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How To Get More Followers On TikTok – 9 Best Ways

Launched in 2016, TikTok took little time to feature among the top social media platforms, with over a billion monthly active users globally. Thus, building your brand on TikTok is easy if you put the right step forward.

All you need to do is create worthwhile content and follow these nine tips recommended by famous TikTok creators with millions of followers. 

How To Get More Followers On TikTok – Try These 9 Ways!

Getting more followers on TikTok takes a little while now. So use these nine actionable ways and grow quickly to be the next TikTok influencer. 

Identify Your Audience & Create Resonating Content 

Who is my target audience on TikTok? Does my content resonate with their interest? Asking yourself these two questions is the first step towards amassing a huge follower base on TikTok.  

With over 1 billion MAUs on the platform, it’s not necessary that one type of content that works well for one group might resonate with another. This makes sense as these users hail from different demographics, locations, and niches. And, of course, their areas of interest are distinct. 

Hence, find your target audience and create content they would “enjoy.” 

But how to find my target audience? If you’re thinking of this next, here are a few easy ways. 

  • Take inspiration from the content posted by competitors in your industry and create your unique content
  • Track TikTok analytics 
  • Play with hashtags

Leverage TikTok Trends 

The next thing that matters the “most” to both TikTok users and creators is the “TikTok trends.”

Note: Represented by hashtags (#) on the app’s Discover page, a TikTok trend includes hot content created using similar outlines or the same sound clip of any short trending video. 

Leverage these trends and create your short videos around them. This way, your content has a better chance of landing in others’ feeds, thus fueling your popularity and follower count. 

You can refer to this page to find what’s trending or hop onto your app’s Discover page. 

Use Relevant Hashtags On Your Content 

Be it Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok, the right hashtags can be a game changer for your content as these help others find it in their feeds. But you must use only “relevant” ones! 

Don’t be that spammy creator who inserts 20-30 irrelevant hashtags, hoping at least one will work! 

When we talk about relevancy here, we mean how well that hashtag(s) suits your content and their total views. 

The best way to find highly relevant hashtags with the most views is by searching for them when creating your caption. Keep an eye on the top 5 hashtags and their views, preferably in billions. 

As a thumb rule, we recommend 3-5 high-quality hashtags per post on TikTok. 

Do A TikTok Challenge 

Like TikTok trends, a TikTok challenge is any contest or campaign where you create a video based on a specific task the challenge is about. These challenges can be around anything, for example, acting, dancing to a certain song, cooking, etc.

When you participate in any TikTok challenge, your content is most likely to appear on the feeds of those interested in that particular challenge. As a result, there’s a good chance of a boost in your follower count. 

Here are some popular TikTok challenges to give a try. 

The key here is to participate in the trendy challenges, as numerous choices exist. 

Tip: You can also create your own “TikTok challenge” and ask your TikTok audience to participate and make it viral. 

Mind Your Posting Time 

Are you posting your TikTok videos when your target audience isn’t online or as active as you would want? 

If so, stop doing this!

Besides your content’s quality, posting time is crucial in reaching the masses and encouraging them to follow you. 

But when should I post on TikTok?

The answer to this depends on various parameters and can be quite confusing. Luckily, TikTok analytics is your saviour here!

To begin with, go to the “Followers” tab on the “Analytics” screen. This section highlights the insights of your TikTok community. Here, you get real-time information about: 

  • Where your audience is from 
  • Change in follower growth compared to the previous period
  • Times of the day/week your followers are most active on TikTok

Use this data, prepare a fresh posting schedule, and let new followers roll in. 

Collaborate With TikTok Influencers 

If you’ve got the cash to burn and want instant results, influencer collaborations are highly recommended. You can connect with TikTok’s micro-influencers with an engaging audience to get in front of the masses. 

If your content is worth viewing and interesting, they won’t be able resist following you. 

But saying again, this is probably the most costly way to get followers on TikTok. 

Buy TikTok Followers 

You can also buy TikTok followers from third-party sites to enhance your profile authority on the platform.

One of the best places to buy TikTok followers is PopularityBazaar. Unlike other sites that sell fake followers, they deal in real followers who will also engage with your content. 

Note: Besides followers, you can also rely on Popularity Bazaar to buy cheap TikTok likes to amplify your visibility across the platform and views to make money on YouTube

Promote Your TikTok Videos On All Social Media Platforms 

Do you have your own YouTube channel or Insta account? If so, why not cross-promote your TikTok videos and attract followers from these platforms to TikTok?

And doing this is now easier as both Instagram and YouTube support short video content in Reels and Shorts, respectively. 

But remember the following two things. 

  • You must edit your TikTok short video for Instagram Reels or post the original video, as it doesn’t repost or watermark videos. You can post the videos with your TikTok logo as regular feed videos.
  • On YouTube, you can post TikTok videos with watermarks. However, they aren’t monetizable. 

Engage With Other TikTok Users 

If you want others to show engagement with your videos, you must engage with theirs. If you really liked someone else’s content in your feed, don’t leave without giving it a thumbs-up and a short comment. 

You can just comment about what you liked in the video, and it’s enough for the creator. After seeing your comment, they likely will visit your profile, view your videos, and engage similarly. 

Final Thoughts! 

Here you go, peeps. That’s everything you should know about how to get more followers on TikTok. 

Growing on TikTok isn’t as easy as on other social media platforms. This is primarily due to the TikTok algorithm (what is TikTok algorithm) and single content the platform supports – short videos.

Nevertheless, there are ample ways to boost your follower count on the platform, with the nine best discussed above. From determining who your target audience is to engaging with others’ video content, we recommend relying on organic ways. 

But if you want instant yet genuine results, buying real and cheap TikTok followers is not a bad idea either. 

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