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How Do You Get More Engagement on YouTube?

One of the biggest sufferings of a YouTuber is getting enough engagement on his content. Any YouTuber will always dream of having tons of likes and comments on their videos. But, in reality, crossing a thousand is even a challenge for most. But why is this so hard for most of us?

Getting enough YouTube engagement is a challenge. Even though you can make good quality content, you may fail to get enough comments, shares, and likes on your video. It means that there should be different approaches as well. Today we will be discussing how you get more engagement on YouTube. But before that, let’s know what YouTube engagement is. 

What is YouTube Engagement? 

So, what is YouTube engagement? Have you ever asked your audiences to hit the like button or subscribe to your channel? If you have seen anyone doing it, these actions that viewers are supposed to take are called engagements. The likes, comments, shares, and other things that a viewer does to your video or channel are called engagement. 

Let us break it for. Whenever a viewer takes any action on your channel or a single video, that is called youtube engagement. These actions are:

Likes: If a viewer likes your video or content, he/she may hit the like button right below it. Anyone can see the like count on a video. The more likes you get, the more positive impressions will be noticed.  

Dislikes: People dislike your content when your content fails to satisfy their needs. Dislikes bring a bad impression on your video and channel. Of course, you cannot make everyone like your video. Some people will always dislike it. But your goal should be getting more likes than dislikes.

Comments: Comments are one of the vital engagements on YouTube. In the comment section people type their reaction to your content. If your content is good one, you will get positive impressions. However, many YouTubers use comment sections for different purposes. It also helps YouTubers to better their content and know what their viewers want. 

Share: If someone shares your video on other social media platforms, it will be the best thing to happen. Sharing not only shows that they like your content but also brings more views. However, sometimes some negative impression videos also get shared. But, for one thing, sharing increases the views and brings in organic traffic. 

Subscribe: Getting youtube subs is one of the most challenging jobs. People subscribe to a channel when they love its content. If you envy those famous YouTubers who have millions of subscribers on their channel, you should also know that they worked hard to gain what they have now. 

However, people may even unsubscribe to your channel if they find your content useless. Unsubscribing does not happen for general dislikes. Anyone unsubscribing to any channel should have an apparent reason to do that. You can check the subscribe and unsubscribe count of a specific video on YouTube analytics. 

Why Is YouTube Engagement Important?

Why do YouTubers run behind getting likes, comments, and subscribers? You may run your channel for social reputation or business purposes. But an engaging channel will only build your reputation. Thousands of YouTubers earn their daily living from YouTube. And it is only possible when you have a considerable number of views and subscribers. 

  1. Build Reputation

Audiences will always praise good quality content. But there is a lot of content on YouTube which is unpopular even after the high quality. And when your content is unpopular, how can you be successful? Social media posts are all about competition. You have to compete with other creators to get to the top. 

So, even though you make quality content, you can only be popular when people share, like, or comment. Likewise, subscribers will build a positive reputation for your channel. These counts are necessary to show you as a professional YouTuber before the world. Therefore, you should focus on getting as much engagement as possible. 

  1. Helps You Get on The Recommendations

YouTube’s algorithm works in a pretty different way. YouTube recommends videos on its home page. The algorithm decides over 70% of the time what you will see. Therefore, it is vital to get on the top. While SEO is as much essential to achieve the goal, engagement also plays a part. 

For example, if you have a significant engagement on your video, YouTube will suggest your videos before your competitors’. So, the more likes and comments you get, the more viewers you are likely to attract. Also, likes and views play as a trust factor many times. 

  1. Build Trust Factor

Good engagement on a video helps build trust for other viewers. When a viewer finds that these many people have liked your video, and when the comments are good, people will likely watch for a longer time. It increases the view hours on your content and helps you build a positive reputation faster. 

Also, as your trust factor increases, people will likely share your content and subscribe to your channel. It, thus, increases your organic reach after some time. Therefore, one should always focus on growing their video engagements. Ahead we will discuss how to increase YouTube engagement fast.

Tips to Increase YouTube Engagement

As you would now understand the importance of increasing youtube engagement, it is time that we discuss how. Growing YouTube engagement is easy when you know the right way. When you combine these tips with the proper youtube metadata guide, you can get outstanding results. The following methods are some easy tips to increase your YouTube engagement. 

  1. Create an Outstanding YouTube Thumbnail 

In most cases, it is the Thumbnail that attracts a viewer in the first place. YouTube is a visual platform where people watch videos. Therefore, unlike blogs, people look at thumbnails before watching the title. You only have 6 seconds to grab the attention of a human being. If you lose that, you lose many chances.

Thumbnail is more important, especially for videos ranking on the homepage. Most people scroll through the homepage without any motive of watching anything specific. If your video is ranking on the homepage, you should better have an eye-catching thumbnail to grab the attention. 

But how can you make such thumbnails for your videos? There are some best youtube thumbnail makers that you can use. For example, Canva is one of the best online editors that let you create professional thumbnails. You can use other apps as well. If you have time and money, you can also use photoshop or pay a designer for getting the job done. 

Keep the Thumbnail as point-specific as possible. A neat and clean design tends to attract people better. You can put the title on the Thumbnail. Also, a study suggests that adding faces on thumbnails attracts more people than just normal texts. In both ways, thumbnails are the first impression in most cases. So, you should always focus on that. 

  1. Try to Converse with Your Audience

As an influencer, you have to become friendly with your audience. If you are speaking in your video, try to be natural. Establishing a conversation has proven to increase the engagement rate to a significant number. When you make your viewers comfortable, they will love watching your content over and over again. 

And how do you do that? Try to be point-specific. Don’t extend your point beyond limits. It should be clear, simple, and digestible. Also, if your content is about some tutorial, focus on providing tips and tricks. If your viewers get help from your videos, they will see other videos, like comments, and share. 

Conversations also make a video more engaging by making it humane. Remember that when you create a video, you create it for living souls. These people think, laugh at, and feel your emotions. Try to bring some humor to your speech. It makes your viewers more comfortable. 

Also, keep repeating the key points of your videos so that your viewers don’t forget them. For instance, it will be a little trickier for your viewers to digest if you are making a long tutorial video. So, you can either publish them into parts or keep repeating the key points time and again. So, focus on making a comfortable, short video and add humor to your speeches. 

  1. Write Engaging Titles

You get only 6 seconds to attract anyone’s attention. Make good use of this time. Take some good time to think about your title. Make it sound like something no one can avoid. However, do not forget about including keywords in the title as well. In short, your title should speak about the content in a way that no one can avoid. 

Likewise, do not use clickbait. Do not make false promises in the title. If you do it, your viewers will eventually find out the truth. And when they do, they will definitely have a bad impression. It might even result in getting dislikes, bad comments and lead to unsubscribing to your channel. 

  1. Maintain Consistency in Posting 

If you want to become successful, you have to be consistent. Consistency is one of the keys to success. Likewise, you have to keep posting content on YouTube on a regular basis. Almost 500,000 hours of content gets uploaded on the site every minute. It tells how rough the competition is. 

You cannot keep your audiences waiting for long. What happens when you miss posting content for too long is that you start losing viewers. When you are inactive on YouTube for a long time, its algorithm will start de-ranking you. Thus your reach will go down, and so will your engagements. 

But do not compromise with the quality. Remember that you have thousands of other competitors fighting for the same audience. So, keep your content unique, attractive, and invaluable. Thus, you can get more engagement on your content. Also research the profitable niches on YouTube that would get you engagements and money.

  1. Encourage Them for Likes, Comments, Shares and Subscribes

Social media has opened our ways to communicate with a larger audience. Unlike stage programs, social media lets you learn what everyone thinks. So, why not encourage them to express their opinions through likes, comments, and shares? At the end of the video, you can ask them to do these if they find your video helpful. 

It makes them feel that their opinion is valued. Sometimes people also forget to take any action. Saying this will remind them of this and bring you more engagements. So, keep repeating it and ask them to subscribe to your channel or to like, comment and share. 


YouTube engagements decide the social quality and acceptance of a video. If you get many likes and comments on your content, more people will trust and view your videos. So, you must keep sharing your content and ask your viewers to share their opinion. And with that, you have known the best tips to get more engagement on YouTube. Do let us know your thoughts down below in the comment box. 

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