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Reset Your Instagram Algorithm: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Instagram algorithm monitors your every little move, so it is no surprise that it fills the “For You” page based on what you have engaged with the most. But sometimes, you use IG for research purposes, and after completing your task, seeing posts related to your last searches can be annoying.

Or you might have had a sudden change in taste and now want to see content from particular niches only. All those requirements can be met by simply resetting your Instagram algorithm.

In this post, we will guide you on when and how to do that, so without further ado, let’s get started!

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Before We Start: A Little Breakdown Of The Instagram Algorithm

Learning about algorithms is a perk, as it can also help you go viral with your reel.

Instagram uses a very complex algorithm that shows you content that it believes you would love to engage with.

Whatever you like, save, comment, whom you follow, or even what you replay multiple times gets noted by the algorithm as content you enjoy or want to see more. And based on that, it shows you content in the future.

In fact, if you have permitted the Instagram app to monitor your searches across different websites, it will even show you ads based on your latest searches, wishlist, or products you have kept in your cart.

Most social media platforms use this technique, so learning the IG or FB algorithm will also help you learn more about TikTok algorithm.

Hence, whenever you feel like switching the genre of your content, you can reset it and enjoy variety.

What Does Resetting Your Instagram Algorithm Do?

If your Instagram Explore page is filled with irrelevant content, the platform becomes draining rather than entertaining. Here are some benefits you get by resetting your Instagram algorithm.

You Get To Enjoy Diverse Content

Resetting your Instagram algorithm, in a figurative sense, may involve taking steps to diversify the type of content you engage with. By actively exploring and engaging with various posts, profiles, and hashtags, you can expose yourself to a wider range of content, leading to a more diverse and enriching experience.

You Are Able To Discover New Accounts

When you reset your algorithm, you might discover new accounts and content creators who align with your interests but were previously outside your radar.
So by seeking out new profiles and exploring different hashtags, you increase the chances of discovering fresh and exciting accounts to follow.

Better Experience

The Instagram algorithm learns from your behavior and preferences to tailor your feed according to your interests. By resetting or diversifying your interactions, you can refine the algorithm’s understanding of your preferences, potentially leading to a more personalized experience with content that aligns closely with your current interests.

Eliminates Echo Chambers

Over time, the algorithm might reinforce existing beliefs or preferences and start showing you similar content. Resetting your algorithm can help you break out of echo chambers and lets you expose yourself to the platform’s diverse perspectives, ideas, and communities.

Enhanced Engagement

Engaging with a wider range of content can also boost your overall engagement on Instagram. When you interact with posts by commenting, liking, or saving content, it signals to the algorithm that you are actively engaged, potentially leading to a more interactive experience and increasing the likelihood of your content being discovered by others.
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How To Reset Instagram Algorithm: Step by Step

Instagram does not provide a direct option for users to reset their algorithm. But since the algorithm is designed to learn and adapt to individual user behavior over time, here’s what you can do to reset your Instagram algorithm.

Mark Content That You Are Not interested In

  • Tap the three dots (⋮) on a post’s top right corner.
  • Select “Not Interested” to remove similar content.
  • The algorithm stops showing similar posts or content from that user.

 Unfollow Uninteresting Accounts

  • Unfollow accounts that don’t match your current interests.
  • Go to their profile, tap “Following,” then select “Unfollow.”
  • Unfollowing changes your feed and suggests new, relevant accounts.

Clear Your Search History

  • Your search history influences Instagram’s recommendations.
  • Go to your profile and tap the three lines in the top right.
  • Select “Settings,” then “Security,” and “Clear Search History.”

Clear The App Cache

  • Clearing the cache refreshes Instagram’s data and settings.
  • Go to your device’s settings and find “Apps” or “Applications.”
  • Locate Instagram, find storage options, and clear the cache.

Engage More With the Type Of Content You Want to See

  • Like, comment, save, and share posts you enjoy.
  • Your engagement tells the algorithm your preferences.
  • This leads to a feed more aligned with your interests.

Since there are no dedicated options for resetting Instagram’s algorithm, you only need to rely on these techniques. Trying one or two might not give the best result, so always do all five steps to reset your IG algorithm quickly, and refresh your feed.

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