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What Does SFS Mean on Instagram

Social media is full of new slang terms and acronyms such as SFS. You may have seen SFS in comments on posts.

If you do not know what SFS means, you will find the various possible meanings of SFS in this article. 

What does SFS mean on Instagram? 

SFS means on instagram

On Instagram, the most common meaning for SFS is Shoutout for Shoutout. 

This form of the abbreviation is highly used by Instagrammers to tell others that they are willing to provide a shoutout to the account that gives them a shoutout. 

This is an effort to get more followers. So whenever you see SFS written in someone’s story or comments, it means that the user is willing to exchange shoutouts. 

Shoutouts are a great way to increase and share followers as a community.  

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Shoutout for Shoutout

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What is a Shoutout? 

A shoutout is an expression of praise, thankfulness, or acknowledgement directed towards someone, in a public setting. Shoutouts started as a part of musical performances, songs, recordings, or broadcasts but have now become a very popular trend to gain followers. 
On Instagram, a shoutout can be given when a user promotes another account on their profile. This can be as a part of a collaboration, or a genuine liking of someone else’s work that they would like their followers to check out as well. Brand accounts get shoutouts from influencers to promote their product, or campaigns, or to increase sales. 
To give someone a shoutout, you have to create a post or story containing a picture of the relevant person or brand and tag them in it. Additionally, you can also write a review, say something nice, or direct your followers to check out the page or follow it. 
Shoutouts for friends or brands you trust can be free. People earning through Instagram can be paid for shoutouts.

Other Meanings

Another meaning for the popular phrase SFS can be ‘Spam For Spam’. This is another engagement-boosting activity. 
In this case, both the parties agreeing to this would like a bunch of each other’s Instagram posts.
In some contexts, people can also use SFS to mean ‘So F*****g Sweet’ or ‘So F*****g Stressed’. This is most commonly used during personal interactions, conversations with friends in DMs, or comments. 
e-Commerce platforms can also use SFS to say ‘Still For Sale’.


  • “SFS, please.”
  • “I’m SFS with school, right now.”
  • “Aww, that’s SFS.”
  • “The products are SFS.”

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