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Upcoming YouTube Trends 2022

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Upcoming YouTube Trends 2020

While there are a lot of video sharing websites online, none of them have the reach, the audience, or the reputation of YouTube – the undisputed “king of online videos” and the second most popular search engine on the planet (only behind parent company Google’s web search engine).

2019 was a huge year for YouTube, a platform that (somehow) continues to grow year after year even though it feels like everyone on the planet already knows what YouTube brings to the table.

Just this last year YouTube hit 2 billion logged in monthly users (up from 1.8 billion users the year before), with 73% of ALL adults in the United States reporting that they use YouTube on a daily basis. That’s twice as many people using YouTube compared to those that use Instagram on a daily basis and more than the 63% of adults that use Facebook daily.

Combine that with the fact that 81% of the critical 15 to 25-year-old demographic (some of the most important demographics for businesses and advertisers) use YouTube on a daily basis and you’re looking at a potential flood of targeted traffic you cannot afford to miss out on as a smart and savvy business owner.

At the same time, the only way you’re going to have real success on YouTube is if you are plugged in and creating the kind of content that has every opportunity to go viral.

Below we highlight some of the most important YouTube trends of 2020 that you’ll want to jump on board ASAP – the kinds of trends that when combined with the decision to buy YouTube views or buy YouTube subscribers cheap can skyrocket your success almost overnight.

Let’s dig right in!

YouTube Live Engagement is Climbing

While uploaded videos remain the bread and butter of YouTube success, YouTube live streaming is quickly becoming the “next big thing” on the platform and you cannot afford to miss out on the potential that it has to offer.

Live streams create a more personal connection with your audience, allow you to show off more of your personality, and give you an opportunity to really engage in a unique way with your audience or target market that isn’t possible with produced, scripted, and previously recorded videos.

YouTube reports that users spend eight times longer watching live stream videos on the platform than video on demand which is reason enough to schedule some YouTube Live moments for yourself and your channel in 2020.

DIY and Tutorial Channels Are Booming

People used to go to YouTube to be entertained almost exclusively, but today folks are starting to use YouTube as a knowledge base and resource for learning pretty much anything and everything that can be recorded and put on video.

The how-to, DIY, and tutorial genre on YouTube is anything but brand-new. It’s been around for as long as YouTube has but it’s really starting to accelerate in the last few years with experts believing that 2020 is the year that how-to videos and DIY videos really breakthrough.

It’s a good idea to create tutorial videos for your target audience and get them out early in 2020 so that your content can ride the wave throughout the year. This is the kind of evergreen content that continues to pay off big dividends for your channel and your business for years to come, too.

Give Your YouTube Channel a Headstart

Of course, if you really want to skyrocket your success on YouTube it’s not a bad idea to buy cheap YouTube views or buy YouTube subscribers cheap from a company like ours here at PopularityBazaar.

We know exactly what it takes to generate almost overnight success on YouTube, having helped all of our clients that have already made the decision to buy YouTube views from us do exactly that time and time again.

YouTube is already incredibly competitive, and if the statistics we highlighted at the beginning of this quick guide are any indication it’s only getting more and more competitive on a day-to-day basis. You’ll need every edge and advantage you can get to create the kind of success on YouTube you are hoping for – and that’s why you want to leverage the trends we highlighted earlier as well as make the decision to buy YouTube views from us directly.

Our services are safe, proven to be effective, and will never put your account or your reputation in jeopardy. On top of that we guarantee each and every one of the YouTube view and YouTube subscriber packages we provide, making sure that we over deliver whenever possible to get your content or your channel the bump it needs to succeed.

For more information about how we might be able to help you take your YouTube celebrity or influence to the next level please don’t hesitate to contact us when you have a chance.

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