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What Does CFS Mean on Instagram

Whenever you see a green glowy ring around your friends’ stories instead of the normal pink ring, you know that your friend has uploaded something exclusively for the eyes of a few. CFS has something to do with the same feature. 

However, it’s alright if you don’t understand the meaning of CFS right away. Social media is full of slang with new additions every day. So, let’s dive into it. 

CFS Mean on Instagram

What does CFS mean on Instagram? 

On Instagram, CFS means Close Friends Story. 

Close friends was a feature introduced by Instagram in 2018. This feature allows you to create private stories which are different from your general Instagram stories. 

First, you select a list of friends from your followers’ list who would be allowed to see and comment on your private stories. These would generally be people you are close with. 

Close Friends Stories are a great way to share your digital updates with friends privately, without having your entire follower list know of it.  





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How to Upload a Close Friends Story?

Uploading a Close Friends Story is just like posting a normal Instagram story with a few differences. 

  • Tap or click on the ‘Your Story’ button on your profile picture, in the stories bar. 
  • Choose ‘Story’ from the slider. 
  • After this, choose an image or video from your phone, or create an image or video instantaneously. 
  • Once you have edited the media and it is ready to upload, you will see an option between upload to ‘Your Story’ and ‘Close Friends’ with a green circle next to it. 

Close Friends Stories will disappear after 24 hours just like a normal Instagram story. 

You can also highlight Close Friends Stories and anyone who you add to the Close Friends’ List will be able to view them. 

How to Set Up a Close Friends List?

To set up a Close Friends List, go to your Instagram profile. 

  • Click or tap on three lines on the top right corner which will take you to Profile Settings and Activity. 
  • Here you can scroll down to find a Close Friends option underneath ‘Who can see your content.’
  • In this option, you will find a list of suggested friends who you can add to your Close Friends list. 
  • If someone you want to add is not on the suggested list, you can use the search bar to find and choose their profile. 

If you have not set up a Close Friends list before, you will receive a ‘Get Started’ button before the suggested friends pop up. These suggestions are based on your interactions with different accounts. 

Once you click ‘done’, your close friends list gets saved. You can always add or remove people from this list later on.  

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