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5 Techniques for Making Your TikTok go Viral

Tiktok is an interesting person that can take to any level, even within a day. But do you wonder how to go viral on Tiktok? Of course, we all do. We watch hundreds of videos sitting on the toilet seat or lying on the bed and wish we could go viral as well. But is going viral that easy? 

Tiktok has more than 200 million monthly users on both IOS and Android apps. And the more the users, the more the chances of going viral. Also, one of the best things about Tiktok is that, unlike other platforms, Tiktok recommends each video. If you can gather enough engagement on your video within a day, your video can start ramping up. 

So, here are 5 techniques for making your TikTok go viral. 

How to Go Viral on Tiktok

  1. Keep the Video Short

Remember that Tiktok is a short-video platform. You get to make shorter videos here. And it is what makes your content go viral most of the time. People love to watch shorter videos than hanging on to the longer ones. So, here’s the first tip on how to go viral on TikTok: Make Shorter Videos! 

Keep your videos as short as possible. You may even have noticed that the most viewed videos tend to have 15 seconds span. You have to be really creative here to crack the nut. But if you can, you will hit the top in no time. So, are you ready? If you are, chalk some idea out and start creating it. 

  1. Put Your Own Audio

People on TikTok values originality a lot. Also, it bears your brand with you. Tiktok is not only a visual platform. It depends a lot on audio as well. Think about it- the audio you’re using to create your content is made by someone else! So, while you may make content on available audios, adding your own might be the key to success. 

So, why don’t you just jump in and show your creativity here as well? You may wake up the next day and see that both your video and audio have gone viral, and people are recreating your content! Try to create your own audio and post content on those. 

  1. Stand Out

Be brave! People always just don’t follow the trend. They love to go against it sometimes. And if you are the one taking them on that side, you might go viral. There are a lot of Tiktokers who love to stand out, shattering their complexities and anxieties. They end up becoming an example and inspiration for many. 

Trust that you can be anyone and still an inseparable part of the universe! You put as much into it as others do! You may protest against body-shaming or racism. Whatever you do, if you are unique, you will get their attention! So, you have every right to come out and showcase your talent. 

  1. Be Interactive

Interaction matters, especially when you are dealing with the people responsible for making you viral. Your target should be making your followers feel welcomes and at home. In that way, they can relate to you and your content even more. It helps you gain a lot of love and attention. 

So, how you make it interactive? You can create reply videos or put call-to-action hashtags. You may even pick someone’s comment or request and perform something on that. It will help you make your audience feel more comfortable. Thus, they will keep coming back thinking and believe how much they matter to you. Show some love! 

  1. Introduce Bang

People love to watch anything on Tiktok. But it should better be unique and have some bang. Think about it: there are thousands of people recreating similar videos. But why do some of those stand up? What is the magic behind it? So, here it is: add a bang to your videos. 

What do we mean by banging here? Well, people will watch videos and forget about you eventually. The way to stay inside their memories is by putting a bang in the end. Try to make it crispy with some unexpected twist. You can even choose to showcase something differently. So, be different and add some fun things to do on tiktok

  1. Additional Tip: Be Original 

Well, here’s an additional tip: always be original. Ask yourself why do you want to get viral? Well, we all love attention and fame. But does that mean we all end up getting viral? No. It is your talent and passion that can take you to that level. It is the very originality inside you people value the most. 

So, the ways to become famous on TikTok leads to one single point: be original. Take your passion out and show it to the world that you can be someone worthy of their attention. Take your time when you create a video or content and put your best into it. The rest will be decided eventually. 


Yes, you can buy likes on TikTok. And doing that is a good way to start the journey. But it won’t help in the longer run. These 5 techniques for making your TikTok go viral is a useful guide to your journey to the top. All these points we have mentioned here are the keys to your desired success. 

So, do you have what it takes to go viral? Yes! Trust in yourself, and you will be flying in the sky in no time. Just don’t forget to be original, authentic and to stand out when it calls. With this zeal and courage, we know you will do it someday! 


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