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How to Rewind a Twitch Stream?

Did you miss out on the beginning of your favorite Twitch stream and want it to start over? Or maybe you got caught up with something when the player did an epic takedown, and you wish you could rewind that moment. 

You are not alone! We all have been there at one point or another, and it’s simply frustrating! 

Honestly, there is no official way on the Twitch app or web app that can help you rewind a Twitch stream from the very start, just as it is with TikTok lives. But that’s why we are here! 

Stick around if you want to know a free and easy way of rewinding any Twitch stream from the very beginning. Also, don’t forget to share it with your friends if you found it helpful!

Can You Rewind A Twitch Stream?

Yes and no. If you have been watching streams on Twitch for a while now, you would know that there are no official options on the platform that can help you rewind a live stream. It is against the platform’s policies as it can be a roadblock for streamers to get more Twitch viewers.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t! 

With the help of the free techniques that we have mentioned later, you can easily rewind any subscribed Twitch stream. 

How To Rewind A Twitch Stream Using Chrome Extension

As we said before, there is no direct option on the platform that can help you rewind a Twitch stream. So, all you need to do is download a Chrome extension. 

If you don’t know, Chrome is a popular web browser, just like Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Brave, and others. And being owned by the tech titan Google, it is filled with some amazing free extensions. 

Today, we will be using one of them to check out the epic moments of Twitch stream by rewinding them. So let’s find out more. 

Also, this Chrome extension will work as long as you are using the Twitch web application. Therefore, if you are a desktop app user, sadly, there are no ways yet that can help you rewind a stream. 

So, let’s see how you can turn any Twitch live stream into a rewindable video with the help of a free Chrome extension. 

As we all know, when we watch a Twitch stream, the screen looks something like the one below: just a pause button on the left corner below and no rewind or timestamp bar. 

 pause button on the left corner

To add a rewind bar or timestamp section, as we see in recorded videos, you need to download a Chrome extension called “Twitch DVR Player.”

download a Chrome extension called “Twitch DVR Player.

After you have downloaded the extension, it should reflect in the “Extensions” of your Chrome browser. Tap on the extension icon and scroll down to find the Twitch DVR player extension. 

tap on extensions

Twitch DVR player extension

Once you install this extension, it will start working automatically, making any Twitch stream rewindable. 

For safety purposes, you can also restrict this extension to only twitch.tv. That way, it won’t invade other streaming websites that you might use. To do that, 

  • Go to the extensions icon. 
  • Scroll down to Twitch DVR player. 
  • Click on the three dots next to it.
  • Click on manage extension. 

Click on manage extension

This should open a new window where you can manage its access. Keep the toggle button on only for twitch.tv to make sure it can only access twitch live streams. 

refresh the twitch.tv tab on your browser

After setting up, refresh the twitch.tv tab on your browser, and a rewind option should appear. 

twitch stream

But please note that some streamers may not keep the VODs option public, so unless you are one of their subscribers, you won’t be able to rewind the stream. If you still try to do that, it might show you something like this:


How To Rewind The Previous Minute On Twitch: Without Using Any Tool 

Now, if you are not a Chrome user or somehow the extension is not working for you, then you might not be able to start over watching from the very beginning, but you can replay the footage of the last 1.5 minutes or so. 

You don’t need any external apps or extensions for this. It is still better than nothing, right?

So, let’s see how you can rewind the last one and a half minutes of any Twitch stream without using any external tools. 

  • Go to the stream you want to rewind. 
  • Click on the Clip icon in the bottom right corner. 
    Click on the Clip icon in the bottom right corner
  • It should open a new tab where you will be displayed the last 1 minute 31 seconds of the stream, and you can also convert them into clips of 30 seconds duration. 

You can swipe across the yellow timestamp bar to preview the past one and a half minutes of the stream. 

Wrapping Up

Hope we were able to help you find a way to make Twitch streams rewindable. There are no in-app or third-party free tools that can help you achieve this, so installing the Chrome extension will be the cheapest and easiest option. 

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