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How to Make a Viral Video on Social Media

In 2021, it is everyone’s dream to get a viral video. Due to the previous 12 months of continual global lockdowns, content creators have seen massive boosts in their content views. Social media is growing, and more and more people are trying to build a platform. 

With the growing number of creators on Tiktok, YouTube, and Instagram, there is considerably more competition for views. Therefore, your content has to be fantastic. Also, you need an understanding of SEO, social media algorithms, and the current trends. 

Some companies will help you buy views on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, including a chance to buy cheap instagram views and buy facebook views paypal.

This article will look at how to make videos go viral, why they go viral, and how to build long-term success on social media. 


YouTube is the ultimate content creators platform. It is currently the second-most visited website on the planet, accounting for 37 percent of all mobile traffic, and users watch over 1 billion hours of video every day. So, as you can see, it is an absolute hub of video content.

However, getting a viral video isn’t as easy as it would seem. Many companies offer cheap youtube views to increase virality chances, but here are some ways to build long-term virality and subscribers. 

Thumbnail game 

Unfortunately, YouTube is a platform where many excellent videos sit dormant with a maximum of 20 views. The reality is, unless you have an attractive thumbnail, nobody will see your video unless you already have a subscriber base.

You have a mere few seconds of someone’s attention while they scroll past your video. If they see a good thumbnail, they might click.  

So what makes a good thumbnail? Initially, many creators would use the old ‘sex sells’ analogy and put pictures of girls in bikinis or similar things because people would click. YouTube has come down hard on these practices in recent years because they want to make it more child-friendly. 

A good YouTube thumbnail should have a good font style, attractive and eye-catching colors, and it helps to make eye contact with the viewer. Furthermore, use a high-quality thumbnail that matches the theme of your content. If you have an excellent thumbnail – you stand a considerably better chance of getting a viral video.

Use the correct keywords.

Everyone knows that you need the correct keywords to build a written blog. But, not everyone researches and optimizes keywords for their YouTube videos. It is an essential aspect of achieving a viral video. 

Keyword research makes it more simple for your audience to find you. You can use various tools for keyword research; a popular one is TubeBuddy which will help you find the correct keywords for your target audience. Also, Kparser is an excellent option because it also enables you to find keywords and search for YouTube terms that are performing well. 

Using good SEO on YouTube doesn’t guarantee a viral video, but it goes a long way and can help you on your quest.

Add the correct tags.

YouTube tags are another form of keywords and are equally as important. Using Rank Tracker and Tube Buddy are great options because they help you to find the right tags. Furthermore, it is possible to change your tags from time to time if the current tags aren’t working. 

The good idea is to keep the tags simple and don’t go crazy. You should only use tags that describe the content accurately, start with the longest tags and work your way down to the smallest tags. Also, if you are a brand, you should use the brand’s name in your tags. If you’re stuck after this, you can use YouTube’s auto-suggest tool. 

Write a good video description. 

Some YouTubers wrongly neglect the video description part of their videos because it is long and tedious. However, it is essential for SEO purposes. You should aim to write a video description of over 300 words and guarantee it is informative, direct, and explains your video’s content. 

Also, it is a great idea to have external links in the video description because the SEO likes that. If you have a blog, affiliate links, or just content related to your video, you should put that in the description.

Workers at YouTube found that videos with English video descriptions had a 4 percent increase in views over ones that didn’t. Even if your video isn’t in English, it isn’t a bad idea to write an English video description for SEO purposes. 

Furthermore, you can craft a closed caption script and upload that to your video. YouTube loves videos that have captions. If you don’t have the time to write a YouTube script, you can always hire a freelancer on sites like UpWork and Fiverr. 

Gain more subscribers

The fastest way to get a viral YouTube video is by gaining a subscriber platform. In recent years, YouTube content creators have had to become more niche to build a continual audience. As more and more YouTubers look to build subscribers, content creators will need to find niches within niches. 

There is no absolute way to build subscribers, and creating a following could take months or years. However, the content that you produce must be consistent with high-quality and directly targeting your audience. In YouTube’s 15 year history, creators have targeted various niches, with some creators doing combinations of fashion, fitness, and sports videos at once. 

In recent times, successful creators have had to stay directly within their niche to build subscriber loyalty. If your videos are constantly changing – subscribers can get disinterested. Plus, the YouTube algorithm dislikes creators that don’t stick to a specific niche. 

Moreover, the YouTube algorithm likes creators who engage with their followers. So, you should look to reply to comments, like comments, and leave a heart on comments when applicable. That shows YouTube you are engaging with your subscriber base, and the SEO often increases because of that. 


Instagram remains one of the most popular social media platforms, with almost 1 billion users on the platform in 2021. The app has over 4.2 billion likes daily, with nearly a thousand photos uploaded to Instagram every second. Let’s look at how to get a viral video on Instagram. 

Engage with other accounts 

One of the fastest ways to get a viral Instagram video is by engaging with other Instagram accounts by liking and commenting on their pictures. If users engage with different profiles and are active on the platform, you’re more likely to rank on the explore page. 

Plus, the more you engage with other accounts, it means the more followers you gain. If you gain more followers, your Instagram content is more likely to go viral. Also, some users opt to create engagement groups on the platform. 

An engagement group is when a group of people works together to engage with each other’s content. The second someone in the group posts content, everyone in that group will comment and like. Although the strategy has come under criticism, if you have users constantly engaging in your content, you are far more likely to get a viral Instagram video. 

Post content at the right times

Many Instagram users neglect to focus on the time they post content, but it is imperative to select the correct time. You can use tools like Iconosquare, which can find out the best times to post, and it is specific to your account. 

It is a good idea to post at a time that is attractive to your target audience. If you’re targeting American or Australian users, you should post at a friendly time to those users. 

Find your niche and create excellent content. 

You need a niche on Instagram, but once you’ve decided on that niche, you need to hone in on it. Instagram likes it when a user specializes in a subject like fashion or fitness and often promotes these profiles more. 

Also, users want to see Instagram pages that stay consistently on that niche. If you continue to veer away from the niche you built your following in, you’ll find many of your followers become disengaged. If so, your chances of viral videos drop massively.


TikTok has grown hugely over the past year and has almost become the success story of the lockdowns. The platform has over 1.9 billion downloads and is becoming increasingly popular with content creators looking for virality. Here are some tips for going viral.

Keep it short

TikTok is different from YouTube and Instagram, and people have less patience towards longer videos. It is a great idea to keep the video short and sweet and start the video with a bang to engage viewers quickly. You must have a strong call to action, tell a good story, and keep the content quick yet engaging. 

Buy Tiktok views

There are growing numbers of websites offering to help you buy tiktok views paypal. You can find various on google; you should do your research on the companies and their offering. However, creating valuable and consistent content is always the best way to sustain virality on any platform. 


There are so many variables to account for when it comes to creating viral videos on social media. The principles that work on YouTube tend to work on many platforms, learn SEO, create good content, have an excellent thumbnail, and continue to provide value to your chosen niche over months, if not years. 

However, virality often takes a lot of work, patience, and dedication to your content. If you manage to do those three – and never give up – you will soon achieve that viral social media video.

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