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Grow your YouTube Channel Fast using TikTok

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Did you know that TikTok is the most valued startup in the world? Its parent company, Bytedance, is worth $250 million, giving it the highest status among the world’s startups. Although the app does not publicise its total user numbers, it is estimated that TikTok has around 800 million users worldwide, with more than 600 million monthly active users on the platform. 

Can’t you now imagine the immense possibility of growing with TikTok? Well, it’s true. TikTok can help you achieve a lot more things. This new social media platform is the most downloaded app on the Apple App Store. Hence, you can target a wide range of audiences for whatever purpose you prefer.

So, do you have a YouTube channel that you want to grow? If yes, we might help you with a few tips to grow your YouTube channel fast using TikTok. Follow this guide till the end to get pro at it.

How to Promote Your YouTube Channel on TikTok

You can always buy views on Tiktok. But using Tiktok to promote your YouTube channel is easy when you know the right ways. Also, it brings you organic views, which are helpful and supportive to YouTube’s algorithm. Follow these tips below to promote your YouTube channel on Tiktok. 

  1. Link Your YouTube Channel

First of all, you will need to link your YouTube channel with TikTok. TikTok lets you connect your YouTube channel with your profile. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Go to your TikTok profile section
  • Now click on “edit profile” 
  • Now click on Add YouTube to your profile. It will redirect you to your YouTube profile verification.
  • Finally, connect your YouTube channel with your TikTok handle.

Linking your YouTube channel with TikTok will help your viewers to see your channel if they are interested. Whenever they check your profile, they will see the option there, which might intrigue them to go and visit. Also, you can buy YouTube views cheap to help you push your channel a little.

  1. Build Your TikTok Audience Base

You can only get your audience to view your YouTube channel when you have many. So, if you want to use TikTok to promote your YouTube channel, you have to grow your TikTok first. So, create high-quality engaging content on TikTok to attract more viewers. Also, be wise while picking your niche. The niche on TikTok must match that on YouTube. 

  1. Post Consistently

Consistency is the key to success. If you want to promote your YouTube channel using TikTok, you have to post videos on TikTok consistently. It helps your TikTok handle reaching a wider audience. Frequent posts also help retain an audience on your channel, giving you an edge over what you want to accomplish. 

Along with posting on TikTok, make sure you maintain the pace with YouTube as well. You wouldn’t want your audience to go and visit your channel only to find nothing interesting. So, be consistent on both platforms and come up with new and exciting ideas for both. 

  1. Master Hashtags

This is the era of hashtags. Tik Tok algorithm values hashtag a lot. So, whenever you upload any content on TikTok, you have to use relevant hashtags. Hashtags help target your audience by specifying the type of content. 

For example, if you upload music videos, you can use hashtags related to music only. Thus people interacting with such content will get to see your content as well. Thus, when your content reaches your audience, they will be more likely to search about you and end up landing on your YouTube channel as well. 

  1. Add CTA

Always add CTA to the end of your videos. A call to action is a strategy where you ask someone to do something. If you want to grow your YouTube channel, you need to drive your TikTok crowd to YouTube. For that, you can add a CTA at the end of your TikTok videos, asking your viewers to go and subscribe on YouTube as well. 

  1. Learn How YouTube Works

If you want to know how to become famous on YouTube, you need to understand how it works. TikTok and YouTube are both video platforms. But they are way different in their approaches. While people watch short videos, typically of 15-30 secs on TikTok, YouTube is for longer videos. 

  1. Stand Up to the Expectations

When you post any content on either of these platforms, you need to follow how their algorithm works. For YouTube, the platform has a lot to consider before pushing your content on recommendations. 

Also, the content that you post on YouTube should be informative and more engaging. Even if you drive your Tik Tok crowd to YouTube successfully, you need to provide them something worthy on your YouTube channel. So, stand up to the expectations of your audience, or they won’t subscribe or follow you. 


TikTok is a very new video platform, mostly targeting Gen Z. But it offers many opportunities to people to showcase their talent. If you see yourself as a talented video creator who wants to thrive and be successful on YouTube, TikTok might be a lot more helpful in your endeavours. These tips on how to grow your YouTube channel fast using TikTok should be all to get you started. 

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