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What Does NFS Mean on Instagram

Ever since the popularity of social media, people have come up with countless abbreviations such as NFS, to create ‘shortcuts’ in messaging. Some of these abbreviations have very common meanings on Instagram, whereas other abbreviations may have multiple meanings. 

NFS is one of such abbreviations which has various meanings. To understand what a specific NFS means, you will need to understand its context.   

What does NFS mean on Instagram? 

The following chart shows the most common meanings of NFS corresponding to their context and relevant categories. 

The chart goes from meanings that are mostly meant or implied to the ones that are least. 



Need For Speed


Not For Sale

Any Product or Service

No Filter Sky


No Filter Selfie


No Filter Sunset


No Filter Skin


New Fashion Style


Not For Sharing


Next Fashion School 


No Funny Stuff


Here is a detailed explanation of some of the most common uses of NFS, to help you decode it and understand what it may mean.

NFS- Need For Speed

Need for Speed is the most used form of NFS on Instagram. This can be the meaning if the abbreviation is used in the context of cars, racing, or gaming.
Need for Speed was originally a very popular racing game, which made the phrase common.
NFS used as Need for Speed may represent a desire to go fast, usually in a race.

NFS- Not For Sale

The second-most common use for the abbreviation is Not for Sale. Similar hashtags such as #NotForSale can also be found on Instagram.
NFS used as Not for Sale can be said for non-purchasable collections, properties, or items which a brand or seller is no longer selling.

NFS- No Filter Sky/No Filter Sunset

Instagram is full of images and videos of the sky with the hashtag #NoFilterSky or #NoFilterSunset or NFS. This can imply that the image or video is raw and was not taken with a filter.

NFS- No Filter Selfie/No Filter Skin

Similar to No Filter Sky, NFS can also mean No Filter Selfie/Skin, which says that the selfie/skin is raw and taken without applying a filter to enhance the image.
This is usually used by brands or influencers to promote products. It is also used to promote appreciation for natural appearances.

NFS- New Fashion Style/Next Fashion School

These variations of NFS represent trendy media content such as clothing, undergarments, accessories etc, of the latest fashion.

NFS- Not For Sharing

This means that the content in the post is not for sharing with others. It is only for the eyes of exclusive viewers.

It can also mean that the user does not want to provide more information on the topic as it is secretive and ‘not for sharing’.

NFS- No Funny Stuff

NFS as No Funny Stuff means that the user does not want any drama or nonsense in the specific post.

It can also mean that a product does not contain anything suspicious and is completely natural.

Sometimes, understanding abbreviations can be a bit complex. To learn about more abbreviations, such as NFS or SMT, visit PopularityBazaar.


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