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The Top 5 Benefits of Buying Instagram Followers


With almost 2.4 billion active monthly users, you might think getting a vast following would be easy on Instagram.

But that’s the farthest from reality. 

According to reports, only 15.21% of them have a following of over 10K. And to no surprise, only one-fifth of it, which is 3.15% of the active users, could cross the 50K following mark.

Whether you aspire to do influencer marketing or are planning to build a name for your brand through the platform, you must have a decent follower base. 

Most guides online will glorify the organic method of growth, but they forget to mention how tedious and long-drawn it can be (oh, and mentally challenging too!)

But you can avoid that drama and kickstart your IG game by simply buying authentic Instagram followers. 

Still wondering if to buy Instagram followers using PayPal or not, the risks of it, or how to buy IG followers safely? Don’t worry; this guide covers it all, so keep reading without skipping!

Who can benefit by purchasing Instagram followers?

In one line, anyone seeking social proof and prominent online visibility can benefit by purchasing Instagram followers.

Now who can they be? The list is long, but some broad categories will be entrepreneurs, influencers, and brands. 

For influencers and content creators, a higher follower count can attract brand collaborations and sponsorship opportunities. For small businesses, it can help establish credibility and widen their reach. 

Entrepreneurs and professionals can build a personal brand and expedite their growth by purchasing Instagram followers. That also, by investing only a fraction of the time that they would have needed with organic methods.

With a substantial following, they can stand out in their industry, attract partnerships, and establish themselves as thought leaders.

If you are still not sure about the benefits of purchasing Instagram followers, check out our next section!

What are the advantages of purchasing Instagram followers? 

The following are the set of benefits of purchasing Instagram followers. 

  1. Enhanced social credibility
  2. Increased visibility and reach
  3. Influencer marketing opportunities
  4. Business and personal brand growth
  5. Saving time and effort. 

How can you benefit by purchasing Instagram followers?

Simply put, if you buy Instagram followers, you save time on Instagram growth. But why does it matter, you ask? Here’s why- 

Enhanced Social Credibility

A substantial follower count on Instagram goes beyond mere numbers; it significantly contributes to perceived social credibility. 

On social media platforms like Instagram, numbers often equate to legitimacy and influence.

When users come across a profile with a high follower count, there’s an immediate trust that the content shared is valuable, credible, or popular. This trust, in turn, prompts more users to follow an account organically.

The psychology of social proof plays a pivotal role here. 

As soon as people observe others engaging with an account, they are more inclined to join the bandwagon. A high follower count always has a positive perception of being original and, hence, trustworthy. 

If you have opened a new account and choose to buy a couple of thousand followers, this snowball effect of visual endorsement can lead to steady organic growth. 

To make it more understandable, suppose you are the creator in the fashion and lifestyle niche, and your content is unique and latest. But because you don’t have a substantial following, no one sees your content as credible. 

To help you visualize better, if you are to get fitness tips from someone, who would be your instant pick (mind that you know nothing about both)? 

 fitness tips

instagram profile

The one with more followers, right? 

Therefore, if you buy some followers, the surge in your followers’ numbers will not only catch the eyes of your peers but also position you as a credible figure in your niche. The next time potential followers visit your profile, they are more likely to follow you based on the perceived popularity and authority reflected in your follower count.

Increased Visibility and Reach

A larger follower base on Instagram directly translates to increased visibility and reach. 

As you know, the Instagram algorithm prioritizes content from accounts with higher engagement. So, the more followers and engagement you have, the more likely you are to appear on people’s Discover page. 

With more followers, your content has a better chance of reaching a wider audience, extending beyond your immediate follower base.

It can create a ripple effect, and as more users engage with your content, the algorithm will recognize its popularity and boost its visibility. 

This increased exposure results in reaching users who may not have discovered the account otherwise. And this is where the psychology of social proof will kick in!

Influencer Marketing Opportunities

For individuals and businesses, a substantial follower count opens the door to lucrative influencer marketing opportunities. The more followers you have, the more influence you are thought to have. 

instagram stories

Think of how brands use celebrities to endorse products to their fan base. Nowadays, they do the same, but with micro-influencers. 

Brands, whether big or small, are eager to collaborate with influencers who can promote their products or services to a large and engaged audience. And they pay a really good amount for that!

Purchasing Instagram followers strategically will position your account to attract the attention of brands looking for influential figures to endorse their offerings.

Not only that, but the more followers you have, the more valuable you are to them. This means you get the upper hand when negotiating!

According to reports, brands pay anywhere between $53 to $1205 for a single Instagram story! The more followers you have, the more your chance of being on the higher end increases. 

Business and Personal Brand Growth

A higher follower count on Instagram is a powerful tool for driving business and personal brand growth. For a business, especially if it is global and online, the bigger the following, the more chances of gaining a customer. 

Plus, a robust Instagram presence contributes to brand awareness, making the business more recognizable and memorable in the competitive digital landscape.

On the other hand, for individuals, a substantial follower count establishes authority and influence in their niche. 

For example, if you are a fashion influencer with a big following, your scope for launching your own fashion line or merchandise becomes easier. You could easily utilize your personal brand and authority to successfully launch a business. 

Celebrities do this all the time, and thanks to Instagram and social media, now you can do it too!

But, to leverage Instagram followers, you also need to be consistent and strategic with your content creation and align it with your brand’s message. Only then can you foster a sense of community and loyalty and truly see the benefits of purchasing Instagram followers. 

Saving Time and Effort

Last but not least, the biggest perk of buying authentic Instagram followers is the enormous amount of time and effort that you save. 

It can take you anywhere between a few weeks to a few years to reach 10K followers on Instagram. But only if you rely on organic growth methods.

Plus, there is no assurance that your methods will work. And for most people, what worked for others may not have given the same results. 

Compared to that, purchasing Instagram followers offer a time-efficient strategy for building an initial follower base. 

Growing a following organically can be a slow and demanding process, requiring things like consistent content creation, community engagement, and strategic use of hashtags.

But by purchasing followers, you or your business can jumpstart its online presence, saving considerable time and effort. Instead, you can utilize those precious hours to create high-quality content and social media strategy. 

This efficiency is particularly valuable for those who want to quickly establish a presence on Instagram or capitalize on time-sensitive opportunities. 

Risks and Considerations

While there are quite a few benefits of purchasing Instagram followers, there are some potential risks, too. Before you make your decision, you should be aware of the risks of buying Instagram followers and effective ways of avoiding them. 

So here are the risks associated with the process and how you should buy Instagram followers to avoid them. 


  • Engagement Discrepancy:
    One of the main risks is the significant gap between follower count and actual engagement.
    If the purchased followers are not genuine or active accounts, you won’t get the number of engagements one should have with that many followers.
    This can raise suspicions among genuine followers and brands, impacting the account’s credibility.
  • No Favours From Algorithm 
    Instagram’s algorithm is designed to prioritize content based on engagement.
    If a large portion of your account’s followers are inactive or unengaged, the algorithm will find your content unhelpful/uninteresting and won’t push it to others.
    So, ultimately, you won’t have the visibility or reach you desire, which will defeat the whole purpose of buying followers. 
  • Lack of Authenticity
    If not bought from a good source, you will get followers who aren’t genuinely interested in your content.
    As a result, your community will lack authenticity, and your engagements could gradually decline. 
  • Violation Of Platform’s Rules 
    Buying fake followers (bot accounts) is a direct violation of Instagram’s policies.
    So, if the followers are not 100% genuine human accounts, your account can get banned. 

Guidelines To Avoid The Risks 

To mitigate the risks associated with buying Instagram followers, consider the following guidelines.

  • Choose Reputable Services:
    Choosing a reputable service for Instagram followers purchase is the most important step to avoid risks.
    So, research and choose reputable services that provide genuine, active followers. Look for reviews and testimonials to ensure the legitimacy of the service.
  • Blend Purchased Followers with Organic Growth:
    Even if you are buying followers, combining it with organic growth efforts can help you avoid risks associated with low engagement.
    Focus on creating engaging content, use relevant hashtags, and interact with the community to foster genuine connections.
  • Monitor Engagement Metrics:
    Regularly monitor engagement metrics to ensure that the purchased followers are actively engaging with content.
    If there is a significant drop in engagement relative to the follower count, connect with your service provider. 
  • Stay Informed About Platform Policies:
    Regularly review and stay informed about Instagram’s terms of service and community guidelines.
    Sticking to the platform’s policies is a must to avoid potential penalties.
  • Maintain Authenticity:
    Even if you buy Instagram followers, be authentic with your content.
    Share content that resonates with the target audience, respond to comments, and actively participate in the community. Authenticity contributes to long-term success.

Choosing the Right Service

As mentioned earlier, choosing a reputable service for Instagram followers is the most important decision when you are planning this kind of growth strategy.

Here are some tips for you to choose the right service and service provider. 

  • Do Your Homework
    Always do thorough research on service providers who sell Instagram followers. Look for reviews, testimonials, and feedback from other users who have utilized these services.
    Platforms like Trustpilot or online forums can be valuable resources for gauging the reputation of a service.
  • The Process Should Be Transparent 
    Reputable services are transparent about their processes and the type of followers they provide.
    Look for clear communication on how the service operates, the origin of followers, and any potential risks involved. 
  • They Should Bring You Genuine Engagement 
    Prioritize services that focus on delivering engaged and authentic followers.
    Genuine engagement is crucial for maintaining a positive relationship between an influencer, business, or individual and their audience. 
  • Look For Guarantees
    Reputable services often provide retention or delivery guarantees.
    So only go for them who give you money-back policies and similar assurances. 
  • Good Customer Support 
    Evaluate the quality of customer support offered by the service.
    A responsive and helpful customer support team is an indicator of a reputable service that values its clients and is willing to address any concerns or issues that may arise.
  • Look For Red Flags
    Be aware of providers who ask you for sensitive information like passwords. 
    These kinds of services do not require that. If they are asking for it, most probably they are scammers. 

Get All That And More At PopularityBazaar 

Popularity Bazaar is one of the biggest social media service providers worldwide, with thousands of happy customers. You can check out their Trustpilot reviews to see for yourself. 

But to be more specific, here’s a quick jolt down on why Popularity Bazaar should be at the top of your list. 

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Final Thoughts 

In short, there are loads of benefits of buying Instagram followers, increased social credibility being the most important one. But to get the most out of it, you should combine it with organic growth methods.

Last but definitely not least, always buy from a reputable service provider. By doing so, you or your business can leverage the advantages of having a substantial fanbase on Instagram, minus the risks. 

And if you are curious about topics like the latest TikTok tricks or how to hide your profile followers on Instagram, do follow us!


How does a higher follower count enhance social credibility on Instagram?

It is a psychological fact that the more followers you have, the more genuine/interesting you seem. A larger follower count makes your profile more attractive, encouraging others to join the party and follow you.

So, a higher follower count creates a positive perception, boosting your social credibility in the eyes of both your existing followers and potential ones.

Can purchasing Instagram followers increase visibility and reach?

Yes, it can definitely increase your profile’s visibility and reach. Especially if you buy followers that engage with your content, your chances of getting discovered get maximized. 

What opportunities does a larger follower base create for influencer marketing?

Simply put, a large follower base can make you an overnight celebrity. Brands are always on the lookout for influencers with a substantial and engaged audience. 

So you can get more brand deals, collaborations, paid promotions, and the list goes on. 

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