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13 Fun Things to Do on TikTok

Tiktok is one of the most popular social media platforms, with more than 200 million monthly users on both IOS and Android apps. This short-video platform has been a source of many entertainments. It has even gifted us many talents whom we now call influencers. So, what do you do on this platform? 

As you might have already learnt how become an influencer on tiktok, let us know some of the best topics you can pick! In this article ahead, we have spoken about 13 fun things to do on Tiktok. So, if you are ready, let’s get started! 

Fun Things to Do on TikTok


Dancing is an art, which requires practising- true! But what happens on Tiktok is something quite different. Tiktok does not care about perfection but passion. It is all about uniqueness and your will to stand out. So, the most popular Tiktok videos are often of dancing. These videos get tons of likes and views and can bring your followers. 

Dancing videos do not necessarily require too much practice. Instead, most Tiktokers just go with casual dancing. So, if you are passionate about dancing, and have a creative mind, just get it started! After all, Tiktok videos are short, and you have to be creative. 

Music Videos

Do you think you are a passionate singer? Or, you might be an excellent person with hidden musical talent? Come on! The talent shows are not for everyone. And, besides, when you have the weapon, why wait for someone to care? Tiktok viewers value talent a lot. 

You can create casual music videos on Tiktok and post them. In that way, you can make a debut in the real music industry and nurture your passion for music. There are a lot of singers getting famous for their soulful voice, doing remixes or recreating a song. Doesn’t it sound wonderful?

Social Media Challenges

Social media can be a lot more challenging. And what type exactly? No, it is not some corporate channel you need to overcome to sustain life. But, these can be pretty much time-killing, especially when people get bored. We could see a huge surge in such challenges during the pandemic lockdown.

So, creating content on these social media challenges are always a good idea. These challenges are some trending topics you get to see on the top of your feed. They also get easily recommended and shared. With these, you don’t need to buy tik tok likes but get organic support. 

And if you like to be a little more daring, you can start your own challenge! Wonderful, don’t you think?

Follow the Trends

Going where the majority goes is a safe choice. At least you know that there is a result out there. And so, following the trends can promise you a good amount of reach on TikTok. But, what trends are we talking about? Social media catches different trends every day, and people are mad behind those. 

These trends can generally be seen on the most recommended videos. You will see many people doing it and posting continuously. And it can be from any niche. All you have to do is recreate those things, put your own element and post it on the platform. But remember to be creative while doing so!

Song Imitations

Okay, so you can’t sing that good. But did you know that music attracts most audiences? And creating a songful video can boost your chances and take it to another level? Come on; you don’t have to sing. All you need to do is lipsynching. And what is that? In these videos, you become a part of a song. 

Like, you put your lips on each word and act like you are singing. However, it is something more than that. Instead of simply lipsynching, you also get to try and enact the song. People find different ways to do so. Many even make comic videos out of some sweet songs to make it funny. So, bring your own twist and get yourself on the top. 

Motivational Videos

Do you lack motivation? Well, sometimes we all do. And during those times, all we need is someone popping out of nowhere and telling you, “everything is okay, and you are going to get through it.” But who would that be? Why don’t you play a part? Motivational videos can be a thing if you have great speaking skills. 

You can be someone delivering some short motivational speeches on Tiktok. These videos get huge popularity in a very short time. Also, motivational videos are unique and bear your brand image. So, get yourself into motivational speaking and help others while still getting famous on Tiktok. 

Enactment of Dialogues

It is quite similar to those lipsynching song videos, except for the part where you actually enact a movie dialogue instead of a song. And how is it any fun? For one thing, while enacting a movie dialogue, you represent yourself as the sole actor and bring a contrast between the real actor and you. People take it as fun. 

On the other hand, the enactment of dialogues is funny because Tiktokers bring their own twist to these videos. Like, you can act on dialogue from a very different perspective from that of the real one. And for this, you have to be creative and add your own element. These sorts of videos are quite famous on the platform. 

Satisfactory Videos

Satisfaction is what we lack in this modern world. From leaving the bed to getting back home, we only gather stress. So, having some stress busters are not bad at all. Have you heard about ASMR? Autonomous sensory meridian response or ASMR is the tingling feeling we get that typically begins on the scalp and gets down the upper spine and the back of the neck.

Now you might have already understood what we are talking. Yes, this feeling is a response to a gentle stimulus like some specific sound or video. Those paper cutting, crashing cans, sounds or mechanical strains destroying the oddest objects videos are some sort of satisfactory videos, prompting the ASMR within us. 

Thus, these videos work as a stress buster. You can easily create these videos and post them on Tiktok. 

Animal Videos

Are you a pet lover? Cause if you are, you can be a Tiktok sensation really very fast. And how so? This world is mad behind pets. From cats to dogs, even to snakes, what do we not pet? And there are people who like to appreciate how our pets easily mingle with us. 

You might have seen various pet performances on Tiktok. Like, a dog playing a song or a cat doing the perfect catwalk. These sorts of videos get a tremendous response from everyone around. Whether your pet is trained or not, if you think it is unique, get your camera and start playing with it. 

Reaction or Reply Videos

Another fun thing that people do on Tiktok is making reply videos. These videos are a sort of reaction or reply to a certain video. Unlike the reaction videos you see on YouTube, reply videos on Tiktok are short but funny. Sometimes these videos can also be about challenges or other trends. 

You get to pick one such video and remix it with your reply. You can use collab with famous influencers in such cases. And if your response is creative enough, you will be some miles away from being the next Tiktok sensation. So, why miss such a unique chance? 

Science Experiment

Did you see that coke and mentos video? Or that big toothpaste burst video? These are some sort of science videos people like to watch on Tiktok. In these videos, you can experiment with a lot of things. For example, this very famous Coke and Mentos experiment is when you put mentos into a Coca-Cola bottle and then shake it up. 

The burst is what people enjoy in here. Now, apart from this, you can do your science experiment. You can include your friends or partners in the video and make it more fun and creative. But remember not to spam.

Travel Videos

Who does not love to travel? And this pandemic lockdown has only taken the craving to the next level. Also, not everyone gets a chance to visit the most beautiful places on this planet. But if you do, why don’t you share it with other people? It can also be like a tour guide. 

If you think you are a passionate traveller, you can make short travel-related videos. It can include the best places of somewhere you visit, or the best travel destinations, etc. You can also give travel tips, like how to pack your bag, what things you should check, etc. 

Food Videos

Last but not least, food videos have a different charm on the platform. Tiktok has foodies from all over the world. And the food is something that goes beyond any boundaries. So, do you love cooking? Or trying different dishes is your sole speciality? Whatever that be, you can create and post such content on Tiktok. 

Also, if you are a traveller and a foodie both at the same time, you can create content on both. Like, you can post videos of different dishes from a different continent. Or, you can put simple and short recipes as well. In any way, food videos are always a hit on such platforms. 


Creativity does not have any boundaries. You can show it anywhere and in any way you want. Platforms like Tiktok gives you a chance to showcase your talent in the way you think it unique. And this is where you have to play your part. For example, to post a dance video, you don’t have to be a dancer. Instead, if you love art, you can do something creative. 

Whenever you are looking for fun, look for something you love. It can be a reply video, stunt, travelling, challenges or music; if you love it, they will love it too. You need to know how to make your TikTok video go viral and have some creative ideas. So, pick one of these 13 fun things to do on TikTok and let your journey begin. 

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