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How to Get a Lot of TikTok Views

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TikTok is huge. In 2020, the social media platform has hundreds of millions of users. Most of them are under 30 years old, which makes TikTok the Gen Z platform.

If you’ve been trying to find ways to gain more followers, build engagement, and get some attention, we’ve got all the tips, tricks, and advice you need. We’ll show you how to get a lot of view on TikTok. If you follow all these tips, you might be the next trending TikTok star.

How to Get a Lot of TikTok Views

Step 1. Make a profile.

TikTok accounts that have a complete profile get more followers than those with incomplete profiles.
It’s also important that your profile matches the kind of content you post. If you post a lot of content about Nike shoes, but your profile is full of pictures of makeup, viewers will be confused. Help people know what they are getting if they follow you, and they are more likely to do it.

Step 2. Choose the right music.

TikTok gives you the option to use music clips, and using the right music in your TikToks is crucial. If you want to appeal to a certain audience, make sure to use music they will like. If your video is funny, use music with a fast, happy beat. Be relevant, and use relevant music, and you will attract more views.

Step 3. Connect.

Link your TikTok account with your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media accounts, and share your content across all of them. That way, more people will see it. More people are likely to share it to more places. All of that equals more views for you, and boosts your chances of going viral.

Step 4. Post a lot of content.

TikTok users like volume. We are binge watchers by nature, so we want to see more content right now—and we don’t want to wait. Be authentic and show off your unfiltered self. The more content you post, the more you increase your chances of being seen. And because it can be hard to know what will go viral, just putting quality content out will increase your odds dramatically.

Step 5. Network.

Talking to other TikTok users and being part of active conversations does two things:
First, it builds your online audience. Your friends are more likely to like your TikToks, share them with their own networks, and comment. All of these things boost your videos rankings.
Second, they help you connect with what is trending. This will help you align your content, be more creative, and come up with ideas on how to engage with your followers.

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Step 6. Get in on collaborations.

The collab is everything. Team up with your TikTok friends to do challenges, make fun videos, and create content that you both can post to your accounts. This helps you both to share followers: your friends followers are more likely to follow you, and vice versa.

Step 7. Get inspired.

The awesome (and kind of mysterious) thing about TikTok is that you never really know what is going to start trending…until it does. Check the discovery page in-app, and explore the topics, songs, and dances that are popular right now.
You can use this page to help you create new content, see what’s trending, and find ways to cater to your audience. You can also use it to find new followers. If you cater to a wide range of tastes, more people could see your TikToks. Use what other people are doing well to see what works, and then tweak it to make it your own. Do you like how something was done? Do you like someone’s intro? Do you like the filters they use? All of these things can help you get more TikTok views.

Step 8. Make an impact.

We all have a little ADD these days. When people watch TikTok videos, they generally decide within the first 3 seconds if they like it. That’s how long you have to attract your audience, so make sure every TikTok you make starts off strong.

Step 9. Use hashtags.

Hashtags are useful traffic tools. You can either create your own hashtag, or piggback on a hashtag that is already trending. If you’re new to TikTok, or not confident just yet, stick with trending hashtags. See which ones are performing well, and use them.
If you’re a veteran TikTokker, you can get creative with your own hashtag. Invent something that sounds catchy and simple, and aligns with trending topics.
Either way, the important thing is to be relevant, entertaining, and authentic. Don’t just spam a bunch of hashtags and hope for the best.

Step 10. Do TikTok Challenges.

Challenges are the main thing that drives activity on TikTok. There are challenges for everything. The more interactive and entertaining it is, the more likely that challenge is to be trending.
Get involved in a challenge. Look for ways you can stand out from everyone else. Share your challenge across all your socials.

Step 11. Go Professional.

TikTok let’s you upgrade to a Pro account if you want to use in-app analytics. The analytics panel will let you see where your audience comes from, how each of your videos is performing, and what time people watch your videos. One thing to keep in mind is that for most TikTok users, a paid membership isn’t that worthwhile. If you have a little cash to spend, there are way better ways to do it. We’ll get to that later.

Step 12. Post in your audience’s time zone.

If you want to go viral, you need your content to get seen by the most people. That’s the point. So if you want the most views, you should be posting when the most users are on. TikTok has 150 million viewers in China, so it makes sense to post on a weekday evening in a Chinese time zone.
If you want to grow organically, certain times are better than others for views. The best time to post is weekdays after 7:00 pm. The second best is weekdays at 12:30 pm. The third best is weekends between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm.

Step 13. Invest smart.

Remember in step 11 when we said there was a smart way to spend money? This is it. Instead of spending money on analytics you might not use, you can buy cheap TikTok views, likes, and followers. Buy TikTok views when you want to boost your numbers and rank higher in Popularity.
Make sure you choose a smart company if you’re buying TikTok views, likes, and followers. And always check how you pay—reputable companies will let you buy TikTok views PayPal, credit card, or Bitcoin.
Teaming up with a reputable site to buy TikTok views is easy. These guys provide different services depending on how much you want to pay. They also have online 24/7 support.


Don’t let a lame TikTok hold you back. Learning how to get a lot of views on TikTok takes a little time, but it’s easy when you know the tricks. Get creative, be sociable, and spend smart and you can build a superstar TikTok account in no time.

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