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How To Boost Reels On Instagram?

Instagram reels are currently the most popular and entertaining way of creating a larger follower base. It not only helps an individual grow their popularity but also helps businesses convey their stories and tap into potential customers.

However, with the stringent algorithm of Instagram, it can be difficult for a beginner to gain thousands, if not millions, of views on their IG reels. Yet it is not something completely unachievable.

An inbuilt feature on the Instagram app helps you boost your post in exchange for a certain fee. It also comes with a set of protocols that determine if the reel is appropriate for boosting. Hence, one cannot just boost any video they might want.

However, there are other ways to promote any reel of your choice on Instagram and boost its reach. Check this guide on how to get more likes on IG reels and boost your online presence.

What New ‘Boost’ Feature Of Instagram Reels, And What Are Its Criteria?

Instagram recently announced a new feature on their app and website that helps businesses and individuals to boost their reels.

To boost an Instagram reel, one can simply go to their profile, then go to the reel they intend to boost, select the ‘Boost’ option below it, and fill in the details.

Once the details are filled in, an option named ‘Boost reel’ will appear under Review your ad, and just by clicking on it, the reel will be submitted to Instagram for reviewing before it gets boosted.

Now before any reel gets boosted, it must meet the ad policies of Instagram. The policies are quite stringent and can prohibit the user from boosting any reel that has elements of violence and criminal behavior, is unfavorable to safety standards, and includes hate speech, sexual content, violent graphics, or tampers with any sort of integrity and authenticity.

Apart from these, some other vital criteria include:

  • The reel being 60 seconds or lesser than that in length
  • Having a full-screen vertical aspect ratio of 9:16
  • Avoiding any copyrighted music, gifs, interactive stickers, or even camera filters from a third-party app.
  • Being exclusive and something that is not posted on the Facebook app.

Why Should You Boost Your Reels On IG?

Below are some of the main reasons one would want to boost their IG reels.

1. For better reach and engagement

The main reason why any brand or individual would want to boost their IG reels would be to get better reach and engagement on their profile.
In the case of businesses, it helps them reach out to potential customers. Whereas, in the case of individuals who are aspiring to be social media influencers, it helps them gain more followers and become visible to various brands.


2. Audiences love bit size videos

Social media users cannot have enough short-form videos. Compared to static posts and long videos, reels seem to be the closest ‘sure thing’ that can grab the viewers’ attention.

Therefore, a little boost to those reels can significantly help a brand become visible and recognized in a short time.

3. Businesses can get creative and experimental with reels

Those who chose to boost their reels intend to do it as a replacement for ads. However, unlike ads, reels do not have any creative boundaries or hard-bound rules.

Businesses can experiment with fresh ways of showcasing their products and services and connect with the audiences at a deeper level.

4. Reels can be produced at a lower budget

In spite of giving creative freedom, reels can be produced at way lower cost than an ad.

Reels do not require bid budgets or setups and often require very little time to make. All that together makes it perfect for small brands and businesses that do not have the time or money to invest in making ads.

Organic Ways of Boosting Your Reels on Instagram

Here are some tips you can follow to boost your IG reels more organically.

  1. Make engaging tutorials. Audiences love small-bite-size videos that are full of knowledge. So, any tutorial or video with fun facts gets more likes and views.
  2. Make videos of behind-the-scenes. From packing orders to a clip of you completing a client project, the audience loves watching it.
  3. Interact with your audience through your reels by answering their FAQs, telling them to ask what they want, or hosting some sort of competition.
  4. Try to use the top trending and relevant hashtags.
  5. If any part of your video includes a famous brand, then do tag them.
  6. If your reels are travel-based, do not forget to tag the location on the post. This will ensure that whenever someone searches IG for that location, your video pops up on their feed.

What Are The Other Ways Of Boosting Reels On Instagram?

Some of the other effective ways of boosting your IG reels rapidly would include buying Instagram reels likes and views.

Many people know that one can buy Instagram followers, but they usually aren’t that helpful because, in the end, only the number of followers increases and not the engagement on the posts.

Whereas, in the case of buying views and likes, your IG reels get more engagement and hence better chances of getting viral. On top of that, more likes and views on your reels help increase the post’s credibility and positively influence the buyer’s decision.

Therefore, if you are planning to boost your reels to grow your business, then buying likes and views can help you achieve more than just getting better reach.

How To Get More Likes On Instagram?

There is a hand full of trusted websites to choose from to buy Instagram reels likes. The process of buying likes may vary slightly from website to website, but the overall method is quite similar.

So check out the guide on how to get more likes on IG by simply purchasing them.In most websites, first, you go to the website and select the option for buying reel likes.

Then, select the option that matches the number of likes you want on the reel. The option will also show you the price of it.
Once you are done selecting your preferred option, you can continue the following procedures: adding the reel link, making the payments, etc.

After everything is done, you will notice the number of likes on your selected reel gradually increasing to the desired scale.
Now before purchasing, make sure your account is public and not private, or else these websites won’t be able to help you.

How To Buy Instagram Reels Views?

The process to buy Instagram reels views is almost similar to buying Instagram reels likes.
The only difference is that the person needs to choose how many views they want to add to their reel and the rest of the procedure is exactly the same.


When you have so many options for boosting your IG reels, it is better to try them all out. First, you should definitely opt for the boost feature already given on the IG platform; however, if it isn’t available, you should check out the other ones.
Each of these three methods comes with its pros and cons. So, recognise the most viable option for you, and then go for it!

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