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How To Get On Instagram Explore Page?

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Instagram’s Explore page is a feature to discover and consume content. Many businesses use this as an organic growth tool to reach a new audience and expand their reach.

Appearing on the Explore page is quite the benchmark for getting viral. But how do you land there? Is it that easy? 

Many prefer to buy likes for IG posts, as it increases engagement and reach. But this alone is not enough, and you must focus on scheduling and optimization.

Read through the entire blog to understand the IG algorithm and reach the maximum of the target audience by landing on their Explore page.

What Is The Instagram Explore Page, And Why Is It Unique?

The Instagram Explore page is a feature within the Instagram app or website that displays a collection of content in sync with your taste. It consists of photos, reels, videos, and stories of the people you may like to see but don’t necessarily follow. 

Since everyone has different interests, the Instagram algorithm curates different explore feeds. You can go to the explore page by clicking on the magnifying glass icon. Here is how it looks.


Interesting, isn’t it? Moreover, you can use the search panel above to find other users, content, etc. But this is also where the fun begins, as businesses can utilize this section to expose themselves to those who don’t follow them and bag some more followers. 

Benefits Of Being On The Explore Page For Your Instagram Marketing

According to Statista, by 2025, Instagram will have 1.44 billion monthly active users. If you have a business, getting featured on the Instagram Explore page will be a plus point.

Here are a few benefits of optimizing your content and landing on the Explore page.

1. Increased traffic:

The biggest perk of getting featured on the Instagram Explore page is getting exposure, which leads to increased traffic to your profile. It helps you achieve the sole purpose of showcasing your business on social media platforms.

Hence, with the help of this feature from Instagram, there’s definitely a higher possibility of reaching more audiences interested in your niche.

2. More followers count:

When your content is exposed to more users, you get more followers. All you need to do is make your posts visually appealing enough for people, and they will hit the follow button for more content from your account.

3. Better engagement rates:

One of the fantastic benefits of the Explore page is only the right users will see your content, as they are already interested in the type of content you create.

It improves the chances of them liking and commenting on your posts, and the overall engagement on your posts increases.

4. More conversions:

Targeting the wrong audience with paid ads will only burn your resources and lead to poor conversions. By targeting the users who are already interested in seeing your content, you get a better chance of conversions. 

10 Tips On How To Get On The Instagram Explore Page

Here are 10 tips that will help you to get on the Instagram Explore page of your audience:

1. Filter Target Audience: 

Understand your audience and their demographics and create the Ideal Client Persona (ICP) to help you target them with personalized content.

2. Post At The Optimal Time: 

Create a content calendar along with the time of posting. You can experiment with the post time and identify when your post has the maximum reach.

Optimal time varies with every creator as it depends on the niche, location, and users. So use tools to find a time when the majority of your followers are active. 

3. Create Engaging Content: 

Create interactive content that compels viewers to like, comment, share, and click the follow button. Over time, they will take action and add themselves to your customer list.

4. Make More Reels:

In 2022, we saw the craze of Reels- the new content format. Without a doubt, it will rule 2023 as well.

Instagram wants creators to focus more on reels; as they have a dedicated reels page, which also surfaces on the Explore page. Creating reels ensures better reach.

Bonus Tip: You can boost your reels video for easy account reach.

5. Don’t Ignore Hashtags:

To land on the explore page, using hashtags is a must. Utilizing hashtags can bring you more viewers than ever, as it is one of the significant content-optimizing steps. Instagram rewards content with proper hashtags that are relatable to the content.

6. Optimize The Captions:

Include keywords in the caption to optimize the content. Proper caption optimization can increase your chances of content virality.

7. Interact With The Audience:

Interact with your followers by organizing polls or creating stories asking for their suggestions on what they want you to cover next. This will help you build an active community of followers.

You can even conduct contests and giveaways as they draw the audience in.

8. Collaborate With Famous Creators: 

Collaborate with other big names in your niche. The guest appearance of other brands and influencers will bring you their followers too. It will help your content to be on their explore page too.

9. Leverage Instagram Analytics: 

Take a look at your Instagram analytics periodically to understand if your content is engaging enough. It will help you understand if your audience is resonating with your quirky posts more or the formal, informational ones.

You can also figure out if your reels are performing better than your carousels or the opposite. Always check the insights of your most viewed posts to find out if they are already on the explore page and where the maximum traction came from.

10. Take Ideas From Your Explore Page: 

Last but not least, check out your own Explore page for organic research. Look for trending content, which format works best in your niche, and thoroughly research keywords and hashtags.

How does the Instagram Explore algorithm work?

Instagram’s algorithm has the primary goal of feeding users relatable content and by doing so, increasing the app usage time. If you have a business, knowing how the algorithm of the explore page works can be a goldmine.

The following is what Instagram looks for in an account and its content to be pushed to users’ Explore page:

  • An active and engaging creator.
  • The amount of engagement the creator is receiving on the posts.
  • The quality and optimization of the content.
  • Whether the content is following the latest trends, music, or in-app features.

The Instagram algorithm uses different data and ranking factors to display certain content to viewers. Let’s look at the ranking factors in detail:

  • Creator-viewer relationship: The relationship between the creator and users is crucial. Maintaining an active community and interacting with users by replying to their comments makes your content viral and shareable among peers.
    If your content is pushed to a user’s explore page, their followers will likely find it on their explore page too.
  • Content information and relevancy: Instagram values quality content, so you should be careful and ensure it has all the trendy elements besides the main content, like background music, relatable world events, etc.
    If your content is easy to interact with, it will achieve relevance and become viral.
  • Creator’s activity history: Consistency is the key to always being on the top of your followers’ feed and and also for future followers who skim through your content from the Explore page.
    If you post consistently with a social media calendar, you will have an amazing activity history and Instagram rewards active accounts by pushing them to new consumers.

How to reset Instagram Explore page algorithm?

The Instagram Explore page is tailored to our interests. But due to the algorithm, you might be seeing only a few types of content repeatedly, which can be boring.

If you have a business, it is essential to shake the algorithm occasionally to make space for trendy content to enter your explore page. This not only changes your taste but also inspires new content.

However, it is very easy to reset IG algorithm in a few steps. Follow the process step-by-step:

  1. Start the Instagram App
  2. Tap on the Explore button
  3. Click on any post you don’t want in your Explore feed
  4. Tap on the three dots in the top right corner
  5. Select ‘Not interested’

Another necessary step is to clear the search history. Follow this process for all the types of content you don’t want to see.


Being on the Instagram Explore page can boost your business. If your content adds value to consumers, they will engage more and share it with their peers.

Create an active community, respond to DMs, and interact with your followers along with current non-followers. Once they trust your content and receive help from you, your Instagram marketing strategy will see results.

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