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10 Proven Strategies for Getting More X/Twitter Followers

Every brand and content creator knows that getting more Twitter followers is critical for expanding their reach. But how do you grow your following and stand out among millions? 

The struggle to build a substantial Twitter audience is real! But perhaps it’s time now to revamp your approach.  

Will you be surprised if we tell you that your follower count can increase in just a few steps? Many of them are so obvious and elementary that they get ignored! 

So, take a look at some actionable tips and proven strategies that can help you gain real, engaged X/Twitter followers organically! 

10 Proven Strategies for Getting More X/Twitter Followers

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In 2023, X/Twitter saw 237.8M monetizable daily active users. So, standing out among them and growing your Twitter following may seem daunting.

But, integrating the right strategies can help you reach new audiences. Below are 10 proven tactics to get high-quality Twitter followers.

1. Optimize and Authenticate Your Twitter Profile. 

The first thing people notice about your Twitter presence is your profile. To attract potential followers and build trust, you must optimize and authenticate your profile. 

Choose a clear and engaging profile picture that reflects your brand or personality. For instance, if you’re a makeup artist, use clicks or cosmetics, makeover looks created by you, etc. 

Remember to write a crisp, compelling profile bio highlighting who you are and what your brand represents. Add relevant keywords and hashtags so that people can find you easily and take interest. 

Consider verifying your account with Twitter Blue. It adds the blue tick as a badge of authentication, and it instantly gains the faith of profile visitors, prompting them to follow you. 

2. Focus on the Technical Quality of Content. 

When you produce technically sound, high-quality content, it immediately earns your audience’s confidence. As a result, they choose to follow you. 

Make sure to optimize your Tweets and the visual media embedded in them for the platform. For that, it’s essential to pay attention to their resolution, size, dimension, and other aspects.

The recommended size of an image is 1600 x 900 pixels. The ideal video resolution is 1280 x 720 (landscape), 720 x 1280 (portrait), or 720 x 720 (square).

Always do a quality check before posting anything on Twitter. Make sure that your copies have no typographical errors and that the media is distinct so they appear polished and professional. 

3. Participate in Twitter Trends and Use Trending Hashtags. 

Stay on top of social media trends and integrate them into your Twitter campaigns. Active participation in Twitter trends, with the use of trending hashtags, can effectively draw followers. 

When you hop on the bandwagon, your content reaches new audiences. So, identify relevant conversations among the Twitterati and join them if they sync with your brand. 

You can share your insights on a current topic or create content around a subject. For instance, if you have a bouquet store, a post around Miley Cyrus’ Grammy win for Flowers can help you. 

This will prompt Twitter’s algorithm to favor your content and your profile. It will push you higher on the recommendation lists and search results to boost your discoverability. 

4. Engage with Your Audience.

It’s not enough to focus on increasing your follower count. You must focus on building a community of people who follow you – or engage with you consistently. 

For that, you must engage with your audience regularly in a meaningful way. Respond to their mentions, comments, and DMs promptly to show them that you value them. 

Keep an eye out for relevant Tweets and user-generated content from accounts in your community, and make sure to Retweet or at least like them for a personal touch.

Monitor and respond to your mentions and join conversations relevant to your brand or industry for more visibility. Regular interactions can be a great way to implement top-of-mind awareness. 

5. Collaborate with Influencers and Industry Leaders.

Identify the influencers and thought leaders in your industry and collaborate with them. It can be a powerful way to boost your credibility and gain the trust of your target audience. 

The best exposure you’ll get is if you can find the support of a respected influencer. You can also engage with their content to gain visibility and build relationships. 

Another way to go about this is to collaborate with others in your industry with a similar follower base. That way, you both can tap into each other’s audiences. 

You can cross-promote each other’s content, co-host live events, or exchange shoutouts. Don’t forget to subscribe to lists curated by them and encourage them to do the same. 

6. Run Twitter Contests and Giveaways.

Regular contests and giveaways can attract people to your profile. Your target audience will be compelled to follow you to keep an eye on your rewarding activities. 

There’s no limit to how creative you get. Photo challenges, caption contests, quizzes: the list is enormous. You can also encourage them to tag others for rewards. 

Another great option is to encourage people to share posts about their experiences with your brand. You can share such user-generated content for more exposure to give them a shoutout. 

Rewards can include gift cards, gift items, discount coupons, and more. Collaborate with brands to sponsor special gifts that will attract more participation. 

7. Create Engaging and Shareable Content.

Your content is key to gaining followers. No matter how much you invest in your marketing efforts, you won’t gain success if your content doesn’t hold merit. 

Your content should be unique and provide value to the target audience. Whether it’s an educational video or an entertaining meme, it should be worth something to people. 

That way, your target audience will likely follow you to get their regular dose of content. They will likely Retweet your content, too, boosting your reach and attracting more followers. 

Analyze your audience’s tastes and preferences based on their activities, location, age, gender, and more. Accordingly, curate your Tweets to cater to them. 

8. Analyze and Optimize Your Performance.

Twitter offers analytics and insights to all users. Leverage the data to track engagement and audience behavior and figure out what works for you. 

Unlike some platforms, Twitter doesn’t limit analytics to business profiles. For instance, if you turn off Facebook’s Professional Mode, you won’t be able to access the insights. 

So, make the best use of it to monitor your growth on Twitter regularly and find out which Tweets drive the most engagement. 

Track the content of your Tweets, the time of publishing, etc. and adjust accordingly. It will help you make informed strategy optimizations for your future campaigns. 

9. Stay Consistent and Regular.

When you have a regular and consistent posting schedule, your audience knows when to expect new Tweets from your account. It’s a sustainable way to grow your follower count. 

To decide your schedule, assess the analytics and find out the ideal day and time of posting. And to ensure that you don’t miss the time, schedule your Tweets in advance. 

But don’t stop at just Tweeting on a schedule. You also need to be regular with your replies, comments, contests, and other activities on this platform. 

Being regular and active improves your visibility. So, ensure that all your communications are meaningful and engaging in order to drive traffic to your account.   

10. Buy Twitter Followers.  

To complement all the other effective and organic strategies for Twitter growth, invest in Twitter followers. But make sure to buy them from a reliable site so that you can get real followers. 

When you purchase followers, it creates a perception of popularity and credibility. It can also boost social proof and influence real Twitter users to follow you.

You may be new to Twitter with no followers or hit a phase of stagnation. Either way, buying followers can give you a quick boost. 

But make sure not to depend on purchasing followers completely. You must combine them with other steps, like investing in Twitter ads or trying organic tactics for balanced growth.   

Factors to Consider While Buying Twitter Followers 

When you buy Twitter followers, the most important role is played by the seller. You must choose a reliable platform like PopularityBazaar if you don’t want to get into trouble. 

Unfortunately, many sites sell Twitter followers, luring customers with excessively low-priced packages. But you’ll end up with fake and inactive followers, and Twitter might flag your account. 

So consider the following while choosing a platform to buy Twitter followers: 

Real Follows from Active Accounts: When the follows come from 100% real and active accounts, Twitter’s algorithm won’t be able to identify if they’re bought or not. Pro tip: integrate organic growth tactics so there’s a uniform and balanced follower increase.  

User Security: Make sure that the platform is encrypted and your transaction details are safe. Also, check if the seller carries out all activities discreetly. Be careful if it asks for your account credentials because a safe site usually uses only your profile URL.

Convenience and Speed: Find a platform that lets you complete the buying process in just 3-4 easy steps, like selecting the package, providing your URL, and making the payment. Also, check the delivery time. It should be around 24-48 hours.

Customer Support: A good platform selling Twitter followers will always have a contact center that’s easy to reach via multiple channels. They should be ready to solve problems, answer questions promptly, and be available to help you round the clock.

Reasonably-Priced Packages: Pick a platform that offers a wide range of packages. That way, you can invest in Twitter followers according to your budget. But beware of suspiciously low prices, as such packages will fetch nothing but bots and fake followers.


Why do you need Twitter followers?

Twitter can be a powerful marketing tool if you have sufficient followers. An increase in followers leads to exponential growth through social proof and algorithm boosts. 

It improves your reach and makes you look established and credible. It attracts the target audience and sponsorships. 

Do I need to follow organic growth strategies if I buy Twitter followers?

Yes, you must implement organic growth strategies even if you buy Twitter followers. Such tactics attract people genuinely interested in your content and brand, leading to sustainable and stable growth. 

Bought followers should be used for social proof to complement organic engagement. 


You may be starting from square 1 or hoping to increase your current network. Either way, our strategies will take your Twitter game to the next level.

Remember that there’s no shortcut to success on Twitter. And for real growth, patience and persistence are a must. With our guide to use your Twitter effectively, you’ll get overall growth.

So, implement these strategies and customize them to suit your needs. That way, you’ll not only gain more Twitter followers but also see more engagement and reach.  

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