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How To Get Followers On SoundCloud – 12 Quick Ways

More followers on SoundCloud means more plays (similar to more streams on Spotify), brand authenticity, a better engagement rate, and, most importantly, higher earnings. However, it’s not easy as it may sound to get followers on this leading music platform.  

You’ve to do exceptionally well on the platform and give ample reasons to the listeners to follow you. Only then can you stand out from the 25 million other SoundCloud artists! 

This article discusses the top actionable ways to grow on SoundCloud by giving others those “reasons” to follow you.

How To Get Followers On SoundCloud – Top 12 Actionable Ways 

From decking your SoundCloud for Artists profile to reaching out to music blogs, we’ll understand everything here to get more followers. 

1.Spruce Up Your SoundCloud Account 

 soundcloud login page

Your SoundCloud account isn’t just any ordinary account. It’s an awesome tool to speak to your listeners through your personal brand that also makes you superior to the crowd. Hence, your SoundCloud account must be complete in all aspects and in the best way possible. 

Below are some tips to pimp your SoundCloud for Artists profile. 

  • Ensure your profile picture fits the background and make the profile appear much cleaner and professional. 
  • For the background, use native gray/white SoundCloud colors. 
  • (Optional) Add your Snapcode to the background, preferably towards the right. 
  • Use the “Bio” section to introduce yourself to new visitors in the best yet concise manner. 
  • Add your BEST tracks to the profile for a quick checkout. 


Following these suggestions will surely leave a good impression on new visitors to your profile, boosting the chances of having them as your followers. 

2.Drop Irresistible Songs 

drop songs

After a top-notch SoundCloud profile, the next thing to prioritize is your tracks! Here, you can’t let your guard down and serve generic music on the listeners’ plates. Your music must have that “X” factor that one can’t find elsewhere. 

But what can this “X” factor be? Well, it can be storytelling, the song’s lyrics, vocals, or other aspects. Also, think about a blend of all! 

Only then are there high chances of converting new listeners to your followers. 

3.Create Music Playlists 

music playlists

If you’ve got a rich collection of songs on SoundCloud, combine them into a playlist for easy access by anyone. From your songs to collaborations, a playlist can include both.  

Note: Although there’s no limit to the number of songs a playlist can have, SoundCloud recommends keeping it to 250. This will ensure that your playlist loads easily and quickly. Hence, choose your best works only! 

create playlists

Another benefit of playlists is that they keep listeners hooked to your songs for longer. The more time they spend, the greater the possibility that they will follow you.

4.Use The “Promote On SoundCloud” Tool

Promoting your tracks outside SoundCloud is one thing, and doing it on the platform is another. Since cross-platform promotions don’t work for all (due to a lack of a broad audience base), we suggest trying this exclusive SoundCloud tool. 

promote tracks

Promote on SoundCloud is a paid tool that surfaces your tracks to new listeners who might want to listen to them, thus driving up your plays and followers list. 

Some salient features of the tool are as follows. 

  • Choose your ideal audience with the help of parameters like gender, location, age, genre, or device. 
  • Create a buzz about your next release across SoundCloud and set the stage for a blockbuster release. The result? More plays and followers. 
  • Get long-term success with the possibility of picking up the coveted tastemakers or labels. 

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for Promote on SoundCloud. 

5.Make Your Songs Downloadable 

make song downloadable

If your songs aren’t downloadable, make sure to make them now! This is the best way to make your music reach the masses. And here’s how. 

When your songs are downloadable, anyone on SoundCloud can download them on their device and listen anywhere they want to. It may be in the coffee house, gym, or even while traveling. Thus, the more places your song covers, the more followers you gain. 

On SoundCloud, standard users can download 100 tracks, Pro users 1,000, and Pro Unlimited, as the name plan suggests, can download unlimited songs. 

6.Use High-Quality & Relevant Tags 

use hq tags

If your tracks are unable to get deserving plays on SoundCloud, that’s also inhibiting your follower growth; chances are they aren’t getting the required exposure. One most common reason behind this is the lack of supporting hashtags (or tags.) 

Like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, SoundCloud tags or hashtags let users find your music on SoundCloud. 

Consider this example. 

If a user is searching for #disco, the algorithm will present them with the same, and not #hiphop. If your disco song has the #disco hashtag, your track may also appear in the results. 

Note: Even the SoundCloud team lists these tags as an ideal means to get the right exposure.  

But how many tags to use? What are the best tags to include? We bet your next thoughts must be these only. So, here are the answers. Talking about the best tags, choose those relevant to your music, particularly mood and genre tags. And use only a handful of them. 

Using too many irrelevant tags is good for nothing!

7.Share Your Tracks Privately Before The Official Release 

Do you know SoundCloud lets you share your unreleased or unfinished tracks “privately” before making them public? 

While other music platforms lack this, SoundCloud doesn’t. If you’re wondering what purpose this serves, it adds a personal touch to your tracks and a sense of exclusivity. Both these come in handy while reaching out to the tastemakers. 

To share your tracks privately before the official release, follow these steps. 

  • Set the target track to Private
  • Save it to your Profile
  • Go to your profile and select this track. 
  • You’ll find a Share button just below the waveform. Select it. 

Now, share the private track with anyone you want. Plus, you can even make an entire playlist private and share it similarly. 

8.Buy SoundCloud Followers 

While patience is the key to gaining more followers on SoundCloud, an impetus, in the beginning, is always good. Thus, we recommend you buy SoundCloud followers from a reputable and trustworthy site. For instance, Popularity Bazaar. 

It’s one of the most popular sites on the internet with a 4.5 rating on TrustPilot, quick delivery, real followers, and trustworthy sellers. Additionally, multiple payment gateways act as icing on the cake. 

Tip: You can also buy SoundCloud plays if your tracks struggle to get the required plays in the early stages.  

9.Interact With Other SoundCloud Artists

Interacting with other SoundCloud artists is another good way to earn recognition on the platform, resulting in a wider reach to new listeners and, thus, follow backs. 

To begin with, like or comment on other artists’ top songs you genuinely liked. Chances are, they’ll take note of this appreciation and reciprocate by taking a closer look at your creations. If all goes well, who knows, a new collaboration project might land in your mailbox. 

Additionally, keep your engagement rate with your listeners as high as possible. Always respond to their comments, messages, etc. 

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10.Promote Your Tracks Across Social Media

How can you miss leveraging your social media presence to promote your tracks outside SoundCloud? If done right, you won’t gain just followers but “true” fans who will support your musical journey and stick with you as you grow.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram, are our top 5 social media recommendations. Besides, below are some tips to make your SoundCloud promotional strategy a big hit. 

  • Keep your branding consistent across all the mediums 
  • Post regularly 
  • Don’t miss interacting with your audience 
  • Be authentic


11.Target The “First on SoundCloud” Playlist 

first on soundcloud

Yes, even SoundCloud has a range of amazing playlists like Spotify and other platforms. One of the most rewarding ones is its First on SoundCloud playlist. Released 5 years ago, it’s open to every deserving creator, and all you must do is upload your latest release with the official #SCFIRST tag. In turn, you get exposure to new plays, likes, and fans.

If your track is literally outstanding, SoundCloud will also promote it over its official accounts! 

12.Pitch Your Music To Music Blogs 

Last but not least, pitching your hit releases to reputed music blogs is another way to gain popularity and, thus, new followers. There are numerous blogs you can reach out to. However, not all may be suitable. This is because every blog caters to a particular music genre(s) or has certain music preferences. 

To get the best results, your music must align with the blog’s musical preference. Below is a quick roundup of some top-rated music blogs we suggest pitching right away. 

  • Earmilk – Focus on hip hop, dance, indie, pop, and electronic 
  • Indie Shuffle – Focus on indie rock, hip hop, and electronic 
  • Stoney Roads – Focus on electronic 
  • Skope Mag – Focus on almost every genre 


Hop on this article to find some more blogs that WANT YOUR MUSIC! 


3 Important Tips To Amplify Your Reach On SoundCloud 

Below are 3 important tips that can amplify your SoundCloud reach like never before. 


  • Spend time devising your username. It should be easy on the minds yet inventive for a nice impression on new visitors. A username that best depicts you and your story is recommended. 
  • Besides traditional music, covers and remixes perform well among listeners on SoundCloud. If you’re not planning to release the next track soon, compose a cover or remix of another artist’s popular song or even YOURS! 
  • Lastly, don’t be impatient at any stage. Giving your best consistently will pay off, and your numbers will increase steadily.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • How To Get Free Followers On SoundCloud?
    Ans: To get free followers on SoundCloud, here’s what you can try.
  • Deck up your artist profile, 
  • Release engaging songs more frequently, 
  • Interact with your listeners, 
  • Promote your songs, etc. 
  • How To Get More Views On SoundCloud?
    Ans: More followers and better promotion tactics are the two great ways to get more views on SoundCloud. 
  • Is It Hard To Get Noticed On SoundCloud?
    Ans: No, it’s not hard to get noticed on SoundCloud if you’re going the right way. 
  • Do Hashtags Help On SoundCloud?
    Ans: Yes, hashtags help on SoundCloud, particularly in your music’s discoverability. 
  • How Often Should You Drop On SoundCloud?
    Ans: There’s no specific set frequency to release on SoundCloud. But you should try to do so regularly and keep your audience updated about it. Still, 4 songs in a year are good to start with. 

Get More Followers On SoundCloud 

Here you go, budding SoundCloud creators. The platform, with over 175 million monthly listeners worldwide, is a great place for you to accelerate your music career and join the list of most followed artists on SoundCloud. 

However, to gain more followers, something more than just patience is required. Try out the above ways to boost your follower count and make the best use of the platform. 

Do you have anything to add? Comment below. 

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