize Your Video Content
  • Have a Consistent Posting Schedule
  • Promote on Other Platforms
  • Take Advantage of Playlists
  • Build and Engagement with the Community
  • Give Live Streaming a Try
  • Utilize YouTube Analytics
  • YouTube Ads
  • Buying YouTube Views

Understand the Strategies to Get YouTube Views

Let’s take a closer look at the strategies mentioned above.

Focus on Quality 

It’s obvious that to make it big on YouTube, you need to deliver good content. But this is where many YouTubers falter. 

When we talk about quality, there are two ways to look at it. The first is the technical quality of the video, i.e., the visual clarity and detail of the video. 

To give your viewers a great experience, record videos in full HD. That means it should have a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The frame rate should be 30 fps or more. 

Your video’s quality can affect its rank. YouTube’s algorithm will consider the quality and other factors to boost its distribution. 

A video’s quality can also mean the value it brings to viewers. Choose your niche and create unique content to inform, entertain, or inspire your audience. 

Optimize Your Video Content

YouTube SEO improves your ranking higher on search results and suggestions. Start by learning about it using a reliable guide for YouTube videos optimization

The first step is to use the right keywords in the title, description, and tags. Don’t forget to use related phrases or search terms in the description and tags. 

It’s a good idea to create transcripts of your videos, too. The video description, tags, and transcript are best for optimally using keywords and related phrases. 

As for the title, make sure it’s attractive but not clickbait. Luring views with false information, fake warnings, etc., can work against you. 

Don’t forget the thumbnail! The recommended thumbnail size is 1280×720.

It should be visually appealing. And try to use as few words as possible to avoid a cluttered look. 

Have a Consistent Posting Schedule

Be consistent when it comes to posting videos. When you upload and release videos at a fixed time or on a particular day, you build anticipation among your audience.  

For instance, if you upload videos every Friday at 8 pm, your loyal subscribers will be aware of your upcoming release and wait to play it.

Post when your target audience is active.

E.g., you should release kids’ videos during post-school hours. Also, tailor your schedule according to your channel’s audience. 

But pick a schedule that suits your deliverability. Posting 7 videos one week and only one the next is not helpful. 

Also, don’t overwhelm your viewers with too much content 

Promote on Other Platforms

Did you know that 99% of YouTube users also use other social media platforms? You can leverage this presence by cross-promoting your videos on them. 

You can post your video links on Facebook to drive traffic to your channel. Your friend list, as well as Facebook groups related to your niche, are great for that. 

On Instagram, you can post reels as teasers of the main video – and stories with video links. The plus side is that these activities will also help get more followers on Instagram.  

Get creative on these platforms. 

Ancillary content like bloopers, influencer collabs, etc., can also help. Also, look for ways to embed video links on websites and blogs.  

Don’t forget the humble personal messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Through these, you can send video links to friends, relatives, etc.

Take Advantage of Playlists

Creating playlists does more than organizing the videos on your channel. It maximizes the chances of viewers consuming content on your channel in a flow. 

Here’s how playlists work – once you finish watching a video, the next video starts. It’s like Netflix playing one episode after the other without user intervention. 

Use the simple rule of following a theme for each playlist. For instance, if you post cooking videos, you can create playlists based on cuisines, meals, etc. 

Make sure to name your playlists properly and use keywords in them, too. Here’s a great trick to promote playlists: adding info cards and end screens to other videos!

Info cards appear during the video at the top right corner, while end screens appear after the video ends. Both allow you to link the playlist to a particular video. 

Build an Engagement with the Community

To get views, you first need to build a community of people who will be interested in your videos. It can be on YouTube Community, Facebook groups, etc.

But it’s not enough to just build a community and push your links to them. Make sure to engage with them regularly and appreciate their support. 

Communication with the community should always be positive. Even if you get negative comments, thank them for the constructive criticism. 

You can also encourage people to watch, share, and engage with your videos through rewards. These can be giveaways, contests, lucky draws, etc. 

Incentivize supportive activities from the community with something simple. You can feature a regular viewer on your page or give them early access to a new release.  

Give Live Streaming a Try

Did you know that when people watch your live videos, these are also counted as views? Live broadcasts are great for direct communication.  

It can help extend your reach and gain subscribers. Depending on your niche, you can try webinars, product demos, performances, etc.

However, when you conduct live sessions, keep them crisp and interactive. Long and boring sessions will work against your aim. 

The best part of live videos is that you don’t have to worry about perfection. An unpolished, unedited presentation is part of its charm. 

But don’t forget to repurpose the live video. You can edit the main video to create a new video out of it – and post it on your channel. 

Utilize YouTube Analytics

YouTube analytics is a goldmine of insightful information for your channel. You can get all the details you need about your channel from this tool. 

The data it provides helps you understand what works for your channel. You can analyze the type of content that fetches views, the right time for posting, etc. 

You can also analyze the patterns of the successful and unsuccessful videos to find the common factors. 

What type of thumbnails worked? Which titles didn’t? 

The total watch time can show you which videos have retained the audience. Returning vs. new viewer details will tell you how your videos appeal to specific viewer types. 

There are many other metrics that the Analytics can reveal. Use this to your advantage to plan your future videos and get more YouTube views. 

YouTube Ads

It’s understandable if you don’t want to invest in ads. After all, monetization is your priority – and everyone wants organic views. But it can help reach the right audience. 

YouTube Ads allow you to target the ideal audience. This will ensure that the people you’re making videos for find your content – without guesswork or wasting time.

You can run ads that people see before or during a video. Refine the audience by age, demographics, gender, location, and other metrics.

Another great option is to find videos in your niche first. Then, use the placement option to target them using the URLs of these videos. 

Also, use keywords to set targets within the YouTube Search listings. You can find them through keyword research, and YouTube’s “auto-suggest” on the search engine.

All you need to do is enter the relevant keyword in the search engine. The platform will show you relevant search terms.Buy YouTube Views

buy YT views

Don’t hesitate to buy YT views. You shouldn’t depend only on this step. But if you combine it with the above strategies, you can see exponential growth. 

Buying views fast-forwards you to all the advantages of a growing viewership on a video. The boost in numbers creates a perception of popularity and credibility. 

Having more views instantly attracts people – and they want to check out your work. So, it can fetch you organic views – which, in turn, boosts your reach and distribution. 

However, you must partner with a reliable platform like PopularityBazaar to buy views. Such a platform refrains from using bots or fake accounts. 

Only a trusted platform can give you quality views from real or active accounts. And YouTube can’t detect if you bought followers when they are real!

How to Get Views on YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts are short vertical videos of 15-60 seconds. Shorts are a different ballgame and don’t have much to do with your channel’s long-form video views. 

Here are a few good practices to follow – 

Make the First Few Seconds Count

Don’t beat around the bush! Instead, get straight to the point.

The first few seconds should be exciting and intriguing enough to hook the audience. 

Edit the Video Intelligently

Avoid using a single sequence. Use exciting cuts, angles, and transitions frequently.

You can take inspiration and story-telling ideas from music videos.

Consider Video Replays

Shorts keep playing on repeat. So, create videos people will watch – and rewatch.

It can be a short but impactful video, a loop video, or anything else!

Provide Value to the Viewers

To hold viewers’ attention till the end and make them engage with your content, provide value. It can be entertainment, education, or motivation.  

Participate in Trends

Keep an eye on social media trends – and jump on the bandwagon. It can be a hit song, an awareness campaign, a dance move, a hot topic, etc. 

Effective Strategies for Boosting Your YouTube Views: FAQ

Can YouTube detect fake views?

Yes, YouTube can detect fake views. The platform’s algorithm will ignore manipulated views if you refresh your video repeatedly to make them appear like real views.

It can also detect automated plays and bots, which won’t reflect on your view count. 

Are YouTube views more important than Subscribers?

Views show the performance of a single video and how many people it has attracted. Subscribers indicate how many people like your channel’s content and want to watch future videos.

They are both important for monetization and channel growth.

How much can I make after I get enough views as a YouTuber?

According to recent reports, you can earn up to $29.30 for every 1,000 views through ad revenues. The amount will differ depending on a wide range of factors, from location to the niche of your videos.

It is only possible if you are eligible to monetize the channel.

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