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How to See Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile (2024)

If you have a public Instagram account, it is open to any unblocked person on the platform to see. But occasionally, out of curiosity, we all wonder if we could see who is viewing our Instagram profiles (or, more precisely, stalking us!).

Especially when we have such features on popular platforms like LinkedIn, we can’t help but wish there was something on Instagram, too. Unfortunately, there is no direct option for you to see who views your Instagram profile in 2024. No matter whether you have a regular or business account.

Why can’t you directly see who viewed your Instagram profile?

Before knowing the not-so-straightforward ways of seeing who viewed your Instagram profile, let’s talk about why there are no such built-in features on the app.

After Meta acquired Instagram, it removed a lot of features from the platform that it thought would be an invasion of user privacy. One such option is to know who viewed your profile.

If you run a business account and need to know insights into your audience demographic, Instagram is happy to help you with that.
They offer a feature-loaded dashboard and in-built analytics tools, but again, there is nothing that can help you identify individual profile viewers.

For example, if you have a business account, you can see how many people have visited your account in the past seven days, but it won’t reveal any information about their identity. But in the next part, we will explain some methods that you can use to know who are some frequent visitors to your profile who aren’t your followers.

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Ways To Know Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile

Despite being owned by Meta, the Instagram algorithm and privacy policies are both different. This is why, while on Facebook, it is common to notice friend suggestions of people who stalk you or search for your name, this is not the case for Instagram.

So, is it impossible to know who stalks you on Instagram? No, it is possible; just that you need to take a different approach. We have discussed all the sure-shot methods that can help you with this and how you can get more IG reels views, so if you are curious, keep reading!

Instagram believes in keeping the platform more user-centric and only shows you accounts, posts, and reels that align with your taste and interest.

But here is a fail-safe method where you can use the existing features of the Instagram app to reveal the identity of the people who don’t follow you but are frequent visitors to your profile.

Instagram Stories

Apart from likes and comments, Instagram story views is a metric that will reveal the identity of another user. And unlike likes and comments, it is more private, and the information stays between the user and the viewer. So, it is a more sly way of spotting a stalker.

How to do it?

Have a look at your existing followers to get a rough idea of who might see your story.

Now, it is time to upload a story and wait for people to view it. Once people start viewing your story, you will be able to see a number right next to the eyeball sign that indicates the number of people viewing your story.

If you swipe up, you will be shown the user names of people, from where you can spot sketchy people who could be potential stalkers.

Also, a story lasts for 24 hours, so it is best to check for the viewers after the 22nd hour of putting it so you can have the maximum data. Also, this method is somewhat hit-and-miss, so you need to put out stories on a daily basis to precisely know the people who aren’t your followers but regularly visit your profile and check it out.

Can you do this with reels and other posts? No. If you have shared a full reel video, you can check the number of views but cannot identify the viewers. On that note, if you want to get more IG reels views, don’t forget to check our website, where we have spilled the secrets.

Do Third-Party Apps Help Knowing Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile?

You may be disappointed to know that it is rare to find a third-party application that is not a gimmick and can actually help you with this. However, if you look it up online, you will be flooded with websites suggesting hundreds of apps that claim to help you identify stalkers, but mostly, they are fake.

The majority of such apps will show a list of random users who might not even know you. Some apps might also take it one notch higher and charge you a small fee to pretend they work, but the reality is far from that.

Besides, no one knows how secure these apps are and what data they are taking from you. So it is better to stay away from them.

Final thoughts

Instagram is very cautious about its user experience, so it will never introduce any feature that can cause it to lose its user base. Therefore, we can assume that they will never introduce such a feature.

If you are worried about stalkers, your best bet would be to keep your account private and only accept follow requests from people you know or trust.

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