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How To Save Sounds On TikTok – Follow These Easy Steps

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TikTok sounds are not just the platform’s backbone but also one of the many ways for you to impress the TikTok algorithm. From original sounds from other TikTok creators to iconic movie lines and hit songs, using any of these in the videos is your gateway to more followers, likes, views, and shares.  

Take the example of Savage Love by Jason Derulo and Jawsh 685. This also happens to be our favorite TikTok sound, and it was used in over 6.3M videos by last year. You can only imagine what its current usage would be! 


savage love


If you also want to use this or another viral sound in your TikTok videos, hoping it’ll make your video go “viral” and get TikTok views,” you’ll first need to save it on TikTok. It’s very easy. Just follow this article, and you’re done! 


But before we do this, let’s first understand the different ways to find TikTok audio. Then only can you save it, right? 

How To Find Sounds From TikTok? 


Generally, the following three methods let you find your favorite sound on the platform for your next video. 


  • Scroll Your For You Page (FYP)

    Scrolling your TikTok app’s For Your page is one of the best ways to find relevant and trending audio you could use in your next video. To do so, scroll down the For You page and look for an impressive sound. 

    Remember not to focus on just the most used TikTok sounds. Audios that look good to you but are yet to make it to the top of the FYP are also worth remixing. 

  • Directly Search For The Sound From The Search Bar

    Why spend several minutes to even hours scrolling down the FYP for a sound when you can find it within seconds with a simple search? Simply hop over to the search bar, input “trending sounds for XYZ,” and hit Enter. 
    Here, XYZ is anything you want the sound(s) to be suitable for. For example, trending sounds for a business, a mini vlog, a dance video, etc. You can also add the current year (2023) for the top audios of the season so far. 

    : Add some filters to narrow down your search. We recommend filters like Date posted (This week), Sort by (Most liked), etc. 

  • Visit The TikTok Sounds Library 

    Lastly, you can visit the official TikTok Sounds Library. It’s home to every sound clip, song, original audio, and remix to exist on the platform. And the best part? Genre, trends, and popularity categorize all these. 


To access this TikTok Sounds Library, tap the + option at the bottom of the app’s home screen. 


How To Save Sounds On TikTok? 

Now that you know how to find sounds on TikTok, follow the given steps to save them for later use. We’ll add every sound to the Favorites as it then becomes easy to access the required sound later. 


  • Open the TikTok application. 

    open tiktok
  • On the For You page of the home screen, find the TikTok video with the sound you’re interested in saving. 

    for you
  • Tap the sound in the bottom right corner of the screen, just underneath the Share option. It’ll take you to the sound page.

    open profile
  • Hit the Add to Favorites button to save the audio. Also, on this page, you’ll find the number of videos using this sound and the original audio. 

    add to favorites

  • A pop-up will appear, stating Added to Favorites. Tap OK to close it.

    added to favorites

  • Before leaving the page, ensure the bookmarks icon is grayed out. 

    Follow the above steps for other sounds and grow your personal TikTok Sounds Library.
    But how do I access these saved sounds in Favorites on the TikTok app? This must be your next thought. Here are the steps to find your Favorites. 
  • Go back to the For You page. 

    go back

  • Tap the + icon at the bottom. This will open the camera for recording. 

    click plus icon
  • Select the Add sound option from the top of the screen. You’ll come to the Sounds page. 
  • On the Sounds page, swipe left to view your Favorites, which comprises the saved sounds. 



Alternatively, if you remember the sound’s name you wish to use, use the above-discussed search box method to find it. 

How To Save Sounds On TikTok FAQs 


  • How Do I Save A TikTok Audio To My Phone?
    Ans: To save a TikTok audio to your phone, you’ll need to save the whole TikTok video using the Save video option from the Share screen.
  • How To Save A Sound From TikTok On iPhone? 
    Ans: The steps to save a sound from TikTok on an iPhone are the same as those on Android. They are discussed above. 

  • How To Save TikTok Sound As MP3?
    Ans: Use a third-party TikTok audio downloader to save TikTok sounds as MP3. To do this, copy the video’s link from the app, paste it on the tool, and select the Download as MP3 option.

  • What Are Some TikTok Audio Downloader Platforms?
    Ans: Some popular TikTok audio download platforms are GetInDevice, sssTikTok, LoveTik, MusicalDown, etc. All these tools are free, offer unlimited downloads, and are watermark-free. 


Wrapping Things Up 

Here you go. As also found by Kantar’s research, over 66% of TikTok users find TikTok videos with sounds more engaging, appealing, and informative. This might be contrary to other platforms, like Facebook or Instagram, where muted videos rank on the feed, but it makes TikTok unique. 

Thus, as a TikTok content creator, you must adorn your short videos with sounds that stop the scroll. The above three methods will help you find such sounds and save them for later. 


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