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YouTube Channel Memberships: Learn How To Make Money From It

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Many influencers have managed to establish long-term careers on YouTube. Content creators are always looking for new ways on how to become famous on YouTube by strengthening their connections with their viewers while creating engaging videos to earn more. 

YouTube Channel Memberships are a new feature on the platform that allows YouTube subscribers to access exclusive content for a fee. Are you thinking about monetizing your video content with YouTube Channel Memberships? Learn what YouTube Channel Memberships are and how to make money from them. 

Keep reading to find out new ways to increase your income and support your YouTube video content. 

What Are YouTube Channel Memberships?

YouTube Channel Memberships are subscriptions to your channel that are paid for. They enable your most devoted subscribers to pay a monthly fee for additional benefits, exclusive content, and support for you as a creator.

Channel Memberships are intended for fans who want to support their favorite influencers while gaining access to additional content. In exchange for various benefits, fans pay a monthly subscription fee to an influencer’s YouTube channel.

Memberships are divided into tiers, allowing fans to choose a level appropriate for them. Fans can choose the price they wish to play by clicking the ‘Join’ button on the YouTube channel home page. 

How To Qualify For YouTube Channel Memberships?

Before offering Channel Memberships, creators must meet some basic requirements. Some of these are:

  1. A YouTuber must obtain over 1,000 subscribers. 
  2. You must be a part of the YouTube Partner Program
  3. The channel content should be in accordance with YouTube policies.
  4. You should be over the age of 18. 

How To Turn On YouTube Channel Memberships?

When you’re ready to start making more money with Channel Memberships, simply enable the feature. Here’s a quick, step-by-step guide on starting YouTube Channel Memberships:

  1. Go to the YouTube Studio. 
  2. Open the left menu and select ‘Monetization.’ 
  3. The ‘Channel Monetization’ page will appear next. Go to the top menu and select ‘Memberships.’
  4. Locate the ‘Set-Up Your Memberships Offer’ panel, click ‘Start,’ and proceed as directed.

How Much Can You Earn With YouTube Channel Memberships?

Creators can make a lot of money with YouTube Channel Memberships. YouTube allows its creators to set the value of their content from numerous pricing options. Channel Memberships are a great option for creators to generate revenue.

The more subscribers you have, the more chances you earn money through YouTube Channel Memberships. If you are looking for ways to increase subscribers organically, you can easily buy YouTube subscribers PayPal

Currently, creators can set monthly fees ranging from $0.99 to $100. Creators get 70% of the earnings, whereas 30% goes to YouTube. Before setting your membership prices, quickly run some numbers to see how much you will be making while charging different amounts. 

What Are The Benefits Of YouTube Channel Memberships?

YouTube Channel Memberships provide fans with a chance to support their favorite creators better and connect with them on a personal level. This feature also gives small creators an opportunity to gain more financial stability. 

YouTube Channel Membership also allows creators to make their audience feel validated and appreciated, especially when they have paid additional money to watch exclusive content. A larger community means more people will watch the channel, resulting in more revenue for the creator.

How Can You Earn From YouTube Channel Memberships?

YouTubers can provide subscribers with exclusive members-only content on their channel. Fans can have access to additional content that non-paying members can not see and monetize their channel even more. Some of these features include: 

Custom Emojis

Channel members can access a personalized emoji created by their favorite YouTuber. These are specific to each channel and can be freely used in a creator’s live chats. As a YouTuber’s subscribers grow, they can add more emojis. When a creator reaches 100 followers, they can make up to 14 custom emojis.


Badges indicate how long a person has been a paid member of a specific channel. There are six badges. They range from newcomers to members who have been with the club for two years. Creators can also upload their customized badges for fans to enjoy.

Members Only Community Posts 

Within each creator’s channel, YouTube provides a personalized Community tab. This is where they can share messages, updates, and photos with their larger audience. 

Members Only Live Stream 

YouTubers can use channel memberships to create live streams only paying members can view. Additionally, YouTubers can specify which types of members are permitted to view the stream. 

Members Only Live Chat

The members-only live chat feature works in the same way as the live stream feature. Any creator can start a live stream, but only channel members can post messages in the chat. 

Access To Exclusive Content 

This is the true benefit of YouTube Channel Memberships: it allows paying viewers to see additional content that non-paying members do not have access to. Creators can now post videos made specifically for their loyal subscribers, providing them with a more personalized viewing experience. 

Best Optimizations For YouTube In 2022

Do you want your YouTube videos to rank higher? Here are some ideas for the best optimizations for YouTube in 2022 so you can get subscribers and earn more from YouTube Channel Memberships. 

Create An Optimized Video Title

The title is very important in optimizing the entire video. If your title is compelling, it will be easy to capture the viewer’s attention and rank your video first. There are several ways to optimize YouTube videos, but title optimization is the simplest and most effective.

Try to come up with a title that says “click on me”. Your enticing title should convey to viewers the same message that your entire video does. You can also include commonly searched keywords to help your YouTube video rank higher.

Optimize The Video Description

In addition to optimizing your title, you should also optimize your video description. While your title’s primary purpose is to pique the interest of potential viewers, your description can be a little more detailed.

When writing your video descriptions, keep the following points in mind:

  1. Remember to include your target keyword(s).
  2. Make sure that what you’re writing is original.
  3. Include your website’s URL to direct visitors to it.

Create Focused Keyword

Keywords and optimization go hand in hand. Keywords help increase video ranking. If you create a focused keyword, your chances of ranking at the top of Google improve. When creating a keyword, remember to ask yourself what the main goal/focus of creating videos is.

Once you have this answer, generating a simple and engaging keyword will be easy. Once you’ve found the keywords that best match your topic, start using them in your YouTube videos.

Include The Right Tags

After you’ve included your keyword(s) in the title and description, you should also include them in the ‘tags’ section. Tags are only for YouTube’s use, so your viewers will not see what you include. Feel free to add as many keyword and search term variations as you can think of.

Create A Script

An engaging, well-written script can actually help you come across as more natural and spontaneous while also ensuring you don’t get sidetracked and lose viewers. So make sure to write a catchy script and a short intro to keep your viewers engaged till the end of the video.

Make sure to say the target keyword in your video. YouTube automatically listens to your videos and transcribes them, so by including your keyword in the video, you will get a little ranking boost. 

Increase Video Watch Time

Another factor that influences your YouTube ranking is the amount of time viewers spend watching your videos. The time spent watching videos on YouTube is referred to as watch time. The longer a video is watched, the higher it’s ranking. 

This is why YouTube prefers videos that viewers watch for longer because it helps YouTubers earn more from their channel. If your videos are long but still engaging enough to keep viewers watching, YouTube will take notice and you will begin to rank higher.

Encourage Viewer Engagement

There’s a reason why almost every YouTube video ends with the content creator asking people to subscribe, like, and comment on their video. This is because audience engagement has a significant impact on YouTube optimization. 

When someone likes, comments, or subscribes to your video, YouTube will begin showing them more of your content. 

Add An Interesting Thumbnail

A viewer only sees two things before deciding to click on your video: the video title and the video thumbnail. The thumbnail is important because viewers process visual information faster than text. 

To stand out, use a one-of-a-kind, attention-grabbing image that will make people click on your YouTube video.

Make Playlists 

Playlists are an excellent way to increase the overall watch time of your channel. Since they play automatically, rather than watching just one of your videos, a viewer may watch five or six.

It’s also a good idea to contact people who create similar content to you (but aren’t competitors!) and ask them to include your videos in one of their playlists. The more playlists that include your videos, the better your chances of optimizing your videos and channel.

Create Backlinks

To increase your backlinks, post your video in as many places as possible, such as your website and blog. You could also ask other websites in your niche to share your video or write guest posts for them that include your video. 

The Final Word

You can use YouTube Channel Memberships in addition to your existing sponsored content and advertising revenue without significantly increasing your workload. All you have to do is create some custom emojis and occasionally upload bonus content!

If you want to earn more money from your YouTube channel, you should look into YouTube Channel Memberships. They can be a simple and practical way to expand what you offer if you want to make money from your YouTube channel.


How do YouTube Channel Memberships work?

Viewers can join your channel with monthly payments through YouTube Channel Memberships. Members can get perks like badges, emojis, and other exclusive content. 

How much money do creators get from YouTube membership?

After taxes and fees are deducted, YouTubers receive 70% of membership revenue. At the moment, YouTube is covering all transaction costs (including credit card fees).

How much is a YouTube Channel Membership?

YouTube Channel Memberships begin at $4.99 per month and can go up to $49.99 per month. This gives creators a lot of leeway in tailoring their content to their preferred tiers. YouTube has determined these prices, and creators cannot deviate from them.

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