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What Is The YouTube Super Chat? Everything You Should Know

As a YouTuber, getting viewers to engage with you and building an audience can be challenging. Creators often have to come up with new ways to get more engagement make money from YouTube. While some engagement methods are more effective than others, YouTubers have to follow the standard procedure of asking the audience to view their videos, subscribe, like, comment, and turn on notifications to gain more viewers. 

However, once you have subscribers, how do you convince them to keep tuning in for the long haul and, in turn, monetize your channel and efforts even more? The answer to this question is–Super Chat! Super Chats are a fun way to connect with your audience while making more money.

Keep reading to find out about this amazing feature and why you’d want to activate it on your YouTube channel.


What Is The YouTube Super Chat?

Super Chat is a fun way to keep your viewers engaged and make more money from YouTube. Audiences can become part of live videos and make donations to your channel ranging from $1 to $500 once you schedule a live video premiere or host a live stream.

Super Chats are pinned and highlighted to the top of the video’s live chat to make sure viewers can see them. YouTubers can also see the amount donated to them along with the contributor’s name. 

Super Chat is a valuable tool because it allows creators to engage the audience and build a community on YouTube. It allows viewers to compete for your attention by making the most donations. It makes the live chat section more exciting by allowing you to show off your ‘Super fans’ and how much they have contributed.

The more viewers you have, the more the chances that you can monetize through Super Chats. Getting views for your channel can be tough, but you can buy YouTube views PayPal and start earning!

How Does YouTube Super Chat Work?

When creators go live, they can monetize using YouTube Super Chat. Users will notice a dollar bill symbol on the chat screen when they visit a live stream. A slider will appear on their screen if they click on this symbol. They can use this to determine how much money they are willing to send to the YouTuber.

A Super Chat is a paid message that enhances the colour and visual appeal. While older comments are replaced with new ones, Super Chats are unique in that they rise to the top of the chat window and remain there for a certain amount of time, depending on how much money the viewer has donated. 

The purchase amount determines the duration of the pinned comment. For example, a comment stays on the top for 2 minutes for a $5 message and $500 for 5 hours. 

Fans who use Super Chat have an advantage because their chats are visually distinct from regular messages in the chat box. This way, the streamer may notice the messages and respond during the live stream. Viewers using Super Chat and making contributions have an advantage since they have a better chance of getting a reply and interacting with their favorite YouTuber. 

It is similar to some of the features available on Twitch. It has the same functions, but Super Chat focuses on messages in live chat, whereas Twitch viewers use special emoticons. 

what is youtube super chat

Who Is Eligible To Use Super Chat?

To turn on the Super Chat feature, a YouTube creator needs to meet the following requirements:

  1. Has a monetized YouTube channel.
  2. Is over 18 years of age.
  3. Lives in a location that meets YouTube Super Chat guidelines.

Note: If your Super Chat still does not work, check your live stream settings to make sure the live chat feature is activated.

How to Turn On Your Super Chat?

Once you know you are eligible to use the feature, all you need to do is follow these steps to turn on your Super Chat and get more engagement and start to make more money from YouTube:

  1. Go to YouTube Studio.
  2. Click Monetization in the navigation menu on the left.
  3. Click ‘Supers’ on top of the ‘Channel Monetization’ dashboard. 
  4. You can disable or enable Super Chats from the right side of the screen.

You will also see all the Super Chats and your most recent donations.

What Are Super Chat Guidelines For YouTube Channels?

There are several guidelines that viewers and YouTubers need to be aware of while using Super Chat. These include:

  1. Every Super Chat is subject to a percentage taken by YouTube, which is around 30%. 
  2. Super Chats are non-refundable. 
  3. An e-mail receipt is sent to the contributors for the donations they make.
  4. Users are allowed to spend $2,000 per week and $500 per day on Super Chats. 
  5. To collect the money, you must link an AdSense account to your YouTube channel. 

How To Make More Money Using Super Chats?

You can use Super Chats in a lot of different ways to make sure you keep the audience engaged and monetize your YouTube channel. 

Do Interactive Activities

Doing live streams is a great way to engage your viewers more closely. Ask the viewers how you can make your content better. Discuss something your audience might be passionate about or have an interesting Q and A session with them. This will get the viewers thinking and excited to have an interactive session with you.

Make Buyers Feel Special

Personalize your sessions. Thank the people who made donations and mention their names. Respond to their comments while showing your appreciation. This way, they will feel valued and motivated to tune in next time to make more donations.

Promote Your Live Stream

Promote your live stream to boost your audience. Schedule your live session beforehand and promote it on all your social media accounts. Give your viewers time to clear up their schedules so they can join your live stream. Ask your friends to retweet or share. Also, encourage your YouTube subscribers to turn on their notifications. 

The Verdict

Time to host live streams now that you know everything about using Super Chat! It’s a great way to increase YouTube subscribers and connect with them on a personal level. If you manage to keep your audience engaged with your Super Chat content, they might reciprocate with generous financial rewards. 


How much is a Super Chat on YouTube?

Super Chat payments made by “Super Fans” can range from $1 to $500. However, you do not keep all the revenue earned from Super Chats. YouTube takes a 30% cut of your Super Chat earnings.

What is Rainbow Super Chat?

Viewers who have made contributions during the Super Chat appear in rainbow colors. The colour of a viewer’s Super Chat may vary depending on how much money they send.

How much is a red Super Chat?

Super Chats are divided into colors: red for purchases over $100, magenta for purchases between $50 and $100, orange for purchases between $20 and $50, yellow for purchases between $10 and $20, and green for purchases between $5 and $10.

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